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Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - The need for speed

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I think Cory's enjoyment of this sim as well as its writer Mike's percolates through the text and is a joy to read, good job @Cory Stoyer  !


((Outskirts of Yarista, Palanon))

Cory quickly got the handle of the quick little speedster. The terrain zoomed by in a blur.  Cory’s grin was getting broader as they flew together.  But Cory had one thing that needed to change.

Stoyer:  =/\= I do have one request.  Call me Cory.  We are friends, Alieth. =/\=

There was a delay in her answer.  It was possibly due to the terran racing back.

Alieth: =/\= That is important to me. Thank you mister... :: She stopped mid-sentence, force of habit causing the wrong name to roll off her lips before she could catch herself up:: Thanks, Cory.=/\=

Cory smiled inside his helmet.

Stoyer:  =/\= You are welcome, Alieth. =/\=

Cory was thoroughly enjoying this.  The pastures were a green blur, birds flapped away, probably squawking madly.  Cory couldn’t hear them.  The pair came upon a herd of… Cory thought for a moment, to remember.  Pronghorn impalas, that was their name.  Alieth and him herded the group in front of them for a while, then they were surrounded by the herd.  Even over the noise of the engine, Cory heard the thundering of their hooves.  

Alieth: =/\= I do not have an abundance of friends in Starfleet, as it is not easy for me to get along properly with non-Vulcans, and my acquaintances and friends on the Gorkon are... even fewer. So I really treasure to count you among them.=/\=

Cory listened to Alieth as the herd left them finally and the pair sped up.  

Alieth: =/\= It is all the more important after... everything that happened. Not just because of what I did to you. ::She lifted a hand off the handlebars to placate any protest he might make.:: But because it was a difficult mission, and she tried her best to do it. I would not have wanted any other officer by my side.=/\=

Alieth: =/\= Well, maybe just Jo, and mostly because she would bring coffee...and she would have put her brother in line.=/\=

Cory barked a laugh into his helmet.  As much as he loved Jo, he didn’t think even she could keep Commander Marshall in check.

Stoyer:  =/\= Well, I don't know if anyone can keep Commander Marshall in check.  Yes, Alieth it was a very difficult mission.  The visions, having Petra there and everything. =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Well, I will take your word for it, as you know the crew far more than I do. How long, by the way =/\=

Cory smiled again, he realized what Alieth was trying to do.  Having seen her bowling and trying to win, Cory wasn’t falling for it.  He kept an eye on her and the terrain.

Stoyer:  =/\= I’ve been on the Gorkon since she was commissioned.  Over 6 years now.  =/\=

Alieth: =/\= I see, I guess that time of service will have prepared you for the... unforeseen events. =/\=

Cory watched as Alieth did something and then bounced into the air as the hill they were on gave way to a ravine.  Cory hit the brakes and skidded to a stop. He stopped at the edge of the ravine.  He saw Alieth land on the other side.  Cory headed back a ways and turned around.  Gunning the engine he flew toward the edge and repeating the same thing Aleith did, Cory bounced into the air and easily cleared the ravine.  

Stoyer:  =/\= Nice job, Aleith. =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Response. =/\=

Cory opened the throttle wide open in an effort to catch her.  She had a good bit of a head start.  Grinning like a kid with a new toy, he blasted after her.

Stoyer:  =/\= Alieth, just so you know, I would follow you on another away mission anytime. =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Response =/\=

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon

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