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Lieutenant Valin Dermont - Is Definitely Not Starting to Like this Woman

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I have always enjoyed reading sims by @Valin Dermont and I am so happy to have him back with us. This just shows that our favorite cranky engineer can also be reasonable, and can admit when he was wrong. I loved reading this sim as it just shows great depth of character to me.


((Mission Specialist’s Office, Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka))

{{Time Index: Four Days After Arriving at Shemsh}}

Dermont:  Ye've every right ta give me a good dressin' down, ma'am.  On duty and disrespectful.  Prefer ta just take mah medicine fer it, ma'am…

The two of them just stared at each other for a moment, before Dermont saw something of a...frown, perhaps...cross her features.  It was clear whatever was going on in her mind, she had decided...something.

Rosek-Skyfire: ::pauses:: Valin, I didn’t call you here to dress you down or give you any sort of medicine. There’s more to this situation than your attitude toward me in Engineering. I know that you dislike me and I have a strong suspicion as to why. ::grimaces:: There are days when I think of everything that happened between Toryn and I–and I don’t like myself very much either. 

oO Um, wut... Oo

Whatever he had thought was going to come out of the Al-leyan's mouth, that certainly wasn't it.  He had been dead certain she was about to bring the hammer for his actions in engineering.  What exactly is this?  Vulnerability? Bah!

Rosek-Skyfire: I’m not going to give you a big sob story because firstly, I know we all have our crosses and mine is no heavier than anyone else’s and second, it’s no excuse. 

oO What exactly is happenin' 'ere? Oo

The older engineer had entered the room ready to either take a lashing for as long as he could tolerate or failing that, giving as good as he got before being bounced out of the office on his arse.  He had not been expecting the Lieutenant Commander to try and explain or be relatable.  Dermont was not prepared for the wave of sympathy that suddenly threatened to wash over him.

Dermont: Ma'am, as ya say, we've all got our burdens.  But the lad...e's a deep down romantic.  Seein' the best in all o' those 'e cares 'bout...

oO Which still includes ya, I'd imagine.  Even if it's no longer romantic... Oo

Rosek-Skyfire: ::nods slowly:: I don’t know how much you know about Al-Leyan culture, but essentially, monogamy isn’t a thing for them. I didn’t expect it to bother me as much as it did. I tried to be okay with it–mostly because I really do care about Toryn and I knew that the rejection would hurt him. ::grimaces:: I was a coward, afraid to pull off the bandage, and ended up hurting him even worse by not just being honest.

He couldn't help but frown.  But not at Lael, at himself.  It had happened.  There she went and just made herself all relatable and mortal and prone to mistakes as the rest of us.  The residuals of anger just washed out of him.  Back then she was likely a mess over the whole thing and Dermont had only been on this side, seeing her as some kind of interloper, purposely toying with his friend.  But damn the heart cannot help how the heart feels.

Dermont: I cannot believe I'm sayin' it, but honestly...it's none o' my business, ma'am.  Never was.  I 'ave a tendency o' overreactin' when someone I care 'bout is threatened.  And the past is in the past, eh?  I 'ear both o' ya are very 'appy where you are.  Ya don't need me draggin' ever'body back ta the dead 'orse so we can all keep on beatin' it.  ::Deep breath.::  I'm sorry, ma'am.  As long as ye've the best of intentions fer Toryn now, I'm past it.

oO Never yer place ta be in it ta start with! Oo

oO And I already admitted that, didn't I?! Growth! That's what that is! Oo 

Rosek-Skyfire: ::expression softens:: I do care about Toryn. Whether you believe me or not, I do. I wish more than anything that it could have worked, but it wasn’t fair to either of us. My only regret is that I didn’t realize that sooner.

He leaned forward across the desk and gave her a half-smile.  

Dermont: We're all lost in our feelin's, eh?  Sometimes we're all jumbled up inside.  We lose sight o' reality and just stay lock in our little fantasies.  Our wishful thinkin' and our "could be's."  If I'm bein' 'onest, mine was locked in anger at you because I'd invented a perfect story-book endin' fer a pair o' friends o' mine.

Rosek-Skyfire:  response

Dermont:  ::grins.::  Turns out, they both 'ad their own plans as to what their futures would be like. Nobody even asked ole Dermont 'ow their life was supposed ta end up.  And I o' course was too busy bein' resentful ta just enjoy the time I 'ad with 'em.  Anyhow, I promise ya, ma'am, you need not worry 'bout me.  At least not 'bout this.  I read yer file: more accolades than you can fit on a book-shelf.  A damn fine officer.  And probably second or third best engineer on the ship!

He paused a bit into his chuckle, giving her a glance and seeing if perhaps a joke was "too soon."  Of course, seeing as so far this conversation was drastically different than anticipated, even if it was a little too soon, the fact it could be an option at all was blowing his mind.  Dermont was certain he would need to go have a drink or ten to process today.  

Rosek-Skyfire:  response



Lieutenant Valin Dermont
USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

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