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Ensign Ulasso - Do Not Go Gentle

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OOC: I feel so bad for @Ulasso!




((Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Oumuamua)

Ulasso and his care team watched as Kel presented his findings.

Kel:  The middle one here is how most of the lifeforms on this ship organize their DNA, as B-DNA.  This little guy ::pointing back at the image from Ulasso's nose:: has Z-DNA like on the right.  

Zale: Z-DNA. B-DNA’s left-handed brother ::laughs:: either way, it's been shown to increase genetic instability with its different structure, it's a bit wonky, but maybe that gives us some wiggle room with maybe manipulating this thing in some way.

Katsim: It also plays a role in genetic expression and immune response.

Katsim: Could we use that?  Perhaps disrupt the protein synthesis and target the enzymes…

Katsim: I guess it wouldn’t be the standard since it’s Z-DNA rather than the more common B-DNA…

Ulasso: Any way you can get to the point Doc? Time seems to be of the essence.

Ulasso was starting to think these scientists and his old friend would chat all day about their theories until Ulasso was a zombie. He was so nervous and scared that without Toz's aesthetic he would probably need to be strapped to the bio bed. Doctor Toz seemed like she got straight to the point. He liked that. 

Kel: ::nodding::  That's right, different DNA structure, different enzymes for replication.  We need a compound that will block those enzymes and slow the creature's growth and maybe even shrink it.   

Toz: Shrink it? That would allow it to burrow into the nasal cavity deeper. Deeper than it’s already traveled. 

Why was there always something worse than could happen with every proposed solution? To Ulasso, this was maddening. 

Zale:  We don't want this little dude to go spelunking all through Ulasso ::chuckles::  You think the brandy will alter it somehow? Or maybe put it in some type of stasis or coma, then we can go from there?

Katsim: It’s not that simple.  

Katsim: Perhaps I’m wrong, but if we were to address the matter of cellular replication of the creature in order to inhibit that and target it’s specific processes so that it would eventually die, we would need to target something, like…like it’s mRNA and prevent protein synthesis and…

Ulasso: Are we any closer to getting this thing out of my head?

Ulasso contemplated if he would even be himself anymore if the creature could take control of him. Would it eat or drain his brain away, so there was no way to recover him? Would he lose his memories of his sister? Every day it already seemed harder to picture her face, and he couldn't stand to lose what memories he had of her. 

Ulasso still had so much to live for, he had to live for Ulaini's dream, and for those that had died on the Thor. He had that revelation while talking with Alex. He wasn't ready to die yet, however the thought of the creature remaining inside him and taking what made him, "him" was even more terrifying. 

Kel:  Yes, but we may not need to examine millions of compounds because Saurian Brandy is made from Saurian wine which is made from Saurian Grapes and a fungus that infects those grapes, Plasmopara viticola, has Z-DNA to carry its genomic information.  The grapes have developed a natural compound to defend against the fungus.  I think the Brandy flush could actually inhibit the things growth and that can buy us time.  Time to reach out to Okaea.    ::looking at the analyzer screen again::  This little guy is also pumping out a load of psychotropic agents.  I'm not sure what happens if we rip it out.  We may want to slowly kill it instead.

Ulasso couldn't believe the Brandy really was a possible solution...and of course his friend had known about the fungi. 

Zale:  Interesting, Doctor. Wine, booze, and so on, has been used in the past for medicinal purposes, so I am not surprised if this works, but I am not a saurian wine aficionado, but that makes sense. I say it’s definitely worth a try, ripping it as we mentioned might be too risky, and who knows what this critter can do when he is threatened or is yanked from its host. Oh, and the whole psychotropic agent kind of freaks me out, this little guy is basically a psilocybin sea anemone trapped inside Ulasso’s nose!? He seems okay right now ::staring at Ulasso:: I would assume he would be on cloud 9 or hallucinating, no?

Kel: Response

Ulasso: I have been experiencing hallucinations, I recently saw Counselor Brodie about them, I thought they were solely trauma/lack of sleep related.

Toz: For the medical record, I’m against it. But for the scientific record, I agree with Katsim and Zale. It's worth a chance. We can monitor every step. ::pause:: Be careful, Dr. Kel.

Ulasso remembered that Toz had pointed out that the brandy and anesthetic could kill him as well. He assumed they were considering a lower dose. Death by Saurian Brandy...there were worse ways for Ulasso to go, he mused, the anesthetic clouding his mind once again.

Zale: What if it fails, and something goes awry? Do we have a plan b or some type of fail-safe? I assume the brandy in the nasal cavity won’t cause much harm to Ulasso, but what if this creature has some type of weird adverse side-effect to it or it somehow causes it to..how can you say, freak out? I suppose the risk outweighs not doing anything.

Zale: Sorry, if I sound hesitant, I just get nervous when things come down to the wire, making decisions can be difficult, in the science world, not so much, in terms of medical procedures, yes. That saying comes to mind, hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Katsim: What about a stasis field?

Zale: That is a good idea, Katsim. Keep it in limbo, or maybe…no, nevermind::waving the idea away::

Ulasso was fighting through the anesthetic side effects to remain in the conversation. It was his health they were discussing and he wanted to make his feelings known and considered.

Ulasso: I don't know how I am supposed to be able to perform my duties if this thing is left in my head, even in stasis. I would be in constant fear it would become active again.

Kel/Toz: Response

Katsim: It’s not ideal.  

Katsim: But it would prevent things from getting worse until we can find an answer.  

Kel/Toz: Response

Ulasso: I just want it out. If the stasis doesn't work, every second it could be taking more of me. Doctor Toz had said it was draining me.

Katsim: Could we take the DNA sample and run models to see what the reaction would be?  

Zale: That sounds like a good course of action; if we extract a DNA sample we can possibly find out how it will react with the brandy or some other substance, but if something adverse happens,  no harm no foul to Ulasso, or the creature. But do we have time? We don't know what this life-form is capable of, yet.

Kel/Toz: Response

Ulasso: I'm not a doctor, however I would prefer a more immediate solution than prolonging this.

Zale: All I can say Doctor, is that I'm just worried for Ulasso, I know you have to do the right thing, and ensure the procedure is not only safe, but effective, but we can’t wait forever. If this thing has other plans or can somehow self replicate or something of that effect, well, that would just spell disaster.

To Ulasso, Ensign Zale was speaking perfect sense. It seemed she was aligned with his thinking. He was feeling more drained each minute, and it was hard for him to keep focused. He wanted to still be conscious when the decision was made about his care.

Ulasso: I agree with Ensign Zale.

Kel/Toz/Katsim: Response

Zale: I am not trying to tell you how to do your job, Doctor, just kind of an edge here, it’s my first day, rattled nerves, stomach is in knots, not really an excuse, I know ::sigh::. Isn’t there a way we could put the creature to sleep with anesthesia? Then try and extract it, that’s if the DNA extraction and reaction yields…less than desirable results. I feel like it's a double-edged sword no matter what is attempted. Or what you making an  incision, and then just pluck it out rather than try to rip it out of the nasal cavity?

Everyone seemed a bit high strung, understandably Ulasso thought. This was supposed to be a time for relaxation for most of the crew, and here they were potentially facing life and death once again.

Ulasso: As long as the creature is out and my mind is intact, I could care less about the method of extraction. Physical wounds will heal.

Kel/Toz/Katsim: Response

Zale: Ulasso, how you doing? Better, worse or the same?

Ulasso was happy his new companion was taking the time to be concerned for his well being, and showing a bit of bedside manner as well. He believed that he remembered she had mentioned having a minor in medicine, that was showing. And all he had done to her was sneeze practically in her face before dragging her into all this.

Ulasso felt it was time for action. He didn't know how much longer he could go on with this thing in his head, potentially taking his life or memories from him. Who knew what it was doing to him, and he wasn't about to lay here wasting away. There was one person in the room that had been ready to take action from the start. He was going to look to her.

Ulasso: I don't think I'll be better until this thing is out of my head. V'Len, you are a great physician, but I worry our friendship could keep you on the conservative side of decision making. In addition, I know you aren't supposed to be seeing patients right now. Ensign Zale and Lt. Katsim, your knowledge has been invaluable.

Ulasso paused, and then with resolve uttered the next part.

Ulasso: However I want this creature removed, post-haste. ::turning to Toz:: Doctor Toz, will you please perform whatever intervention you deem necessary based on the data we have at hand? I will support whatever decision you make. I no longer want to wait to hear from Okaea, I think the message may arrive too late.

Katsim/Toz/Kel: Responses

Ulasso: I give my full consent for the treatment. Although I want Doctor Toz to perform it, It would make me feel better if all of you helped oversee the process. Your knowledge has greatly impressed me. I'll never forget what you all have done for me here today.

Katsim/Toz/Kel/Zale: Responses

Ulasso: If I don't make it, please notify my family on Lyaksti'kton. My mother will care, and my father, well, he will want to know. I don't have many possessions, however I will leave them all to V'Len if I perish. 

Ulasso paused once again, and then spoke the hardest part yet, A decision he had come to while everyone had been discussing the creature.

Ulasso: One last thing, if this creature makes me...not Ulasso anymore...I do not wish to continue living.

Katsim/Toz/Kel/Zale: Responses
Ulasso summoned all of his courage, gritted his teeth, and prepared for the worst. He had got through the disaster that had been Okaea, and this was merely fallout from that. He could survive this as well, he had to.
Ulasso: Let's get on with it.
Katsim/Toz/Kel/Zale: Responses
Ensign Ulasso
(HCO) Officer 
USS 'Oumuamua




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