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Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn - Um, There's a Commander Reynolds?!

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I love @Bryce Tagren-Quinn 's descriptive capacity and how she unravels parts of her character's character in each sentence. Not to deny that the interaction between these two is always a joy. Great job!

((Outside the office of Lieutenant Fortune, Deck 7, USS Gorkon))

There were some awkward pleasantries, some gruff and puff and, surprisingly, an apology – all in that exact order that fine, tiresome morning in the counselor’s waiting room. Bryce was taken aback for a moment by the Tellarite’s openness but didn’t want to make a big deal over it. He was just doing his job.

The fact that he cared deeply about the outcomes of all of his patients wouldn’t flow to the surface like high viscosity lava.

With this particular patient (fellow crew member – not just patient), though, it was just best to let things fly and remain steadfast in approach. He’d give the details about the upcoming visit to the lovely little surgical suite right in between the eyes.

Tagren-Quinn: The surgery this morning will be quick. I was able to look through your scans last night and the debridement should only take less than twenty minutes. In fact, you will likely feel some immense relief right after. We’ll use some of the tools to promote healing to the area, so you shouldn’t have any breakthrough bleeding.

And, it was true. Getting a fresh look at the scans did reveal an alternate method that would shave time in the operating room, and a usage of a variety of instruments would yield optimal results. It was always, always a good idea to reexamine things before diving in and consulting other physicians before proceeding. That’s why doctors weren’t replaced 100% by fancy equipment and technology.

Sometimes looking beyond the scans and standard recommendations was necessary. It was a little more involved than just that.

Tzim-Shah: That doesn't sound half bad, actually.

Tagren-Quinn: I’m not going to lie, recovery will take a few days but we’ll be able to get you in a compression garment and start some desensitization probably in about a week. Before you know it, you won’t have to see my baby face anymore. No more sickbay. That’ll be your motivation, Ensign.

He grinned over at the other man, tusks and beard prominent, and was surprised by the laugh that genuinely came from him. They both looked like hell, if he was being honest, but they truly had an excuse. Might as well embrace things as they were.

A stretch of silence reemerged though and Bry watched as the Tellarite’s eyes shifted towards the counselor’s closed door before fidgeting some more.

Tzim-Shah: So, Doc... The crazy engineer... is she joining in?

They would get to that question eventually. Bry opened his mouth to answer but settled with a head shake. He watched the variety of emotions transform Shah’s face.

Tagren-Quinn: I believe that it would have been an endeavor she was ready for but she, unfortunately, got called away to other matters.

Tzim-Shah: I guess that makes sense. And if she has left the Gorkon with the repairs half done, she really must have had a good reason. We'll find out sometime why she took her away from here... I suppose.

A simple nod was the only response given, but Bry could tell that the other man was fighting with some nerves.

Tzim-Shah: How about dragging Commander Reynolds into this?

Commander Reynolds? That didn’t compute, but he was still getting acquainted with everyone on the ship. Was this person related to the Admiral? Or... The doctor felt his face twist a bit, and the Tellarite picked up on it and offered an explanation.  

Tzim-Shah: I mean Erin Reynolds, not Quinn Reynolds. The one of the plants, not the skipper. After all, she's an engineer too... like the Admiral, but we don't bother the Admiral with little things, do we?

Ahhh. The comment made Bryce smirk.

Tagren-Quinn: No, but…

He sat on that information for a moment, processing it, shifting on one foot and then the other while his vision wandered to the floor. He wondered but figured he’ll find out more later. A beat passed before he glanced back up to Shah, his blue eyes looking at him expectantly under bushy brows.

Can’t keep a Tellarite waiting or else…

Tagren-Quinn: …I’ve not met the Commander yet but it’s definitely worth exploring, asking.

There was an added piece of as long as he was comfortable but it was Shah’s suggestion after all. He wouldn’t have brought it up if he hadn’t been.

Tzim-Shah: Response

Tagren-Quinn: Yes, let’s plan on it. We’ll get the surgery checked off the list first and I’ll then see if I can track down Commander Reynolds.

No need to rush into it, but they would need to take preliminary steps, make contact, and then think about the groundwork. One step at a time.

Tzim-Shah: Response

A device on Bry’s wrist dinged and he raised his arm to check it.

Tagren-Quinn: Ah, yes. Right, so I should get on to Sickbay and get things prepped.

Tzim-Shah: Response 


Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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Thank you so much @Alieth for your kind words and support. I have really enjoyed the interaction between these two. Your ability to pull so much into a scene is something that I look up to; the range, the emotion, the beautiful descriptions and absolute depth of a character. Every single time you deliver and I’m just over here like wow! Kudos to YOU — I have really enjoyed these scenes and your writing! :)

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