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Ensign Isabelle Basilia - Cracking

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OOC: Sometimes what happens in a mission can have lasting effects and our characters have to work through them.




(( Holosuite 2, Deck 6, Main Hull, USS Oumuamua ))

Basilia: Just trying to get in some extra training. Can never be too prepared.

Isabelle had failed on her last mission. Many people got injured under her watch, something that was never supposed to happen. Something that she would do everything to prevent again.

Greaves: That’s true, but you can be overtrained. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. What’re you working on?

Basilia: Close quarters drills sir.

Greaves paused and turned his attention towards the ocean that surrounded the outpost. It completely surrounded the outpost, the occasional glimmer as the sun reflected off the surface. There was the gentle sound of water splashing against the outpost and light breeze flittered through, brushing Isabelle’s hair against her face.

Greaves: (Motioning to the ocean) This is Okaea isn’t it?  

Her eyes fell to the floor, Isabelle’s cheeks flush once again. After a brief moment, she met the Major’s gaze.

Basilia: Yes sir.

Greaves nodded solemnly, and from his expression Isabelle knew what was coming next. The Major gestured towards a nearby section of the wall that would provide relief from the hot sun.

Greaves: Ensign, why don’t we sit down and talk.  

Isabelle followed Wes and joined the Major as he tapped the ground next to him, indicating she should sit.

Greaves: What’re you really doing here? You’re supposed to be relaxing on leave. Recharging your batteries.  

A heavy sigh slipped from her lips as she fought back her emotions. She had to be professional in front of the Major, her future was already in enough jeopardy after her performance on the actual Okaea Outpost. She struggled to meet his gaze as she spoke.

Basilia: As I said, training sir.

Greaves: Response

Isabelle struggled to keep her composure and her lip began to quiver as she spoke.

Basilia: I let them down. Commodore Kells, Lieutenant Richards, Ensign Toz. What happened on Okaea was my fault. I was part of the security detail and I failed. I should have done more.

Isabelle looked to the Major, her eyes red and swollen as she fought back the tears. It was the first time she had spoken about how she was feeling about the mission and her facade was starting to crack.

Greaves: Response

Basilia: I joined security as I was to help protect people, but on my first away mission I failed to do that. The team was injured and captured because of me.

Greaves: Response

Ensign Isabelle Basilia
Security Officer
USS ‘Oumuamua


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