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Ensign Ohnari & CPO Shedet - A Minor Escapade

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(( Ohnari’s Quarters - USS Constitution-B ))

Finding the real liquor was probably not a wise thing. After having a long thought about what she wanted to do with her life, she had decided. The best way to make this type of decision was tipsy. That was why she was standing in front of Talia Ohnari’s quarters. She would recognize her, of course, she would, but at least the last time she had shown up to acost her, they left on good terms.

The Orion rang the bell and waited until it opened. Grinning at the dark-haired woman who answered, Shedet shoved the extra bottle of wine toward her.

Shedet: I…::hiccup::...have come to kidnap you again.

Talia had confirmed that this blonde Orion, was the same blonde Orion that had taken over a passenger transport and made her miss the majority of her 7th brother’s wedding. She had planned on confronting her and demanding to know what she was doing in Starfleet….but she followed Cade Foster’s lead. He seemed to trust her. As did the Commodore. So..she decided to watch, and make her own opinion…

Ohnari: ::brow raise, crossing her arms against her chest:: oO So much for my opinion…Oo Uuh…no? I’m kind of in my pajamas.

As if the fuzzy tribble slippers and matching T-Shirt and shorts were a valid reason to prevent kidnapping.

Shedet: For fun this time. Loooonnnnnggg story about how I am here….and how you’re here….but I gotta get my stuff from an Orion matron who is NOT going to be happy with my choices. Thought you’d like to stick it to them again and I need the help.

Loooong story that wasn’t that long. She enlisted in Starfleet, end of story. And she assumed the drunk little greenie in pigtails in front of her had done similarly.

Ohnari: And who exactly is going to be flying the runabout…? Seems a little dangerous given your current…uh…state. And didn’t we just avoid getting shot at ??

Shedet: Dangerous? Nah…maybe. Depends on their aim.

This pseudo pirate woman was going to get herself killed. Her eyes rolled to the skies and she prayed for guidance. The deck plating didn’t answer. Tossing her hands up in exasperation.

Ohnari: Alright, get in here. Give me five minutes to change.

Shedet: Sure!

(( Cargo Deck - Starbase 104 ))

Getting to the cargo section of Starbase 104 was not difficult. The difficult part was convincing Ohanri to leave her commbadge in her room. What they were about to do wasn't quite legal. Well, retrieving her possessions was legal but not how she was going to. The cargo section of the station was massive and filled with interconnected containers and large cabins that were sectioned off for offices and storage for the many companies and independent freighters that came and went. It was Yadon Shipping that she as targetting. Matron Ishiv used it as one of their fronts. Starfleet Intelligence knew as many Cartels let it be known in case SFI wanted to hire them. That status created an uneasy piece which meant Shedet's plan had a lot better chance of succeeding.

The Orion guards were not going to want to open fire with their weapons too quickly as Starfleet Security would descend on them.

Now, the two heavy double doors ahead were closed, a cargo skiff humming quietly by the door with a few plasteel containers on it. Two guards stood there, burly and strong with no weapons but Shedet knew they could hold their own. Both she and Ohanri were crouched behind a few abandoned containers that were haphazard on the gangplank to the Yadon Shipping headquarters. They were in the open air section of the station so the wind blew while a few skiffs and a shuttle would fly overhead towards another part of the station.

Crouching back down and looking to Ohnari, Shedet thumbed over her shoulder.

Shedet: Alright, that's our target. Two guards on the outside. More than likely three or four on the inside. Matron Ishiv isn't here so we don't have to worry about her entorage.

Ohnari: ::glaring:: Oh is that all? Why didn't you say so. I'll just waltz up to the door and politely ask for your stuff back then.

She was grumpy. Awoken by a crazy lady in pigtails half drunk and forcing her on a reckless adventure in the name of "fun" does that to you.

Shedet: ::smirk:: You're going to distract them in that outfit?

Glancing down at the off color jumpsuit she snapped her eyes back up. Wasn't this whole thing her plan??

Ohanri: ::bitingly:: Well my stars, I've seemed to have left my tactical bikini back on the Conny!

Although the damndest part about it, she wasn't wrong. Hissing out in frustration, Talia yanked out the band in her hair, shook out the ebony waves while angrily unbuttoning an alarming amount of buttons and shoving her arms out of the sleeves. Tying them tightly around her waist, she glared with as much venom as she could, half crouched, displaying a tight undershirt wide band of skin, and suit hugging her hips.

Ohnair: I swear if I die like this, I'm coming back to haunt you.

Shedet just grinned

Suffice to say, Ohnari was better at it than Shedet had thought. They were distracted long enough for Shedet to sneak up and render them unconscious with the subtle “slam their head into the side of a crate” maneuver.

The office was dark and dusty. It appeared that it had not been used in quite awhile. The low watt safety lights were on which gave enough shadow for them to creep through. Shedet led the way knowing Ohnari had her back. Why and how the Orion could not figure out but her brain was still a bit clouded from the alcohol. The adrenalin though was slowly clearing it.

Peering over a parked skiff that was powered down and looked as if it hadn't been moved in a few years, Shedet knew her stuff would be in the room between the guard shack and the empty office. Motioning quietly, the two crept to the storage room, gently opened the door, tried to will the squeaky hinges silent, and slid in.

Shedet looked at the pile of stuff in the room.

Shedet: Okay! My bag is gonna be green with blue stripes.

Talia was absolutely certain this was some kind of elaborate prank. At any moment now, the crew of the Conny was going to jump out and shout "SURPRISE!!!". Anything to scrub the memory of trying to distract the guards by asking them if they had any spare tool grease to lend her….Shedet could not have knocked them out any faster.

Ohnari: There isn't a bomb in there or anything…is there?

Shedet: Nah. Nothing so exciting.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, her heel caught the side of a crate, trying to muffle her cry of pain, Talia shoved her face into the nearest thing she could find: A green bag with slightly faded blue stripes.

Ohnari: ::hushed:: I uh…found it I think.

The Orion shifted through it and nodded mostly to herself. Everything was there. Her gauntlet, clothes, everything she had planned to take before changing her mind.

Shedet: Now…the office. To erase our presence.

Having made their way to the office, pushing aside a civilian stun phaser that was laid there, Shedet quickly tapped on the computer bringing it alive. It only took a few minutes to bypass the ancient security and wiped the log and cameras of their presence. She set the reboot for the next 20 minutes. If they were lucky, no one would realize what they had done.

Shedet: Alright. I've got the camera footage wiped out. We just need to make our way out the way we came----

The door opened and the duo found themselves standing in front of an older Orion with dark head and an intricate crown that advertised her status as a Matron.

Ishiv: ::confused:: Shedet?

Shedet: Frak!

Without thinking about it, she grabbed the phaser from the desk, checked the setting at a glance and fire dropping the woman where she stood.

Ohnari: ::eyes widening:: I thought you said she wasn't going to be here! And you just shot her???

Habitually, the doctor in her shook off the shock and inspected the now prone figure for life signs. Of course they were there, and strong.

Shedet: ::panicking:: I don't know! I thought that was the best option. That's my old Matron I'm trying to avoid.

Ohnari: I gathered. Based on the gaudy hat of hers…do you always shoot first or are you just showing off for me?

Shedet: Fine. Next time we raid a Syndicate base and run into your matron, I'll let you decide.

Ohnari: ::barking out a laugh:: Right. As if I'm ever gonna get in a turbolift with you ever again after this. Can we go before there are more unexpected visitors??

Then, a thought hit her. Her face broke into a devious grin.

Ohnari: Wait-

Quickly Talia dropped down and snatched the ornate crown off the prone woman's head.

Ohnari: ::grinning:: Souvenir.

Shedet grinned back at her new friend.

Shedet: Great minds!

With that, they scurried out the door to the surprise and alarm of the new Orions that had arrived. Suffice to say, none of them knew what was going on in the dark and by the time they had figured it out, Shedet and Talia were long gone.

The two threw themselves into the industrial turbolift and it began its descent back to civilization. Shedet slumped to the floor, turned to look at Talia and then laughed.

Shedet: Okay. That was more chaos than I intended.

The adrenaline was coursing through her veins, so much that for the last hour, the logical part of her brain just completely shut down in utter protest.

Ohnari: When DO you intend chaos…? Because I want fair warning so I can hop through the nearest wormhole to avoid it.

Shedet: Don’t give me that. You thoroughly enjoyed that. ::pointing to crown:: Not to mention you’re turning into a pretty good pirate.

Talia grinned and placed the ornate crown haphazardly on her head and gave a haughty wave.

Ohnari: ::adopting an overly snooty accent:: I simply have no idea of what you speak, my dear. I am a model citizen.

She burst into a fit of giggles as she slipped off the ridiculous crown.

Shedet: Sure, sure. Keep telling yourself that. You just showed me you got a wild side. We’re going to be best of friends. Just like I thought we would when I kidnapped you.

Ohnari: ::smirking:: Just how every solid friendship begins, on a foundation of felonies and escapades….


JP By…

Ensign Talia Ohnari, MD
USS Constitution-B


Chief Petty Officer Shedet
Science Officer
USS Constitution-B


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