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MSNPC Peacekeeper Aparius - Peace through Collaboration

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I saw this sim from @Ulasso and immediately knew I wanted to highlight it in the appreciations thread. Really stand up job of starting up an interesting NPC. Great job man, and thanks for jumping into the character so deeply! I want to see this becoming a recurring character going forward!




(( Bridge, Cenobian Peacekeeping Vessel: L.O.G. Abigor ))

Peacekeeper Aparius was tired and annoyed. This incursion into their space by the Federation vessel had interrupted her from her sleep, where she had been restoring her Cenoxterone levels. She could feel the dwindling amounts of it as she felt herself more prone to irritation, and it was harder to control her emotions. The confrontation with the Federation vessel had released some more of the hormone at the prospect of possibly having to defend the peace through violence, however that had now dissipated. What was worse is that now that the hormone was at low levels, she had no excuse not to have to listen to the telepathic whisperings of the council representative that had been assigned to her ship. Cleric Balberith got on her nerves even on the best of days, and now that the cleric had communicated their present situation to the League of Guardians council, they insisted that Balberith be heavily involved. Balberith was thin, weaker than most Cenobians, and to Aparius signified a pacifist that could not defend peace, nothing more than a coward hiding behind the facade of ideals. That his influence had grown so much spoke to how much the League had fallen lately. Aparius knew her Cenoxterone levels were dangerously low whenever she felt the sudden urge to grab Balberith and throttle him physically.
Aparius had been sent originally at the request of the league as a delegate in response to the Vorta's claim of uniting the worlds in the quadrant for the greater good. For the council, bringing new knowledge and experience into their clans and seeking new opportunities for cooperation was part of the three tenets of their code of honor, and these Vorta seemed to be offering that. In addition, the prospect of a new power that, if the promises were true, could rival the federation, was enticing as well. The Federation was based far away, and joining it would stretch the Cenobians to thin, leaving them unable to protect the peace in the quadrant. In addition, it would be hard to gain significant influence within the organization, and the Council would have to bend to the will and doctrine of StarFleet. This alliance that the Vorta spoke of however, was fledgling. It was the will of the Council that Aparius made sure the Cenobians would have significant influence in its creation, and make sure that part of its founding philosophy was in alignment with the Cenobian code of honor.
Aparus's contemplations were cut short by a telepathic message from her communications officer.
oOIncoming hail from the Vorta, SirOo she heard within her head. Aparius prepared herself to speak verbally, and answered out loud.
Aparius: Onscreen.
The viewscreen flickered, and then cut to a majority view of the  battlecruisers command center, a fairly barren, circular room with standing consoles on the walls. It was filthy compared to Aparius's bridge. oOA clean bridge leads to peace of mind. Peace of mind leads to peaceful words. Peaceful words lead to collaboration. Collaboration leads to peace.Oo She muttered the mantra to herself to calm her mind at the sight of the battlecruiser's command center.  A small part in the upper right of the viewscreen also showed the StarFleet Commodore, V'Airu that Aparius had been talking with not long ago. From what Aparius knew, StarFleet had invaded their territory and committed an act of aggression there. Cenobians were relentless against those who would disturb the peace.  oOI would kill everyone aboard that StarFleet ship if it meant keeping the peaceOo she thought to herself. She realized once again her Cenoxterone levels were low and making her irritable. She needed to center her mind again. oOPeace of mind leads to peaceful words. Peaceful words lead to collaboration. Collaboration leads to peace.Oo
In the command center, Aparius saw a haggard looking group of StarFleet officers along with the Vorta and...a Founder? That was interesting. It would seem that had been the Vorta's latest mission, and it had been successful, but not without the cost of an encounter with StarFleet.
Greaves: (Angrily) We're here. Will you transport our injured crew back now?  
Vorta: Transport them back.
Aparius watched as the StarFleet crew was transported away, and then introduced herself. She wanted to make it known she was here to be part of this discussion, not a bystander.
Aparius: Warriors at Peace. I am Peacekeeper Aparius. I represent the Cenobian League of Guardians.
Greaves/Basilia: Responses
V'Airu: Responses
Vorta: As you suggested, and in good faith. Now, will you hear my entreaty? It concerns you, you see. Or, rather, the Federation -- and its intellectual child, the United Dominion of Planets.
Aparius had been told of a new alliance, however she hadn't heard of this name before. Annoyance entered her mind once again that they were not consulted. "The League of United Plants" or "The United Guardians of Planets" sounded much better to her.
The Lost One: Response
Greaves/Basilia: Responses
oORemember, you are one mistake from a dishonorable discharge. Don't screw this up.Oo The words of Cleric Balberith slithered into Aparius's head. She almost physically shuddered when she heard the hissing of the man's voice through their telepathic link. She didn't digify him with a response, this was no time to bring up that...incident. It was because of that unfortunate event that Balberith had been assigned to her ship to make sure she stayed in line. She hated the man. She was a Peacekeeper, she didn't need a babysitter. The council had swept her recent mission results under the rug due to her exemplary military service career.  She knew it would be just as embarrassing, if not more for them if the truth came out. She had felt she had done no wrong. Peacekeepers were authorized to keep the peace at any means. She admitted, sure, that her Cenoxterone levels had been low at the time, however she thought the council's response to her supposed transgression had been a bit severe.
Aparius: Peace through collaboration is our goal. If this United Dominion of Planets can bring this to this Quadrant, we would wish to be a part of it.
V'Airu: Response
OOC: I followed the wiki page on Cenobians when crafting this character, however it wasn't all inclusive so I took some liberties e.g. naming conventions. If this is not acceptable, please disregard them and let me know. 
Also, not advancing the story much in this one. This was more of an introduction for the character and wanted to see how the conversation went first between the two main parties..
Peacekeeper Aparius
Commanding Officer  L.O.G. Abigor




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You beat me to it!  Completely agreed on this, well done indeed!

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Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this character. Looking forward to simming for some other NPC type characters in the future.

Edited by Ulasso
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