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Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn - Catching the Brunt

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@Bryce Tagren-Quinn is always a consistently great writer, with a thoughtful and calm character. This little conflict, with his doctor's voice and personality shining through and seamlessly interweaving with the tone of the scene, is a delight to read, and I hope to come across other such delightful sims again soon. Thanks for this scene, Kara!


((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Gorkon))
After his conversation with Doctor Namura, Bryce was feeling like a weight had lifted off his shoulders. He hadn’t realized how much he had been hanging onto things, having lived in rumination land a tad too long, but was feeling much better knowing that they had a plan in place to get Tzim-Shah the best possible outcome the medical team could offer.
Tagren-Quinn: As for the prosthetic, I was able to get the first steps in motion but we’ll need to reconnect once a few things line up. I will be connecting with Lieutenant Lephi shortly. I know you have a full, booked day ahead of you so I don’t want to keep you. Let’s plan to reconnect tomorrow regarding next steps. 
He was firm in that answer, his eyes locked onto the Tellarite’s to show that he wasn’t going to budge on the matter. He wasn’t under any illusion that the man wouldn’t just contact her himself. If that was the case, then he would have been forced to take it into an expedited direction.
Tzim-Shah: Hang on there boy, you don't want to tell me something, I smell it. What's the matter, has the damn screw-tightener get cold feet or what?!
Bryce stood, unfazed by the assertiveness of the other man. 
Tagren-Quinn: Not at all, Ensign. It’s a process and we have to…
The Tellarite clipped right through his sentence, his impatience shining through as brightly as Sol herself. 
Tzim-Shah: Look, I don't buy it, there's a catch and you don't want to let it out. Well fine, keep your secrets, but this is why we all think you're all a bunch of wussy butchers.
We? Who was we? Dumbfounded, the doctor watched as the security officer moved off the bio-bed in one adrenaline-driven motion, his face at his a mere nanosecond later. Fangs were dangerously close in a move meant for intimidation but the El-Aurian hybrid didn’t budge or blink. In fact, he exaggerated the few inches he had on the other man, calling upon the primordial instincts and behaviors of his ancient ancestors. He had been stabbed and shot in the ED before, and had the scars to prove it. Punched in the gut and the face. Been pinned against the wall by a Nausicaan, too. 
He had been assaulted, been spit on. Pissed on. 
Did the other man not know what doctors endured for the sake of their patients?
Tagren-Quinn: There’s no catch, Ensign, I assure you. There’s no great conspiracy. But we have to do things by the book. Medical is medical. Things already went rogue once before.
His words hung in the air, a little bit more bitter than he intended them to be. He didn’t add the piece about, “…and see where we are now.” He didn’t want to cause a scene. That is what he was trying to avoid. The Tellarite just mumbled as he struggled to pull his tunic over his head.
Tzim-Shah: Whatever, buddy, I'll figure it out even if I have to contact that crazy woman myself.
Tagren-Quinn: You won’t because I already have a call in. It is a call that we needed to make. It is a step that we, on the medical team, have to take. 
Tzim-Shah: Response
Tagren-Quinn: …and, you are a Starfleet officer, Ensign. And you will listen to your doctor. You will not meddle with this work. I will be in touch once the Lieutenant and I are able to discuss this thoroughly. It is not a conversation that we can have on the fly, right here and now. Do you understand? It is a prosthetic. It is an involved process. If we want to do this right, if you want the possible outcome, you will listen to me this time. 
He stood firm, eyes locked on the Tellarite’s in a bid to impress the importance of this. It wasn’t often that the doctor went this way, but sometimes the individual and the situation called for it. 
Tzim-Shah: Response
Tagren-Quinn: I’m here to help you. We will see you tomorrow for the surgery and we’ll discuss the next steps then. Do you understand? 
Tzim-Shah: Response
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Thank you so much, @Alieth. Honestly, some mad kudos to you for making this so fun, too. You are a stellar writer and always bring your top game, creating such amazing scenes that not only show the depth of your range and ability to construct believable and layered characters, but is so giving to others, too. You. Are. So. Amazing!!! 

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