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Darryk Dresa, hero of Cardassian liberation, dead at 67

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LAKARIAN CITY, CARDASSIA PRIME — Cardassian military and civilians alike are mourning the loss of Derryk Dresa, who daringly destroyed a weapons facility prior to the Jem’Hadar invasion in 2375. Dresa’s death comes just weeks before the twenty-third anniversary of the destruction of Lakarian City.

The operation, shrouded in heavy secrecy for nearly ten years, was finally revealed in late 2384 and given the remembrance it deserved on its tenth anniversary.

“While it was not a turning point for the established military supplies of the Dominion,” said Nirat Kalett, Press Secretary for the Detapa Council, “it aided in Cardassian liberation, was a rallying cry for freedom from Dominion rule, and should not be forgotten.”

As part of Legate Damar’s Cardassian Liberation Front, Dresa and her team destroyed a munitions factory in the city of Lakat in a daring underground mission. Dresa survived to tell their story, albeit under the weight of eight hundred million dead friends, family, and colleagues.

When interviewed in 2385 for the tenth-anniversary commemorations, Dresa said, “It was an incredible feat of courage on the part of our team. Without coming under fire, we slipped past the Dominion defences and caused the maximum amount of collateral damage in a short time. Sadly, the drawback was that we were too far from Lakarian City to aid our people [in the invasion].”

Unable to reach the factory by conventional means, the team performed an orbital skydive from an atmospheric shuttlecraft, penetrating the defences of the heavily defended factory from above. Their orders were to destroy the composition materials and computer data core, taking out as many containers of fabricated devices as possible.

“It was a last-minute decision, to take out the factory in one,” Dresa explained in the 2385 interview. “Originally, the plans were to ensure the data core was the first to go, but our explosives expert decided to expand the plan and use the plant against them.”

How they escaped the explosion is an enigma that lingers twenty-three years after the daring act, as all surviving members of the team have remained silent out of respect to those who made it possible.

In honour of the twenty-third anniversary of the destruction of Lakarian City, the Detapa Council has commissioned the Cardassian Institute of Art to develop the story into a holo-novel, with publication intended to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary in 2400.

Speaking of the forthcoming holo-novel, Kalett said, “It is the hope of the Detapa Council that this small gesture, and more observances to come, will keep the memory of Lakarian City alive for generations.”

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