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Ensign TK Cabrillo New Arrivals

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OOC: New PNPC from @Jack Kessler, and a great opening especially.  I particularly liked the 'bouncing newborn...


((Officers' Mess Hall, Deck 4, USS 'Oumuamua))


Born in Portland, Oregon on Earth, TK Cabrillo was probably one of the most out of place crewmembers aboard the Oumuamua. At 28 years of age the man should have been a Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander by this time. He and Starfleet had mixed feelings about one another, and he remained an Ensign because of those feelings. Cabrillo at one time had aspired to be a high-ranking officer in Starfleet, he had known what he wanted and had put himself on the path to get there. Then it happened, an incident in which Starfleet deemed him responsible for actions that he had no control over and the disciplinary action had cost him two promotions and any chance at ever holding a command position within Starfleet.


Cabrillo looked out across the officer’s mess, imagining all of the hopes and aspirations these younger officers must have. Some might actually make it to higher ranks he thought to himself as he took a long-drawn sip of his drink. Why stay in Starfleet? He had asked that question a dozen times of himself and he always circled back around to the thought that at least in Starfleet he was not ever stuck in one place. Just stuck on one ship, well until the Executive Officer had had enough of him and then booted him to some half-updated Luna Class starship sent to the Gamma Quadrant on a half baked rescue mission with a skeleton crew. Brilliant thinking on Starfleet’s part again and of course this time someone decided it was a great idea to take this engineer and put him on the bridge with a Vulcan Commodore in the middle of a fight with a bouncing new baby Dominion of Planets.


Cabrillo laughed internally at the thought of what Starfleet had just run into. The Klingons were old news, the Romulans scattered across the galaxy by a Super Nova, the Cardassian’s, the Breen; all enemies of the Federation that had somehow found themselves on the loosing end of their conflicts with the Federation. Now Starfleet ran all the way across the galaxy to the Gamma quadrant to bump into an old enemy only to find out that they were bringing a new threat to life and of course Starfleet would get into a fire fight right off the bat and now here we are, back in orbit of Earth, getting repaired, resupplied and new crew members from the fallen ship that got their butts handed to them by this bouncing baby. Again, great thinking Starfleet. Cabrillo took another long draw from his drink and emptied the glass.


Cabrillo’s attention turned to the doors of the mess as a human female entered. Dark haired from what he could tell, wearing a headdress of some sort and certainly older than the younger crowd in the room at the moment. Her rank bore the insignia of Commander but Cabrillo had not heard of any new command officers coming aboard. To his surprise she seemed to look around the room and then made a direct line for him.


Rouiancet: Excuse me, Ensign Cabrillo? May I join you?


Standing as the officer spoke to him and motioning to the empty chair across the table from his own seat.


Cabrillo: Please Commander ::beat:: have a seat.


Rouiancet: Let me introduce myself: I'm Lia Rouiancet, newly assigned from Thor to 'Oumuamua as strategic operations officer. I've been wanting to meet you.


There was a pause as she took her seat and Cabrillo followed suit.


Rouiancet: I mean, I've wanted to meet several officers, including you. I imagine we'll work together.


Cabrillo: I did not realize Stat-Ops worked with Engineering that much? I thought you guys were more about preparing for a conflict or working between Security and Tactical teams.


He leaned forward on the table and twisted his empty class around a few times.


Cabrillo: Or are you here to recruit me out of engineering?


Rouiancet: Response


Cabrillo studied the woman, her facial features, body language and gestures as she spoke. She was all Starfleet through and through to him. Maybe she was here to get the measure of him, see if he was worth keeping or getting rid of. He assumed that if she had read his service record she really wouldn’t want him on any part of a team she was part of.


Cabrillo: Okaea? Yes, I was on the bridge during that fight. Really not sure I was the right person to have up there but nonetheless I was there.


Rouiancet: Response


The tone in her voice shifted and for a moment he felt his guard coming down. That stopped immediately and he threw it right back up. He smirked internally at how quickly she had almost gotten him to lower his guard around a command officer.


Cabrillo: I’m sorry Commander, but I still don’t see what that has to do with me.


Rouiancet: Response




Ensign TK Cabrillo

Engineering Officer

USS Oumuamua




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