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Aine Sherlock: Those Little Moments

Lt Aine Olive Sherlock

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How many times in my life have I ruined the moment simply by opening my mouth? Too many to count. This time, things will be different.

I walk up quietly as she stands there staring out the window deep in thought. Gently I place my hands upon her shoulders and give them a gentle squeeze. I pull myself in closer so my face just touches her hair and I breathe in. That scent. The one only a woman’s hair produces. As I firmly wrap my arms around her shoulders and pull her in close, her hands move to mine. I squeeze as I nuzzle up to her ear and breathe out gently. Though I can’t see her face, I can feel her smile. It’s clear in my mind, you could never mistake it for anything else as her face shines when it appears.

We sway in unison as if our song is playing. Time no longer exists at this moment. I feel in my chest, her silent laugh. Is she recalling a similar time? Maybe even one where I spoke too soon.

She turns to face me and wraps her arms behind my neck, my hands at the small of her back. I lean my forehead against hers. My fingers spread and then close, the folds of her shirt filling them. I savor the moment as I know it can’t last forever.

I open my eyes as I lean back, still pulling her hips close to mine. “Are you ready?” she asked me.

Why stop here? I wonder to myself. I tell her, “No.”

“Well, that’s just too damn bad.”

She placed her hands on my chest, separating us by just a step. Is it anticipation? Something builds inside me. Her smile transforms into a grin, sly and devious. Her arms cross as she grips the hem of her shirt and begins to lift. Time is moving slowly. My fingers feel what hers feel. She lifts, her hair falls gently in slow motion. Her hand reaches out towards me. “Thanks for doing the laundry.”

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”

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