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Ferri Emlott - Happy Place (Pt.2)

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Sometimes the best writers have difficulties in putting out a good sim. I don't suffer from that since I am not a good writer ;)

But it should be commended when someone puts in the effort, heart and hard work.

Great job @Arys



((Somewhere on Cardassia Prime))
((Time Index: four years prior))

Ezak: I am sure you know why we are here. 

Emlott: I-.. 

Ferri tried to respond, but when she opened her mouth, she couldn't bring herself to answer. What was there to say? He was right - she knew why those men were here, even if she didn’t know who they were. She had expected someone to come sooner or later, and she had been surprised that it had taken them so long. 

Ezak gestured for her to lead the way, and Ferri slowly set one foot in front of the other foot, through the door, out of her apartment, and towards the back of a skimmer that stood ready. 

She wanted to be brave, composed, strong, but It was as if the temperature around her had dropped, and Ferri's eyes began to sting. Something invisible wrapped around her chest, its grip tightening with every step she took.

The doors swished open, revealing nothing but blackness within the rear compartment of the skimmer, and her face turned pallid. She wasn't sure what she had imagined, but surely not this. 

Parim, who seemed to sense Ferri's rising fear, held her in a vice-like grip. 

Parim: Don't make this more difficult on yourself, Miss. 

It would be the last time, for weeks, that anyone would speak to her. 

Parim's voice wasn't particularly harsh, but there was a sense of finality to his words -and in truth, there was nothing Ferri could do as she was dragged towards the skimmer, pushed forward and into the door. 

A moment later, she was left in darkness. 

Her pulse raced, the sound of her heartbeat thrashing in her ears drowned out her thoughts, and Ferri barely noticed herself crawling to the door, hammering against it to be let out. 

Did anyone hear her? 

The walls seemed to swallow any sound she was making, uncaring that her calling turned into pleading, begging, and eventually into quiet sobbing. 

Had Ferri been herself, she would have noted the absence of the telltale low hum that indicated they were moving. No matter how much she would have strained her ears to pick up any sound, there would have been nothing but deafening silence.

How much time had passed? 

Were they moving at all? 

Surely it must have been hours - had they left Prime? Were they sending her to a penal colony, without trial, without so much as allowing her a last goodbye? 

Even if Ferri had been attentive, she would never have known that the skimmer reached its destination within only a quarter of an interval, and that leaving her to wait was part of a well-thought-out strategy. 

((Timeskip, five hours later))

Ferri didn't know for how long she had been laying there, in the silence, alone with her own thoughts, but the hissing of the doors opening startled her. She sat up quickly, barely getting used to the bright light that greeted her. Black dots danced in front of her eyes, but even if her vision had been unimpaired, she would not have known where she was. 

Someone grabbed her arm, pulled her out of the skimmer, and onto her feet. After having remained curled up on the floor for hours, Ferri's legs nearly gave in under the weight of her body, and fear made it near impossible to walk. 

The woman just about noticed that they had been moving, but she had no indication of where to, and for how long.
The large hall she found herself in was empty, save for the skimmer, with windowless grey walls that allowed not the slightest hint on what lay behind them. 

Emlott: Where are we? 

They didn't answer.

Both men seemed to ignore her completely as they escorted her to the far end of the hall, where, upon their unsaid command, a door slid open, revealing a harshly lit hallway. The corridor stretched on and on, and every door branching off it was shut and locked, not allowing a single glimpse into who or what waited behind them. 

Emlott: Please... 

Tears came once more, rolled down her cheeks, and remained ignored. It was as if both men no longer registered Ferri as a person. When she slowed down, they dragged her on. When she sped up, they held her back. When she cried, screamed, begged, they ignored her. 

Eventually, the group came to a halt in front of a heavy door which opened upon Ezak's command, and a moment later, Ferri was shoved inside. The fluorescent lighting activated as the computer registered the cell's new occupant, allowing her to take a good look at her new home. 

The walls were plain grey with a low ceiling, and as with the hall and the corridor, there was no window or other source of daylight. A bed and a desk with a chair were the only pieces of furniture, and a corner for hygiene amenities allowed only for the most basic of needs. 

Ferri turned around to her captors, only for the door to be shut in her face. 


Ferri Emlott
Cardassian Visitor
Starbase 118 Ops


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This series has so much anticipation built in, I freaking love it!

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