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Lt. Blackwell: Family Ties

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Really wonderful opening narration on this sim!  Great job, Lieutenant!


((Briefing room – StarBase 118))


She had heard of “Tension being so thick you could cut it with a knife” but the room at the moment - the tension was so thick, a jackhammer would have been needed. 


She heard her name called and looked to Sal, and nodded as he instructed she would be working with him, Yael and Bailey.


Blackwell: Yes, Sir

Taybrim: You have two hours before the Narendra launches. Once on board we’ll have some time to coordinate with the Trinity-Serellian defense fleet before focusing on these tasks. Any questions?

Luthas: I’m good sir.

Bailey: No Sir. 


As the room started to clear, she stepped out, moving to the next stage in the planning.


((time Skip - Co’s office))


Rue was in the CO’s office as soon as possible, ready to get into the meat of their investigation. Rue rarely described hating things. Hate to her…was an ugly, savage emotion, one that tore at the one who felt it even as it tore at the people it was directed at.


Rue hated Terra Prime. 


She felt that leadened, ugly feeling resting on her. She hated these people. She hated them for their hate, for their beliefs, for their paradigms. She hated that their irrational behavior was putting countless lives in danger, and had already done so.


She had spent time reading up on Terra Prime, and other similar groups to theirs, to work to understand their psychology, the way that these groups formed. It was a great deal of feeling victimized themselves, often due to difficult, problematic living conditions. While Rue could in some sense…empathize with that, given the modern era, the resources, the fact - they could have- simply had things better and just accepted differences….but chose - this- form of horrorific response…it raised something ugly in Rue.


It felt like there was a razor against her skin, making shallow, sharp cuts.


She hated Terra Prime.


She was attempting to deal with that emotion, to smother it, focus on what /could/ be done, when Bailey walked in.


 Bailey: Good day to everyone. ::She nodded to each in turn:: Certainly a pity we have to meet under such circumstances. 


Blackwell:::She managed a light smile:: Agreed - 


Taybrim: Response


Bailey: I’ll cut right to it, in case the information is perceived not necessary. I once compared my uncle to Terra Prime. As such, I brought the Elaysian police report that was previously filled for him. I figured the information on his behavior could give us some insight into Terra Prime. 


Blackwell: All right. ::She quirked a brow, ready to listen::


Taybrim: Response


Bailey: Certainly Sir. 


A file folder was handed to Taybrim.


Bailey: I had the documents transferred to paper, hence why it’s not digital. ::her cheeks blushed red with slight embarrassment:: 


Blackwell:::She looked curious and glanced at Bailey:: So who is this uncle?




Blackwell:::She smiled faintly:: Everyone has something in their family they are not proud of. Just few are willing to share. I appreciate you bringing this to us.




Blackwell: I read a lot on the psychology of similar hate groups, and to try and find a bit more into…the thinking that develops there, but I’m curious to hear what you have ::She nodded to Bailey::




Lt. Prudence Blackwell


Starbase 118


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