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Naomi Fraley: Yo dawg, I heard you like shuttles

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I absolutely love the sass of this character. She became an instant hit with me from the first time I read about her.


((Shuttlebay, Deck 6, USS Juneau))

Frayley: Sure, I’ll give you the tour. Unless you want to do the inspection alone?

The woman touched a small device attached to her shoulder. Probably a bodycam or a fancy Federation-tech scanner. Starfleet had the best toys, but from where she stood, the goodies didn’t compensate from the bureaucracy and chain of command.

Miller: You may be present, but please make no move to impede my inspection. 

That was okay in her book. For once, everything was above board. Well… almost everything. Her lips curled upwards into a mischievous smirk.

Frayley: Works for me. That being said, I’m not sure of the current legal status of Romulan spirits in Federation space. The gift-wrapped bottle behind the hidden panel in the crew showers is a present from my employer to your Fleet Captain, do you think she’ll get it faster if you impound it and have it sent directly to her office?

Miller: Romulan ale is forbidden for sale or distribution within Federation borders. 

She has started rattling chapter and verse like she didn’t even think about it. Damn, she knew it by heart? Talk about a sad life.

Miller: It will need to be impounded, and Fleet Captain Oddas will be informed…who sent the contraband? 

Cygnian Santa Claus, that’s who. And Naomi was her little helper. Ho, ho, ho.

Frayley: :: Shrugging:: Can’t tell you their name, confidentiality clause. But the congratulations card that comes with the bottle is signed, so.

Miller:  ::more to herself than anyone else::  Fantastic…more ‘paperwork.’   

Frayley:  You have all my sympathy, fellow sufferer of bureaucracy. oO And if you put it all in a bag, you’ll have gained an empty bag. Oo

Miller:  Well?  Let’s get this show on the road.  You are part of the unscheduled part of my day; and my scheduled part is pretty full as it is… 

Naomi would really have cried for her, but the air conditioning in the shuttle gave her dry eye syndrome.

They walked over to the the SEP with long, fast strides, more because of the Fleeter’s pace than anything else.  Once they reached the ship’s entrance, she motioned to Naomi with her hand to lead the way. 

Miller:  Well, this should be interesting…You know, I’m curious to see what the inside looks like – somehow, I can’t see whoever decided to go with hot pink as a design esthetic throttling their interior design choices within.  I’ll be disappointed if it’s all grey and synth-fabrics inside, ma’am. 

Fraley:  You’ll be disappointed; I redecorated a bit on the first day. 

The crewwoman sighed as she pulled out a tricorder from her belt.  Miller:  After you, ma’am.  ::motioning to the hatch:: 

Naomi opened the hatch and led the way inside, flipping the light switch along the way.

Fraley: Look, in my defense, I had no idea that the pink furry thing on the main console was decorative, so it was kind of self-defense? And in my opinion, nothing that burns that well under phaser fire should be put inside a starship to begin with.

Miller: Response

Naomi shrugged.

Fraley: It was a Ferengi shuttle to begin with. You can bet that anything that was even latinum-gilded was gone long before it reached the second-hand market, and what was left was either impossible to remove without tearing down the whole hull or too ugly to sell anywhere. Cockpit or cargo holds first?

Miller: Response

They turned left, and walked a few steps before the mostly-honest freighter captain opened the next door.

Fraley: There you go. Mind your head, some switches are positioned in really impractical ways, and I have to redo the whole bloody check-list every time someone bumps into one.

Miller: Response

Fraley: Hey, you’re welcome to diss my ride, but count your lucky stars that I spaced the fuzzy dice the very second I reached escape velocity. I have pictures that would give PTSD to your counselor’s counselor.


Naomi Frayley
Totally not a smuggler
Freighter ship ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’

Simmed by

Ensign Kettick
Engineering Officer
Denali Station


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