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Senior Cmdr Nugra - Regrets (LONG)


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(( Resplendent Ascendance ))

When he materialized in the transporter room of the Dryarian vessel, he was met by the humanoid with larger eyes, violet hued skin and for the lack of a better word, a sleek appearance. Nugra had recognized him immediately as a Dryarian male though it had been too long for him to recognize the rank on the sleeves of his tunic.

Tinik: Ambassador Nugra.

Nugra: It's Senior Commander. I no longer hold an Ambassador position with the Federation.

Tinik: I see. Senior Commander. Who do you represent now?

Nugra: The Gorn Confederation, my people. I am not a citizen of the Federation. I'm here as an exchange capacity.

Tinik: ::nods:: The Arda awaits you. I am ship master Tinik. I shall lead you to her.

Through the gentle sloping corridors and soft floors, what the Dryarians lacked in ships and size, they made up with quality. If someone thought a Federation vessel was high standard living had never been on a Dryarian vessel. The Gorn was finally led to a room which the door swished open with a puff of air. Stepping in, he glanced around the oval room with a bay window facing out into space. Gauzy curtains were pulled back and the trickle of a water fountain could be heard somewhere in the room.

Turning from her marble like table, the young woman broke into a soft smile and stood, the folds of her robes falling and straightening as she glided over to him.

Iria: Thank you for coming so quickly.  I was not sure after our quick meeting if you'd be able to come. I apologize for turning down the quarters offered aboard ship but my security is very loath of letting me out of their site when we have no formal standing with the Federation.

Nugra: Quite alright Arda Iristi.

Iria reached down and took his clawed hand in her two and smiled gently at him.

Iria: ::softly:: You can call me Iria.

Emotion clawed at Nugra's throat. The years they had been separated showed him how much of a monster he had been to her. Turning his war orphan at the Battle of the Singularity in to a weapon of war.

(( FLASHBACK - 2384 - Peska Alora ))
OOC: Original Fic I wrote in 2014

The giggles and laughter woke Nugra up from his idle nightmare and he quickly located Iria. She was running around with a couple village children wielding sticks. He relaxed and watched them play happily. The taking of the Dragon’s Claw had been hell, the teams had been originally pinned down, but it only succeeded because of the young girl running about and playing. Iria had developed a method of hamstringing attacking Gorn troops by racing and bobbing around them while strike at their heels with her knives. She had gotten to good. The sound of her laughter as she cut them made him shiver. Though she was seventeen in age, her mental age was much younger. All she had known was war and blood.

oO What have I done? Oo

Coming back had put in to light how much of a monster he had become. How could he have done so much to such an innocent girl whose world was caught in the crossfire? Iria had become an excellent killing machine. A little murderess that delighted in destroying the enemy.

The doors of the monastery creaked open and immediately the kids took off running. Iria instead turned, brandishing her stick ready for a fight.

Nugra: ::softly:: Iria, come.

Immediately, the girl was by his side ready to strike. Four women wearing elaborate dresses of scarlet with violet trimming, their faces were obscured from the veils across their faces. They approached with a graceful, but a walk full of purpose. The exquisite decoration spoke of their years of tradition and dedication to their creed. The people of Peska Alora were used to them, but to strangers unfamiliar with the outer rim of the galaxy, they would have found them strange and obsolete.

Iria: Father. They are trained. How do we proceed?

Nugra: We don’t. Stand down, daughter.

His words caught her by surprise and she broke her gaze to look at him for some sign of his meaning. She obeyed though without hesitation.

Nun: The celestial mother sends you her greetings, Nugra son of Moong.

Nugra bowed his head to the leader and placed his left hand on his heart.

Nugra: and I accept them with open heart, sister.

The Gorn could not see the expression from under her veil, but even if he could see her face, their thoughts and decisions were enigmatic.

Nun: The celestial mother has reviewed your request and has accepted. She has also accepted your offer in trade. We shall take her now.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Nugra watched Iria’s expression and to her credit, she understood what they meant. Her curiosity changed to hatred and she dashed forward with a battle shriek. From under her tunic, she drew a Gorn Slish'Kot and it flashed out towards the throat of the lead sister in a blur of silver. It was met by a small, decorative blade and easily deflected. Two of the other sisters stepped forward and intercepted Iria’s erratic and ferocious blade. Together they cornered her, batted her weapon from her hand and subdued her. Iria found herself caught in an interlocking hold that pinned her arms behind her back and placed pressure on her spin.

Iria: ::Shrieking:: Father! Help me!

A darkness descended on Nugra’s heart as he did something he knew would damned him for the rest of his life. He turned and began to walk away.

Nugra: Father? FATHER!

The Gorn heard the agonizes screams of his daughter as the Sisters of Conscience and Fidelity began to drag her to the monastery doors.

Iria: ::sobbing:: DADDY! Daddy! Please save me!

Tears welled up in Nugra’s eyes as his continued to walk down the path away from the estate. The doors thundered shut and silence descended on his walk. He had just betrayed the one he loved to those who could help her become a proper member of society. His love for her had burned any chance of being loved back ever again. The betrayal was complete. He had become a monster.


Here Iria stood though. A grown woman, much more mature than she had been when he last saw her. When Nugra stepped down from command of the USS Victory years ago, he had lost track of her. He heard rumors she was on Starbase 118 and then vanished. He found her in the Gamma Quadrant with the Dryary.

Iria: Will you be okay?

Nugra: There is...a lot of emotion right now that I'm trying to process.

Iria: That is okay. There is a lot.

Nugra: Why are you here, Iria? You said you were going to stay with the Dryary.

Iria: There are some things I need to do and tell you before that.

There was a hint of sadness in her voice that he was not quite sure what it was. He tilted his head in a way she was familiar with and the smile came back.

Iria: But not now. Will you provide me a tour of the Starbase and your new posting?

Nugra: ::smiling:: Sure. Come with me.

PNPC Senior Commander Nugra
Intelligence Officer
USS Constitution-B

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