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Scotty Reade: "Remebering"

Scotty Reade

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Scotty dragged himself through the ship's corridor, sloshing his feet around. His hand was covering his right side of his hip. As he rounded the corner of the deck, he got to his apartment. He dragged himself into his room, and instantly went to the shower to rinse off. All of sudden he passed out from exhaustion. 

As his eyes opened, he noticed that he was now in the med bay. He tried to look around, but his eyes had not adjusted to the lighting in the room. As soon as that happened, he felt a sharp pain radiate from his hip that he was clinching earlier on. After a few more moments his eyes finally adjusted to the med bay. Near the edge of the room he saw a medical officer. 

He shouted “What happened?” 

The doctor responded with “You were injured on an away mission, and you collapsed in your room, and we got alerted by the computer. You also got some severe injuries near your hip”.

Scotty did not remember any of this happening. Did he pass out? Or was his injuries far more worse then what the doctor had told him. 

As the medical officer came around again, he was walking next to the XO Commander Chira. 

“Do you know what happened son?” said Chira

“We were on a survey mission, scouting a “Class M” planet”, said Scotty. 

As he finished his sentence, he drew a blank in his mind. He was thinking that some of the details were starting to come back. Most likely a little brain fog. 

“I have some details, I remember now!” said Scotty. 

“Go on, proceed, we are all ears” said the XO. 

OK, I remember that we had beamed down to the surface of this planet to do some light recon, I remember the weather being really good. Warm and clear skies. For the most part everything was doing good. The only problem that we had was the small issue with the locals that were causing some issues with Starfleet. 

We told them that we were going to cause no harm to them, but they insisted that we were interfering with their planet. Anyways we kept moving on as we rounded the corner, they started chasing us with their phasers. This was the moment where I totally lost track of what was happening. My adrenaline just went into full go go go mode. 

Once we had gotten a good distance from them, a phaser shot grazed my hip. I felt like the shot had missed me, but as we can see now, I was totally wrong.

Luckily, we were able to get a comm signal back up to the ship, and they were able to lock onto our signal. I remember that my leg was now really bad, and I was struggling to walk. I finally was able to hold onto Lt. Polak’s shirt and he made sure that he dragged me to safety. 

We then beamed back up to the ship. I will never forget that day. 

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