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Lieutenant JG Tito: My mind, when times were better.

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Absolutely loving this flashback scene from @Vitor S. Silveira 
I know you worked really hard on this, and it definitely shows ❤️ Keep up the great work 

((USS Narendra, Astrophysics))
Tito narrowed down the passengers list in search of the saboteur. But with enough names to still work on he called in another Intelligence Officer to assist. When Lieutenant Aristren joined him Tito stood by her side as they walked out and headed to the nearest turbolift.
Tito: There is a bomb on a passenger cruise liner. I was tasked with screening the fifty passengers that boarded lastly to see if any of them might be a saboteur. I have narrowed it down to twenty two and I was counting on your expertise so we can flush him, or them out.
Aristren: May I ask what criteria you used to reduce the number of suspects?
Tito: I cross linked their data with criminal files, associations to Terra Prime, Intelligence reports, you know. The works. Also sidelined the non humans without any criminal or suspected activities. And children obviously.
The Lieutenant nodded.
Aristren: I am however wondering if it is wise to exclude non-humans. On what grounds have you decided to do so?
They entered the turbolift. Tito was surprised by her question.
Tito: That is obvious considering Terra Prime is an extremist pro-human group.
Aristren: There will be more than one way for Terra Prime to convince an individual, or several, to serve them. Most species are easily convinced to commit crimes if their families are in danger, going as far as to cause the death of billions.
Lieutenant Aristren made a good point.
The fact that she pointed to a possible flaw in his work, hand in hand to being a Rodulan, made Tito react, even if he was trying his best to shield his thoughts.
oO Thank you for questioning the work I have done. Oo
Realizing he let the thought cross his mind he added in a cold voice.
Tito: I took an educated guess. It isn’t easy to scrutinise fifty passengers in an hour and half.
She gave another nod as the turbolift kept going to its destination.
The slip of his mind reminded him he was thought to secure his mind. That was why he wasn’t fond of telepaths nowadays.
((Flashback, Stardate 238812.29))
((USS Stargazer, Vetras quarters))
Vetras: ::exasperated:: You're not focusing, Vitor.
Vitor opened his eyes and shook his head. He and Vetras had been dating for nearly a month. Being a Cairn her telepathic abilities were uncommon. And for the untrained mind, especially to a human one, it could be dangerous.
Tito: I am tired. I know I need to learn to shield my mind from you but can't we do it tomorrow?
Vetras stood up from her couch where they were both sitting. Her metallic tone, the result of her voice enhancer, was quite unpleasant.
Vetras: Your impossible Vitor.
Vitor stood up and opened his arms.
Tito: Really? I mean you taught me the basics. Why do I need to reinforce my mind?
She turned and began gesturing. Tito was still learning sign language from her and only picked up a few words. The fact she reverted to sign language meant she was getting annoyed.
Tito: Can you slow down? I can’t follow you at that speed. And what do you mean by losing control?
Vetras stepped near him and looked up. She was considerably smaller than Vitor, something he always found cute in her.
Vetras: If I am intimate with someone I am not very careful.
Vitor narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.
Tito: Intimate? ::He let the word sink in:: Oh… ::he began to realise what she meant:: OH ::He blushed:: Oh…. K ::He said sheepishly::
Vetras smiled and stepped closer to him, caressing his cheek.
Vetras: You are so cute when your dumb.
Vitor didn’t really know what to say, he leaned down, held her tightly and kissed her. Letting his thoughts speak for him.
oO Then I have extra motivation for training. Oo
((End flashback))
Returning to the present he wondered what of that memory Lieutenant Aristren caught. Rodulans were also powerful telepaths. He shrugged that thought off as they arrived on deck one.
((USS Narendra, Bridge))
The Commodore greeted them as they entered the bridge
Taybrim: Thank you both for coming.
Tito: We are at your service Commodore.
Aristen: ?
Giving a nod, he gestured to the mostly empty bridge.
Taybrim: Both the bridge itself and the ready room can be locked down with a level 5 security field.  Your choice.  I trust who remains on the bridge to have the same clearances you do.
Tito only noticed the helmsman so he nodded.
Tito: Then we can put it in place on the bridge, some of the data I have been using are sensitive and better safe than sorry
Aristen: ?
The Commodore looked at Lieutenant Aristren for a moment longer.
Tito wondered if he also had something about telepaths, but truth be told he was Betazoid so not one of his favourites either.
His mind slipped back a second time as he let out one thought.
oO Amateurs. Oo
((Flashback, Stardate 239010.17))
((USS Lexington, Tito and Vetras quarters))
Vitor entered his quarters with three PADDs in hand. He knew Vetras would be upset, but he still had some “homework” to do. He was greeted by her voice that came from the couch.
Vetras: Raise your shields.
He couldn’t see her, most likely because she was curled down on it.
And that was her safety warning. He shrugged and tossed away the PADDs at the work desk, slowly stepping inside.
In his mind he began building a wall, something that he was used to by now. After all, they have been together for two years now. And expecting their first child. He smiled as he turned around the couch to face her. Vetras was curled in a blanket, filled with pink unicorns, something Vitor introduced her to, much to his regret. He bent over and kissed her forehead as he passed his hand gently by her extended belly.
Tito: Is Paris giving you a hard time?
Vetras didn’t reply. Not in words. He felt her thoughts reaching him. He felt the sadness at feeling useless, her unwillingness to keep up with the forced rest she was ordered. And her boredom. And her concerns over him and Paris. And how she felt ugly and fat and tired.
All this in feelings, images, thoughts that could be his own.
He smiled and only let one thing cross his mind.
Vetras smiled back and gesture in sign language for him to sit as she raised herself
Vitor nodded and sat down. She curled around him, holding him tightly. Pulling her blanket she sighs. Vitor smiled, even if she was now over his lap and he could hardly move. He kissed the top of her head.
Tito: You are the most beautiful pregnant Cairn in the Universe.
Vetras again replied in his mind, and Vitor raised an eyebrow as he saw the Moba fruit.
Tito: If you let me up I will replicate it for you.
This time she spoke.
Vetras: Not replicated, the real thing. And you stay.
Tito: But then I can’t go and search for it.
Vetras: You're the First Officer. Find a way.
Tito raised an eyebrow, but he just shrugged. It wasn't the first time he had to deal with her cravings. He tapped his combadge to open a comline. If anyone had any Bajoran fruit it would be their Chief Science Officer.
Tito:  =/\= Tito to Lieutenant Kara
Kara: =/\= Kara here, what can I do for you Commander?
Tito: =/\= I need a favour, do you have by any chance some fresh Moba fruit? It’s for my wife
Kara: =/\= I might.
Tito felt Vetras embarrassing him in his mind. He felt her anticipation for the Moba fruit, and he was also starting to crave for it. But her hold was getting tighter. And hurtful
Tito: You're squeezing me.
Kara: =/\= Excuse me?
Vitor rolled his eyes at the fact the comline was open.
Tito:=/\= Vetras is sleeping on top of me. She is dreaming
Kara: =/\= ::Laughing:: You should have picked a Bajoran wife. We only sneeze when pregnant. And that’s really cute. I will see what I have here.
Tito:=/\= Thank you.
Kara: =/\= But don't think you're not paying for this Commander.
Vitor smiled and kissed the top of Vetras head.
Tito: =/\= I know, just get it for me please. Tito out.
As the comline closed he felt Vetras projecting the recollections of their wedding day in his mind. He held her more tightly and closed his eyes as they merged in thoughts.
((End flashback))
Tito returned the next second to the present. He realised the memories of the telepathic skills of Vetras confronted with those of the Commodore or the Lieutenant was just another excuse for him. An excuse to not work with them, not like them.
But they were dealing with a group who would kill his daughter if she was alive now.
A group that targeted human hybrids.
So he fought to push back all the feelings and bitterness to get the work done.
Taybrim: With the timing of the bomb placement and the checks upon departure from Outpost 411A, the saboteur was onboard upon launch from 411, and had to chance to disembark.  Nor are there any indications on any scan that any sort of escape pod was launched.  So whoever planted that bomb is still on board.  Possibly several someones.
Tito went on to a free console and raised the security, to the level the Commodore suggested.
Tito: I concur. I have screened out a few on the list. ::He looked at Lieutenant Aristren.:: Although I might not have been as thorough as I thought. Do you wish to add anything Lieutenant?
Aristen: ?
Taybrim: Please, tell me what you have found.
He pulled up the fifty passengers list and to its side the search result.
Tito: So far I think these twenty eight are clear, from the remaining twenty two I found that these three have missing data.
Aristen/Taybrim: ?
He nodded and pulled up an enhanced image of each
Tito: So besides the missing details, this one might be connected to Terra Prime.
He flagged the one he meant and his picture pushed to the side as the search results appeared next to it
Tito: I found a connection to a company that had a partner once that was TP.
Aristen/Taybrim: ?
Lt. J. G. Vitor R.S.Tito
Intelligence Officer
Starbase 118


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