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Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn - "Bad mistakes, I've made a few, I've had my share of s*** kicked in my face, but I've come through"

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Posting the whole sim here instead of posting half of it in the quotes thread. Fantastic writing of a spiraling scientist, funny and elegantly written as always! Cheers @Bryce Tagren-Quinn!


((Cordina Valley, Mindirra Mountain Range, Palanon))

The environment was just what everyone needed after such a trying mission. Mountains, a pristine valley and a lake to soothe battle wounds. Many warriors would immerse themselves in nature as a means to heal.

In fact, there was sufficient medical evidence that showed that nature immersion decreased blood pressure, stress, and so on.


Out of the group, the two that Bryce knew best were Lieutenants Sirin and Tahna, though he didn’t exactly know them. He had hoped that this trip would not only help to help them all unwind, including himself, but also forge friendships that would help build community. That community would allow them to become resilient in the face of any future events.

And, from what he had heard from the group regarding the Gorkon herself… yeah.

Tahna though… they were in somewhat close proximity, setting dishes atop a tarp near the campfire.  He wracked his brain on what to call her. Lieutenant? Was that too formal in this setting? They weren’t exactly friends quite yet (maybe on the cusp?), so he felt a little awkward in addressing her by her Bajoran given name.

They did however face the possibility of death together on deck 8.

Tahna: Tahna, or Meru, either is fine. ::Smiling.:: Anyone who survives ghosts and explosions with me can use my given name.

He smiled and rotated around slightly at the sound of the Adonis-looking Trill man’s voice. The man with the arms that seemed bigger than his own thighs.

Tan: ::Nodding in agreement:: Yeah. Just Serren is fine for everyone. Especially now! We're here to relax!

Indeed they were. The jovial man was wise.

Tagren-Quinn: Have you read or done any studies on the local wildlife and plant life here? I just saw a group of what looked like birds, at least by Earth standards, and it’s driving me bonkers because I don’t recall seeing anything about it in my pre-trip reading. I wonder if they were introduced?

Honestly, he was going to ask Tahna how she was getting along since the mission but he didn’t want to come across too personal or prying. The fact that she was here and smiling was enough to let him know that she was likely getting along just fine.

Still, the last mission had been quite the tribulation for the lot of them. And, Serren’s comment about relaxing was indeed true.

They all needed a reprieve.

Sirin: Exobiology was part of my double major, but I haven’t really read much about wildlife here. I’m interested in what types of fish we will find. ::turns to Stoyer:: Would you care to join me on my hunt for dinner?

Green eyes focused on the other El-Aurian hybrid doctor and Bryce couldn’t help but pause a moment, smiling internally that there was some peace emitting from her. It was a vague impression but a good and promising one.

Fishing would prove to be such a great activity. Though, a part of him reverted back to days of old. Were the fish protected? Were there any laws about catching and releasing? He reasoned that Starfleet would not have likely permitted them if that was the case, and would have educated them pre-trip of any warnings.

This location hosted a lot of other visitors though. His thoughts then quickly pivoted, twisting into environmental clean-up. With increased traffic came increased issues in that realm. What about potential contaminants in the water that would lead to issues of bioaccumulation, traveling through trophic levels and… biomagnification? Was it safe to eat the fish?

Were there versions of algal blooms, with toxins that may…


Maybe he would just test the fish discreetly with a tricorder before they dined on them. He needed to quiet his mind or else it would go warp speed into journal article land.  

Abstracts only, please.

Stoyer: Sure, I will go with you to help caught some dinner. Let’s gather the gear.

Sirin: :: to Tagren-Quinn:: I’ve read that there are large fish similar to Terran snakeheads. Apparently they mimic walking on land and can survive for two days out of water. A most interesting specimen, if one could find it amongst the shore’s debris.

That sort of reminded him of some amphibious creatures he encountered on an outpost.

Tagren-Quinn: Oh that does sound interesting. Please, take some snaps if you come across anything. I would be most interested in reviewing your findings.

Tahna: I was more focused on the plants than the Aves, honestly. Did you know there’s a species of cyan fungus in the mountains that bloom once every sixty years?

Bryce twisted around and raised his eyebrows at Tahna who handed him a refreshing cup of tea. He just smiled and silently nodded in thanks.

Tagren-Quinn: That… oh wow, I would like to see that too!

Bloom every sixty years?! The longevity alone…

Stoyer: After you.


Tan: Good luck! Hope they're biting!

And, with that, the red-haired Sirin and the man in flannel, Stoyer, were off with their fishing gear. Bryce watched after them for a moment before turning towards Serren, who was cooking up a storm. He was impressed with how at ease he was with it especially given the primitive setting.

The doctor’s mind continued to trail off though, enchanted by the prospects, of the treasure trove this place held. All the biotic and abiotic relationships, the mesic forest, and the untold geological history that helped to influence it all. He thought about the notebook in his pack and got sucked in it all before a soft voice brought him back to the present.

Tahna: I would love to see it bloom, I guess we’ll just have to come back in forty years.

It took him a moment before he realized that the Bajoran woman was sitting on the ground near the campfire with her arms wrapped around her legs. The scene was enough to pull him out of his trance and concern etched across his youthful features. In forty years he’d look about the same, most likely. But, this wasn’t about that. There was something lingering in the undercurrents of the woman’s words and he wondered…

Tan: ::Whistling appreciatively,:: Forty years. Wow. It really takes that long?

Tagren-Quinn: Yeah… sometimes longer for some species.

Maybe it wasn’t the best thing to say and he regretted it as soon as it tumbled from his mouth. He really had a way with words sometimes. He glanced between the two. She then took a drink and twirled a blade of grass between her fingers before speaking once again.

Tahna: How are you two doing? After…everything.

There was a bit of silence which was broken by the other man’s voice.

Tan: I uh... I miss Jona. ::He stirred the cooking lunchmeal slowly, then the rice too, making sure it didn't stick to the edges.:: "Palling around on Palanon" was our thing. We spent almost a whole shore leave seeing the sights and we barely got to see a quarter of everything... a quarter of a quarter. He would have loved to be here.

Bryce nodded, sliding his hands into his pockets and focusing his attention to the ground, to a rock. He had met Jona, albeit briefly, and was saddened to hear of his departure as well.

Tagren-Quinn: Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to get the Commander too well but, from my brief interaction with him, I found him to be a top-notch officer. He led our team on deck 8 with much composure and determination.

As for himself, how he was doing? Work got him through. It always did. That something to focus on always got him through.

Tagren-Quinn: What about you, Tahna? How… how are you?

He sat down a few feet from her, ran a hand through his hair and offered a warm smile.

Tahna: Response

Tan: Heard your second part of the mission was a real, uh... doozy. ::Stirring quietly.:: By all accounts you both did great. Sure to wrack up an impressive haul at the next awards ceremony.

That was really kind of him to say and he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about it.

Tagren-Quinn: I… just doing my part. Always wish I could do more.

Like almost leaving some people behind, one of which was in the throes of labor. If he was thrust back into the situation, would he have made the same call, the same recommendations? The answer -  a resounding yes - wasn’t always going to be a popular one.

Tahna: Response 

It was when Serren went to taste the concoction he was cooking did Bryce catch a whiff of familiar spices. It caught him off guard – but honestly, it shouldn’t have.

Tan: Want to talk about it? No pressure if you'd rather just sit by the fire and talk about something else.

By all accounts, the food smelled amazingly good. And…

Too much. The logical part of his brain reasoned, though the primitive part kicked up a flight response.

Tagren-Quinn: I’m… I think I might, uh, take a moment.

He looked to his company apologetically and rose to his feet, brushing off the dirt and grass from his pant legs.

Tahna/Tan: Response

Tagren-Quinn: Yeah, I’m okay. I’m sorry. I think… I think I’m going to write down some observational notes before I forget them. I’ll be right back for lunch though. It... smells delicious.

Tahna/Tan: Response

With a weak smile and a faint wave, he was off trudging to his tent with his hair lifting some by the light breeze. His hands moved around hastily in his belongings until the notebook and pen emerged. When he had those in hand, he made a beeline to the trailhead to gain some distance. He would have to apologize to them again later, perhaps even offer an explanation. The spices were a reminder of a different time and, on any other day or moment, perhaps he would have been stronger about it.

Focus. Plants. Medicine.

There was a strange wooden sign attached to a wooden post at the trail’s entrance. Along its surface was scripting burned in that he didn’t understand but there was a touchscreen under it for a hiker to tap in their language preferences. Spiffy.

And, whoa, a rather large shadow casting down from above. Circling, almost menacingly.

Shielding his eyes, Bryce glanced up only to witness a deluge of…

Tagren-Quinn: Shhhhiiii---

…expelled contents from a species of bird, falling from the sky. The young doctor stepped back with great speed and agility, narrowly missing the massive explosion and nearly laughing in shock and at the absurdity. It felt like a metaphor about the current state of things.

His fingers pinched the bridge of his nose and just shook his head.



Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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