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Ensign Isabelle Basilia - Again

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(( Holosuite 2, Deck 6, Main Hull, USS Oumuamua ))

Isabelle made her way along the simulated corridors of the Okaea Research Outpost. She moved close to the walls, holding a phaser in front of her.

A corner was up ahead, and as she approached she could hear the faint sound of voices. She pressed herself against the wall, and slowly poked her head around the corner. Two pirates were standing in the middle of the corridor, facing her direction, but were too distracted to notice her.

She took a breath and stepped away from the wall. She held her phaser out in front of her, and with a quick step rounded the corner. Before they had time to react to her presence, she fired two shots in quick succession, the pirates falling to the floor.

Isabelle continued past the unconscious bodies and was a few metres along the corridor when a door slid open beside her, and a pirate rushed out. Isabelle dropped her phaser, as the pirate shoved her up against the wall, pinning her with his elbow. She managed to land a punch in the pirate’s gut, the pirate staggering backwards. Isabelle leapt forwards, grabbing hold of the pirate’s jacket and with one swift move, brought her leg behind the pirate, sweeping his leg out from under him.

The pirate dragged Isabelle down with him and managed to roll over, pinning her with his weight. Isabelle reached out, her fingers straining for the phaser as the pirate wrapped his thick fingers around her throat. Gasping and starting to feel light-headed, Isabelle just managed to reach the phaser and brought it up, striking the pirate on the head, causing him to fall sideways. Without hesitation, she fired at the pirate, his body slumping to the floor.

Isabelle managed to push herself upright, her chest feeling tight. She had just regained her composure when another pirate appeared in the corner. Before she was able to stun them, they had got off a shot, striking Isabelle square in the chest.

Basilia: Computer, restart simulation.

A moment later, the bodies and her surroundings disappeared, and Isabelle found herself once again at the entrance to the Outpost, everything frozen around her.

Basilia: Computer, begin simulation.

In an instant, the scene was brought to life and she could hear the waves crashing against the outpost.

Isabelle stepped forward, the large double doors sliding as she approached. The layout was different this time, the doors revealing a large central area with four corridors branching off. Isabelle picked a direction and began her walk into the outpost.

A corner was up ahead, and as she approached she pressed herself against the wall, and slowly poked her head around the corner. Nothing.

With her phaser ready, Isabelle rounded the corner and continued along the corridor, her eyes scanning around for any openings or places where a threat could lurk.

Up ahead there was a small recess in the wall. As Isabelle neared it, two figures emerged from a door further ahead. She was about to fire when she realised they were civilians. She was about to call to them, when two more figures emerged, holding weapons. One of the pirates shoved the civilian forward.

Although she had tried to conceal herself, she was spotted. The two pirates grabbed hold of the civilians and pressed their weapons against them. Their voice was a low growl as they spoke.

Holo-Pirate One: Drop your weapon and come out slowly.

Cautiously Isabelle stepped out, knowing she had no other option and didn’t want to risk the civilians. She held her phaser out to her side and dropped it to the floor.

While the first pirate trained his weapon on her, the second pirate approached her. The pirate grabbed hold of Isabelle and pulled her towards the door they had emerged from.

As the pirate shoved Isabelle into the room, one of the civilians seized the opportunity. They thrust an elbow into the first pirate’s stomach, the pirate staggering backwards with a grunt. The second pirate spun around to see what was happening, and Isabelle launched a foot square in the woman’s lower back, causing them to fall to the floor.

Isabelle ran out of the room but was too late. The first pirate had regained their composure and fired at one the civilians, who crumpled to the floor.

Basilia: Computer, restart simulation.

Once again, the scene around her faded, replaced by the outpost’s entrance.

Before she was able to give the next command, a doorway appeared beside her and a figure stepped through.

Anyone: Response

Isabelle nervously bit her lip, her cheeks reddening.

Basilia: Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise. I completely lost track of time.

Anyone: Response

Basilia: Just trying to get in some extra training. Can never be too prepared.

Isabelle had failed on her last mission. Many people got injured under her watch, something that was never supposed to happen. Something that she would do everything to prevent again.

Anyone: Response

Ensign Isabelle Basilia
Security Officer
USS Thor
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I had a note to put this one to appreciations as well, but you beat me to it. I loved reading this. I thought it gave great insight into how the character was dealing with supposed failure during our last mission.

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