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LT. JG. Kammus Corelli - Final entry

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I really liked this final log entry from @Kammus Corelli. A nice fitting end to his time on the Thor.



(( Valhalla Lounge, Deck 5, USS Thor )) Kells: Not at all. I hope I'm not interrupting you. (beat) Just a final look around before I leave. Greaves: The way things are looking, sir, most of us won’t be around to see her sail again.  

Corelli: It’ll be a complete refit for sure. Probably a sub-class.  Both nacelles missing, most of engineering gone.  It’s a big job for sure. Aron shook his head. Kells: No. I know that V'Airu has requested you both, but I'll be on a leave of absence. (beat) You should take the reassignment. Starfleet needs you both out there. Greaves: Response

Corelli: Oh?  Perhaps I’m not cut out for chief engineer after all.  My first ship didn’t exactly come back with engines. Kel:  We'll miss having you aboard Commodore.  ::turning to Greaves and Correlli:: Afternoon Major, Lieutenant.   Greaves: (Nodding politely) Doctor. Kells: Response Kel:  I'm trying to find Ulasso's lost pet, Newton.  So far no luck. V'len worked his way over to the bar and moved behind it scanning with his tricorder.   Greaves: I must have missed the memo about touring the Thor today. Seems there’s a lot of us with unfinished business.   Corelli: Actually I was just collecting the last remnants of my NX-2000 collection. 

Kells: Response Kel: Well if Newt is anything like Ulasso there's a good chance he's at the bottom of a bottle of Saurian Brandy.  (beat) I'm kidding.  There is food back here so he could be hiding out back here. Greaves: Might be worth checking the galley then too if you haven’t already. Kells: Response Kel:  Major I don't think I've had the opportunity to thank you for getting me off that Dominion ship.  (beat) I really can't thank you enough.  I don't think I would have left that corridor without your urging and help.   Kammus moved away slightly at the sound of intimate conversation.  It didn’t make him uncomfortable, he was also a mostly private person and understood the need for discretion. Greaves: Don’t mention it, Lieutenant. I would have done it for anybody. That’s what we do.   Kells: Response Greaves: Maybe we can help find Newt?   Corelli: Yes, I can have a look around what’s left of the engineering section.

Kells: Responses Kel: That would be a very neighborly of you.   Greaves: Well that narrows it down some. Don’t lizards like heat? What about the fusion generators in the impulse engines? Those are about the only things running still that would generate some warmth for the little guy.   Kel:  ::pointing at Greaves:: Good thinking. Corelli: I do have some backup power running in my office, I’ll check once I head that way.

Kells: Responses   Kammus headed towards the exit slowly. Kel:  You know Major.  It strikes me that we both learned the same lesson from all this. Greaves/Kells: Responses Kel began walking to the door, the Major behind him. Kel:  Well, we both learned to think through the unintended consequences of our actions.  I mean you took the Thor into an atmosphere where our sensors didn't work well at a steep angle and the pirates were able to ::gesturing around:: surprise us.  I went to help that man on the Dominion ship and I didn't stop to think about what that being might be capable of and now I'm recovering from my own (beat) "systems crash". Greaves/Kells: Responses

Corelli: Tell me about it.  Kammus turned to hear the end of the conversation.  The look on the majors face suggested that perhaps he did not view the situation in quite the same manner. Kel:  I'm not saying that I'm just saying we both learned to (beat) take that extra second to think things through. Greaves/Kells: Responses Corelli:  Often times in engineering, it’s the exact opposite.  We don’t get a chance to second guess, or think things through.  All the mental work occurs up front.  It can be stressful, in its own way.

Kammus crossed the bulkhead into the corridor.

Greaves/Kel/Kells: Response

Corelli: I’ll be sure to look for any reptilian life signs before I leave the ship.   One other place you might want to check is the umbilical connection ports, they get pretty warm also.  Commodore, Commander, Lieutenant.

He nodded briefly to the group, then turned and left towards the turbolift.


Moments later, he was standing in what used to be his office, digging through broken bulkheads, and bits of hull plating.  He collected the final pieces he was able to find, and turning, tapped on his padd;


"Chief Engineer's log, USS THOR Final entry.  To whatever crew finds the Thor next, warp speed.  We did our best. I am sure that no log entry could prepare anyone for the immense task of rebuilding the Thor, and whatever

systems installed will be fresh and new.   I can offer no solid words of advice, guidance, or technical assistance.  I can say, remember that leadership of engineers is different than that of any other field.  Give engineers a problem,

and let them work on the solution.  Encourage exploration, but don't be afraid of a good dressing down.  Be kind, firm, and expect excellence.  Above all, treat whatever form the Thor takes with great care, and the ship will always bring you home. And if you find the several thousand pieces my NX-2000 teacup is no doubt lying in, please forward to my next post.  I'll probably never see it again. "

Kammus tapped his pad, and laid it on the desk.  He gathered his bag, closed it, unplugged the emergency battery power pack, and stood in the silence.  Six seconds later, he nodded, and left the engineering section for the final time.







LT. JG Kammus Corelli
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Thor 
Writer ID: T239807KC3


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So many feels with this one!

That log entry was perfect.

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