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Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu — Cloak You

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This was just the morning read I needed to jump start my day. Thank you @Yalu



(( The King and I Film Set, Los Angeles, Earth – 1956 ))

After years of pre-medical studies at university, a year-long clinical residency, and another four years of medical school, Yogan was in disbelief that he was watching someone die of gout.  The malady was barely a footnote in Obscure Medical Conditions, Volume VII, and the conditions which caused it were no longer a reality for the average Federation citizen.  As was painfully evident, however, they weren’t playing by their own rules, and there was little that could be done for him here.

Louis XIV: Satan haunts our steps, to be certain.  Perhaps my death will content him and you can away.  There is nothing to be done save by the Almighty. Françoise, though I wish you were by my side I take solace that you are spared these torments.

(( Flashback – Starfleet Medical Academy, Earth – 2396 ))

Yogan tapped the control panel to open the blinds and let the springtime sunshine in.  The fog was rolling out of San Francisco Bay back through the Golden Gate, and Yogan’s patient, a Human male of 119 years, was preparing for a journey of his own.  Surrounded by several generations of family, he looked serene and at peace.

Nurse Fim’ta:  So, Mr Doyle, who’re you gonna miss most when you go?

Yogan shot a surprised and exasperated expression at the nurse, a rather irreverent male Bolian.  Fim’ta seemed to have run out of Fs to give years ago and filled out his charts as if he’d simply asked what the man wanted for dinner.

Yalu: ::whisphers:: That’s a really insensitive question, Nurse Fim’ta.  His whole family is here and you’re asking him to rank them?

If he’d had eyebrows, Fim’ta might have raised him in a “Whadaya gonna do about it?” response.  Surprisingly, the assembled Doyles didn’t react with offense, and the patient himself got a bit misty-eyed as he stared off into the middle distance.

Doyle:  ::whistfully:: Janice.

Mr Doyle smiled and squeezed the hands of two women sitting at his bedside, whom Yogan presumed were his daughters.  They looked puzzled, and Yogan felt incredibly awkward.

Yalu:  That’s nice.

Doyle’s daughter:  ::to Yalu:: We don’t know any Janices.

(( End Flashback ))

Yogan took the King’s hand in his own.  Perhaps everyone, if they’re lucky to reach Louis’ age, had a Janice or two in their past.  His Majesty’s Janice evidently went by the name Françoise.

Yalu:  If CloQ is behind this, then they’re watching us right now.  Is he going to do to Louis what he did to Nusin?

Adea: Not if I can bloody help it.

Genkos left the King’s side and peered through some holes carved in a set of ornate wooden double doors.  Then, he pushed them open with his cane.  Yogan was surprised, but no longer shocked, by what he saw through the doorway.

2399 Adea: By the four…

2398 Adea: That’s what I was going to say…

Yalu:  ::weary:: Of course.

Yellir: Yogan, grab his other arm, I’ll help you move him through.

Louis XIV: We surrender ourself to your Judgement, Almighty God.  May you be merciful on this servant of your will.

Yogan stood, ready to traipse through time and space in his underwear yet again.  As he jostled the King into a more stable carry, the old man started administering his own last rites.

Yalu: If we’re lucky, Your Majesty, today might not be your day to die.

2399 Adea: Well, I found a hospital - 

(( Medical Department, Vulcan Science Academy – 2398 ))

As they stepped through the doorway, Yogan was relieved to recognize something familiar for a change.  He knew exactly where he was, and the context clues of a second Genkos and a nearby Commodore–no, Fleet Captain Nicholotti–narrowed down the time to a rather narrow window.

Yellir: Perfect. There shouldn’t be an empty bed far from us.

Yogan, his shoulders bekinged, followed Hallia to an unoccupied hospital bed.  However many steps it was, it was too many, and Yogan’s legs started to buckle under the payload.  He shuffled the King on his shoulders in a futile attempt to distribute the man’s weight more evenly.

Louis XIV:  I would prefer to arrive in the embrace of the Good Lord with some dignity, sir, or is that too much to ask?

Yalu: ::panting:: Dignity.  Right.  Can I get you a cup of coffee while we wait for the Good Lord to arrive?

Yellir: Maybe we can get a change of clothes while we’re here too.

Yogan finally reached the biobed and deposited Louis onto it.  Almost immediately the monitors began spitting out his vital signs and the status of his organ systems.  Yogan wasn’t an expert in Vulcan medicine, but he could read a chart easily enough.  Louis’ circulatory system was in bad shape, and his renal system fared little better.  In his own time, Louis would have been circling the drain.

Louis XIV:  Leave me in the embrace of the angels, friends, and go.  The birds will sing me to my rest.

2398 Adea / 2399 Adea:  response

Yogan, having caught his breath but still feeling like his legs were made of cooked pasta, ambled over to a nearby replicator and requested a pair of scrubs.  Unfortunately, what the replicator produced was the Vulcan Science Academy equivalent of scrubs, to which Yogan reacted with disappointment.  For such logical people, their wardrobe was remarkably showboaty.  He took a moment to don the robe-like garment and returned to where Hallia was speaking with both Genkii.

Yellir: Doctor ::looking towards the Genkos they came with:: Should we attempt to erase his— ::clearing her throat:: ease his fresh traumas or are we still throwing the timeline to the wind?

Yalu:  I have a hypothesis.  ::beat::  Computer, can this terminal access a Federation historical database?

Computer:  Affirmative.

Yalu:  Find and display historical records from Earth: Louis XIV of France.

The computer chirruped and complied with Yogan’s request.  Yogan skimmed for the information he was looking for and smiled when he found it.

Yalu:  According to historical records, Louis XIV died on 1 September 1715 at the Palace of Versailles.  If we were still in real spacetime, the records would have shown Louis as having inexplicably disappeared at some point during his reign.  Not so.

Yogan felt relieved and even a bit empowered by his nugget of sleuthery.  The consequences of timeline meddling, at least the ones related to the King’s departure, didn’t seem to have consequented.  Whether that would hold true in their current situation, with Double Genkos all the way, was as yet unconfirmed.

2398 Adea / 2399 Adea / Yellir / Louis XIV: response

Yalu:  How do you summon a Q?  Can you just– ::beat:: call them and they show up?

2398 Adea / 2399 Adea / Yellir / Louis XIV: response

Yalu:  CloQ?  Are you available?  I’d like a moment of your time, please.  Before you send us somewhere else with even worse clothes, just a chat would be great.  ::to 2398 Adea::  Commander, sorry to introduce you to all of this, but we’re from about a year-and-a-half into the future, and we’ve had a hell of a day.

2398 Adea / 2399 Adea / Yellir / Louis XIV: response

Tag / TBC

Lieutenant Commander Yogan Yalu
Strategic Operations Officer
USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A


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