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Ensign Vylaa zh'Tisav: The Spider Under the Bed

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I don't have the words for this sim. It left me really tickled, it's just so melodramatic and fun! Kudos, @Vylaa!


((The Great Wastes))

She darted forward from the Great Cave. Eight eyes scanned for danger. Eight legs felt for the vibrations that would tell her when the giant was approaching. The Great Wastes stretched out before her, a massive obstacle she must cross.

The Drive pushed her forward. Told her that the Time of Laying was near, and then, Forever Sleep. But she would not End. For within her swollen abdomen waited thousands of her eggs ready to be laid. They would hatch, grow, and eventually experience Times of Laying of their own. She would live on, in them.

But first she must cross the Wastes.

Her eggs needed to be kept in a warm, safe place. But since the coming of the giant things had not been so warm. Her instinct thus drove her forward. Across the Wastes she could find the Up. And in the Up she could find warmth.

She darted forward again, then stopped. Again, she felt for the giant. Again, nothing.

Forward again, and after a lifetime she came to the climb. It was flat, like the Wastes. But hard, not soft and bumpy like the Wastes. And vertical, but that was no problem. She had climbed it many times before the giant came and drove her into the Great Cave out of fear.

So she climbed. Her goal was where the Upside-Down met the Up. There, she would build her egg sack and lay her eggs. Then she would sleep.

Boom! Boom!

The vibrations ran up her legs and sparked a burst of speed. The giant had awoken. She must get out of it’s sight or surely she would die.

Boom! Boom!

It was closer. She froze. Maybe it wouldn’t see her.

A shadow.

Then nothing.

((Vylaa zh’Tisav’s Quarters))

Vylaa looked on with disgust, first at the sole of her boot and then at the smudge that had once been a spider on her otherwise clean wall.

oO Filthy bugs...Oo

Ensign Vylaa zh'Tisav
Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon
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