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Daimyō Ii Naosuke - Foreign Hubris

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Everything I just said about Brian could also go for Ryan here - again, a tiny timescale to whip up a realistic MSNPC based on a real person and man did he deliver - thank you @Hallia Yellir


((Edo Castle, Japan, 1859))


In moments that felt like raging storms, there were small times like these where everything seemed to be seemingly dealt with. In spite of the weighing politics that were ever-present in Ii’s position, swarming outside the walls of this grand castle — the monument of his leadership and power. One of the few bastions of power left within the Shogunate. 


Marching through his castle, Ii took every step with a metallic ‘thunk’. The iron plating of his armour rattled with seemingly every step he took. Despite it being lightweight, there was an odd chafe around his neck he could never quite get over. But on this particular day, despite everything being taken care of, for the most part, there was one thing he needed to find. An old heirloom, that had been long forgotten in the underbelly of this grand castle. One he perhaps may have placed, and simply forgotten about long ago. 


Ii slid open the door, there was the unmistakable stench of stale air. With the little illumination from a dying paper lantern, the outline of figures graced his vision. At first, he wrote them off, simply as servants, but upon closer inspection, he wrapped his hand around the hilt of his weapon. With narrowed eyes, he shouted. 


Ii Naosuke: Intruders. Identify yourselves! 


Given the recent unrest and suspicion within the other of the Shogunate, Ii had perhaps a small shadow of a doubt that these intruders may wish harm upon him. But… they didn’t look like the people he would recognize. Most of them shared features of the Dutch and Americans he had dealings with.


Silveira: How did we get here? What are you talking about? And where is my bra?


Etan: What’s going on? ::he blurted out, looking at each of the other officers in turn.::


Tiberius: I think we need just need to stay calm and talk this out.


His anger only seemed to boil with the lack of explanation. Nothing came of his simple order and that frustrated him. They were, after all, in Ii’s domain, and it was foolish of these… interlopers to enter the bowels of his castle, his home, without even asking for his hospitality.


Nicholotti: Let's work the problem. What do we know, and what do we think we know?


Ii Naosuke: Have you no honour?! You will face me when you speak. You all trespass on my domain.


The group huddled and whispered in hushed tones as if contemplating their next move and Ii observed closely. Some of them seemed dressed… strangely, one was dressed much like the Europeans he had passingly spoken to and heard of, and another had… odd ridges on the bridge of his nose. The other two seemed normal for the most part. 


After a few moments he took a step downwards into the room, tugging on the hilt of his katana and half pulling the blade from its heavy sheath.


Ii Naosuke: You cowardly foreigners conspire amongst yourselves, and you do no acknowledge and bow before he, who is in your presence?


Silveira: My Lord, you have been provided with false information. I am not a baka gaijin. I am Vitor Silveira. Count of Marmelos and I assure you neither my servants ::he gestured to Jor and Tib.:: nor my wife ::he gestured to Kali:: have done anything dishonorable or wrong.


Silveira: I do not wish to insult you, but those accusations stain my honor. And that is something both your people and mine take in the highest account.  But out of respect for you I might consider it as a misguided act.


There was a pause in Ii’s thought process. This foreigner spoke perfectly in such a way that had caught the Damoyo completely off guard. 


Ii Naosuke: You have entered my castle, my home without my acknowledgement. I wish to know what ‘misguided’ act caused you to do so. After all, it is difficult to miss where my domain starts and ends.


Nicholotti / Tiberius: Response.


Etan: My master speaks the truth, My Lord. ::beat:: We have no reason to seek a  quarrel with you. ::he said with a low bow. He didn’t know why exactly he did so, but it seemed to feel right.:: We were set upon during our journey last night and brought to this… place.


Silveira: Response.


Ii Naosuke: How? Did you wander in, caught in some drunken stupor?


Nicholotti / Tiberius: Response.


Etan: If you will permit me, my lord, might I enquire as to where we are? We are most disorientated. ::he waved a hand towards the Commodore and Tiberius.::


Silveira: Response.


Now the gears were really beginning to turn. These people seemed genuinely confused as to where they were, and that only seemed to rile up Ii even more. Either he was being made a fool of by some practical joke, or his guards were so incompetent, that four drunk foreigners managed to sneak into the very base of his castle without so much as turning a head. He returned his weapon into the sheath, but still kept a hand on the hilt.


Ii Naosuke: You’re in Edo Castle. The beating heart of my domain.


Nicholotti / Tiberius: Response.


Etan: The people of… Marmelos- ::he looked to Sil with deference, hoping that he had gotten the name of the place he had said correct:: -have no desire to interfere with the cultural affairs of your people, My Lord. We simply wished to view your… domain.


Silveira: Response.


Ii Naosuke: And yet, do the people of Marmelos view status as nothing but a floor to walk on? 


Nicholotti / Tiberius: Response.


Ii Naosuke: This… ‘Marmelos’ this is from Europe, correct?


Etan / Nicholotti / Silveira / Tiberius: Response?


Ii Naosuke: Then give me one reason why I shouldn’t simply cut you all down as we speak?


Etan / Nicholotti / Silveira / Tiberius: Response?



Ii Naosuke

Daimyō of Hikone

Tairō of the Tokugawa shogunate


As Written by…


Lieutenant Hallia Yellir

Chief Engineer

USS Excalibur-A


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