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Lt. JG V'Len Kel - Open up mouth insert foot

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((Transporter Room 1, Deck 7, USS 'Oumuamua ))

According to the Oumuamua's EMH, V'Len Kel did not have medical privileges in the Oumuamua's sickbay.  The EMH had rather begrudgingly allowed him to make limited recommendations for their care.  The EMH had not been particularly impressed with Kel's salt/silica treatment which V'Len thought any other medical officer would have been.  

Fortunately the EMH was all too happy to work with the Thor's medical staff who had mostly arrived from escape pods unscathed.  They had been willing to feed Kel information and keep him apprised of  everyone's progress.  He had to admit the sickbay of the Oumuamua was very impressive. He hoped commander Hartman or Commodore V'Airu would permit him to utilized the facility, especially on some of the more difficult cases such as crewman Darby.  

V'Len had taken some down time which he knew was important.  Now he found himself in a situation he had not expected.  The Oumuamua was chasing down the warship which had abducted Commodore Kells in the hopes of getting Aron back.  Ideally they would simply transport him off the ship to safety, but as a backup Greaves had put together a boarding party at V'Airu's behest and he had been specifically requested.  

Recent history had shown that V'Len and Greaves did not have a flawless relationship.  In fact they tended to rub each other the wrong way.  Now, as he watched Greaves get his marines psyched up for a rescue, Kel was working overtime to make sure he watched what he did and said.  

Greaves: Thanks for coming down so quickly everyone. I don't know how much time we have before go-time so we're gonna cover this quick. We're going after Commodore Kells. Personally.

The Marines nodded or grunted their approval and determination to get the job done.  Kel could not help but be impressed at their willingness to throw themselves into harm's way.  

Kel: ::nodding support:: oO I hope Corelli can get those transporters to work. Oo

Brodie/Basilia: Response

 Greaves: Commodore V'Airu has us on an intercept course with the ship that took the skipper. The Oumuamua's got the advantage, but in a straight up fight the outcome is far from clear. Especially since we need to get our Commodore off that ship before it runs or blows up. Lieutenant Commander Hartmann is leading a team to find a way to transport through the Dominion shields. Ideally, we get that puzzle piece solved, find Kells on sensors, then beam him right here.  

Wes paused, looking across the three faces before him.

Greaves: You can tell by what I'm wearing how confident I am that will work out.  

Indeed Greaves was kitted out in his finest marine fatigues with armor and weapons at the ready.  Kel himself had chosen a uniform with pockets for extra supplies.  He had a phaser on one hip with his ice knife on the other.  He also carried his Medkit with all the supplies he hoped he would need to get through the ordeal.  

Kel: So if we can't bring the commodore to us we go to him?

Brodie/Basilia: Response

Greaves: That's where we come in. If for some reason we can't get Kells off with transporters we go in instead. We're going to board the Dominion ship, find the skipper, then beam off with transport tags. I know everyone gets basic combat training at the Academy, but this is no basic mission. Basilia and I are trained for this, (pause, glancing at Kel and Brodie) but you two aren't. I need to know right now if you can handle this. No judgment if you say no. I just can't be going in there with extra liabilities.

The "labilities" remark had to be aimed at him.  Kel knew Brodie was a veteran of numerous dangerous missions and he kept his eye in on the phaser range.   Kel knew he need to choose his works carefully to assure Greaves he would be a useful member of the team.

Kel:  Not to worry major.  Remember half of me was a security officer before my accident.  My training will kick in when it's needed.  (beat) Besides I'm primarily here to make sure to make sure we get out of whatever you lead us into.

Well so much for carefully chosen words.  

Basilia/Brodie/Greaves: Response

Kel:  ::nervously::  I'm so sorry Major that came out all wrong.  I was merely trying to say that my role is to provide medical support where it's needed.  (beat) Especially for Aron when we find him.  

Basilia/Brodie/Greaves: Response

Kel's antennae were once again twitching and he decided to beat a retreat over to the transporter pad.  

Kel:  Why don't I just wait over here quietly?

Basilia/Brodie/Greaves: Response

Lieutenant JG V’Len Kel
Medical Officer
USS Thor (NCC-82607)
He/Him (character and player)


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