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Sleepy Tiberius - Quote - Curtesy of the great Leonard Mccoy

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This sim was out a few days ago, RL had caught me a bit so that is why I am only now posting it.

I think you all know that I appreciate sims not just for their quality, or story. In this case I think @Sleepy Tiberius deserves an appreciation. Considering how new the Excalibur Nurse is to writing with us, I am enjoying the growth of both character and writer, and I think that is something that should be displayed in public. Great work Tib, I loved it.



((Unknown Jungle))

She was terrified, she never thought she'd be back in THEIR territory, her heart was racing, her thoughts whirling at all possible ways to retreat, but first, the patient and her team.

Tiberius: We gotta keep moving, staying in one spot is only gonna put us in danger, someone grab the other arm and help me carry him with us.

Silveira: I am on it, let’s move.

With Sil grabbing the other arm and the others helping whatever way they could, they moved forward.

Naosuke: Response.

Moving into the dense forest part of the forest, she kept them low, but fast paced, well as fast as they could go.

Nicholotti: You're the only one with a weapon. I'd ask you to put it to good and honorable use, lord.

Only now noticing that Nicholotti was right and that they only had one weapon made the dread in her feel worse.

Naosuke / Etan: Response

Silveira: Do you have any idea where you're going Tib?

Tiberius: The denser the better, we'll have better coverage and if the enemy is bigger than us then it'll have a harder time getting through the foliage, if we went right, we'd be easy prey, just trust me. I know what I'm doing.

She had heard a rustle, not far off, and signalled to stop, keeping an arm around the patient in case they needed to run.

Nicholotti: Stand on guard.

Nousuke: Response

Silveira: I have a plan.

Sleepy looked towards Sil, a plan?

Etan: response

Silveira: Let me try something Commodore. ::He grinned .:: It’s not like that time, it is risky but I am willing to bet it might work. Just trust me.

Nicholotti: What do you know that you aren't telling me.

Tiberius: I very much second that.

She responded while keeping an eye on a particular spot of shrubbery.

Etan / Nousuke: response

Sleepy watched in the peripheral of her vision as the tactical officer seemed to have shrugged and made a theatrical showing with his arms.

Silveira: The best way to win a game sometimes is not to play it.

When Sil stood up Sleepy nearly might have had a heart attack, just as she was about to pull Sil back down, well, at this point she actually did have a heart attack.

A guard came out of the bushes, Sleepy eyes went wide, could feel herself go pale in fear.

Silveira: I am not moving, do what you want with me. ::He raised his head to the sky:: Your listening O’cloQ? You're a pretty amateur Game Master. This RPG really isn’t worth the time, your game is boring.

Sleepy wasn't silly enough to move her eyes away from the guard, but after hearing Sil say he wasn't gonna move had her tense even more.

Hirogen: Then you make for easy prey.

The guard then swung its scythe-like sword down, only to startle when Nicholotti moved forward, right, at this it didn't matter if they were her superior officers she was gonna have a word with them when they got back, and moved after her Commodore.

She screamed as she launched herself forwards.

Nicholotti: No!!!

Tiberius: Oh my god! Sil move!

Etan / Nousuke : response

 Sleepy grabbed Nicholottis clothing about the same time the Commodore grabbed Sil, holding on she pulled them both away from the danger, Nicholotti aggressively pulling Sil away as well then spinning around. Sleepy felt the sudden difference in environment, the grass under her gone, replaced with something else.

TIberius: Are you crazy! What would have happened if the plan didn't work! You could've put both you and your Commodore in danger, I - we could've lost you! Never do that again, I'm a nurse not a miracle worker!

Sleepy's breathing was slightly heavy due to her yelling at the both of them, the flashbacks coming in full force making her remember everyone who had been brutally butchered by the guards, she didn't care that she was yelling at her superiors, they scared her, and she never wanted them to risk their lives again.
She could feel the tears starting to fall down her face, it was really hard as she tried to pull herself together, aggressively wiping the tears away with one hand.

She realised she was still holding onto the hem Nicholotti's clothing, she didn't let go, it was the only thing reassuring her that she was still here.

Silveira/Etan/Nousuke: Responses?

Nicholotti: Don't do that again, would you?

Silveira: Response?

Tiberius: Just.. Please don't risk yourself like that ok, you guys are important to a lot of people... are you guys hurt anywhere?

Everything seemed ok, besides the dirty clothes and the bruises and scratches.

She was emotionally drained, and so done with everything, she got up and let go of Nicholottis clothing, looking around, Daimyo was still with them, as well as the patient, she went over to the patient to check if they were ok, putting her fingers over their mouth she felt the breath of air, he was just asleep, so he was ok.

She then went over to Nousuke, indicating if she could touch him. He didn't look to hurt, although the armor was covering pretty much everything.

Etan/Nousuke/: Responses?


Ensign Seria 'Sleepy' Tiberius
USS Excalibur-A


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