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Planning for permanent USS Resolution memorial underway

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DEEP SPACE 224 — The Commercial Sector Merchants’ Association has appointed a special committee to gather input and develop recommendations for a lasting memorial to those who perished in the destruction of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145).

“With a permanent memorial, we hope to remember those who lost their lives, honour those heroes who inspired us with their bravery, and provide a place of quiet reflection for those whose lives changed forever,” said Brooks Landry, proprietor of Babbling Brooks Spa and the chairperson of the committee.

Destroyed in October 2398, the Resolution was a frequent visitor to Deep Space 224. Its crew, working to prevent Suliban extremists from hijacking a Genesis device, crashed the ship into a planetoid with the device aboard.

Thirteen Resolution crew members lost their lives in the disaster, as well as one Starfleet Intelligence operative who had infiltrated the Suliban group. Within hours of the news reaching the station, residents, business owners, and crew erected a makeshift memorial in a vacant storefront on the promenade.

Comprising thousands of flowers, cards, and other mementoes, the temporary memorial has since become the most visited site in the station’s commercial sector.

“The outpouring of grief has been palpable,” said Subway Sam, Commercial Sector proprietor and secretary of the memorial committee. “We want to preserve as many of the donated items as possible and incorporate them into the permanent memorial.”

The committee will hold monthly open forums to solicit opinions about the memorial’s location, appearance, and content. Those wishing to offer public comments may also submit them in writing before each forum.

“We invite any person who was impacted by the destruction of the Resolution to take part in developing the memorial, whether or not you live on Deep Space 224,” said Landry.

Station residents are largely in favour of a permanent memorial, which comes as little surprise given the frequency of the Resolution’s visits to Deep Space 224 and the close working relationships between the two crews. “I thought I lost someone very dear to me on that ship,” said security officer Lt. Tina Kuppasoop. “Sure, he survived, but many of his crewmates didn’t. Every time I walk by the temporary memorial, I am reminded of their sacrifice.”

Initial proposals ranged from a plaque or obelisk installed on the promenade to setting aside a section of the garden in the station’s arboretum. The committee hoped to recruit some of the station’s Starfleet crew and Resolution survivors, to gain a wider diversity of input and to advise on the most appropriate tone for the project.

The next open forum will take place next Friday at 1330 hours in the Conference Room on Deck 120.

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