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Cadet Shedet & PNPC Senior Cmdr Nugra - Leaving the Past in the Past

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(( Crew Lounge - USS Constitution-B ))

Like an imperious statue, Senior Commander Nugra stood in front of the large bay window of the Crew Lounge staring out into space, arms folded behind his back, unmoving as if he was a Gorn made of stone. His only good eye stared out at the stars.

Shedet had only stopped by the Crew Lounge to look for Ohnari (who was probably hiding) when she saw him. The Orion girl had a history with this damnable lizard. It all came home when she had been given her cadet pin and the fact that she was back on track to become an officer. It all started with him.

Noting that Talia was not here, Shedet made to quietly leave but did not get a step out of the room.

Nugra: Do you have a moment, Cadet?

oO kelfa. Oo

He must have saw her in the reflection of the glass or smelled her. Gorns had a strong sense of smell. With the Orion swear world ringing in her mind, she turned back towards him. He still was still, not having taken away his gaze. Of course, she could have told him no and walked away. Just like she did when he asked her to carry his vss'Kot dagger. But the girl knew she could not keep running away from him. Shedet had to face him.

Shedet: ::neutral:: Of course, Senior Commander.

Walking slowly but pointedly to his side she turned to face him and crossed her arms, blue eyes searching the scarred face. The patch with the stylized spider was facing her so she couldn't see the predatory glint of his eye. It took a moment for him to speak.

Nugra: I wanted to congratulate you on earning your position at Starfleet Academy. That is no easy feat.

Shedet: ::coolly:: Thank you. Do you have a problem with that?

The Gorn paused which Shedet felt was way too long.

Nugra: No, I do not. My opinion does not actually matter but if it means anything to you, I was wrong in how harsh I was with you back then. I should have tempered my response in punishing you, then you may have never given up your pips.

Was...was the lizard apologizing? Any sort of decorum left Shedet's mind.

Shedet: Are you apologizing to me? Cause if you are, it's a poor job of it.

For the first time, he moved turning to face her and Shedet jumped in surprise. Now that turquoise eye was focused on her.

Nugra: Yes. I apologize. There are many things I wish I could undo. You, my unreliability with Kaji, not being there for my daughter---

Had the Gorn's voice shook at the mention of Iria? Shedet knew the girl, had seen her fight back in her Victory days. She remembered that it took a team of security to take her down when a poison caused her to loose control.

Shedet: Is Iria alright?

Nugra: ::sigh:: She is alright. Returned to the Dryarian a few days ago. I learned something that has made me re-think a lot of things.

The cadet kept her mouth shut. She was going to avoid prying because they did not have that type of relationship. Is anything, it was antagonistic. But he continued.

Nugra: Do you remember Janel Tarna?

Shedet: Cute trill who kept screwing up everything he touched? Yeah. Heard he went to Unity Station.

Nugra: ::nods:: yes. Where he was murdered by Iria.

Well, that was NOT what Shedet was expecting. She opened her mouth a few times to say something but nothing would come out. All that was there was utter shock. Her mind raced but nowhere in particular.

Shedet: I'm sorry.

Nugra: Thank you but it is something I have to deal with. I was not there for Tarna. I even blocked his request to return to the Symbiosis commission due to the possible encounters with...the Extinction-one protocol.

Memories flitted across her mind which Shedet did not even give a chance to re-surface. She knew what that was and that needed to stay buried.

Shedet: Well, there was a good reason.

Nugra: But I wonder if I took the time, I could have somehow made it work. The issue was not either, I did not take the opportunity to even try. And like that, I gave up. I quit. I resigned.

The ex-pirate had not been there for when the USS Victory had been decommissioned but she had heard that Captain Nugra had stepped down from command and had vanished within the bureaucracy of Starfleet. A rising star among ship Captains and then gone without a trace. Shedet did feel for him. Having been left behind as his peers had surpassed him. Many retiring with honors, others reaching flag officer positions. This lonely, sad Gorn had been left behind.

Shedet: ::softly:: I'm sorry.

Nugra: No need.

Shedet: I know what it feels like to watch everything you strive for vanish. The feeling of being left behind. I know your past, Nugra. :: Goddess, she didn't use his rank. she knew how much he hated that.::. You were the darling of the Gorn Princess, you fought in the Civil War, lead your people as a Grand Admiral. You served Starfleet as an officer facing threat and threat, you got your own ship and now. You're here with only your memories.

The Gorn did not say anything but he gave a small nod in agreement.

Nugra: I charted this course so I'll live with the destination.

Shedet rolled her eyes.

Shedet: Don't let Jalana hear you say that. She'll kick your ass.

That did get a chuckle from the giant lizard.

Shedet: My people have a saying. "If you don't like where the ship is going; take the bridge and chart your own course." You're here now. Where are you going next?

Before anything else could happen, her PADD chimed letting her know that she had a few more things to do before her shift started.

Shedet: That's all the wisdom for today. I've got to hunt down a hot Hallian and and see if we can setup any lunch plans. I gotta make friends where ever I can.

Nugra: Jalana?

Shedet: You betcha. I'll see you around Godzilla.

Using the nickname given to him by the 5 year old Benji so many years ago, Shedet skipped out somehow feeling a little bit better than when she arrived.

PNPC Senior Commander Nugra
Intelligence Officer
USS Constitution-B


Cadet 2nd Class Shedet
Science Officer
USS Constitution-B NCC 9012-B
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