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Lieutenant Commander Kero Rix - Lost Time is Never Found Again


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@Jo Marshall gives us here a perfect sample of a sim with humour, action, excellent timing and some of the most mouthful bajoran sayings and proverbs I have ever read. Wonderful, fun and thrilling, you set the bar sky-high with this one, girl!


((Deck 8, USS Gorkon))


As the communication dropped, Rix was sure he heard heavy breathing through the connection, though it didn't sound like it was the calm, relaxed sort that came with being on the brink of losing life to a rampaging hull rupture. 


Kero: =/\= Good job we didn't pack up and leave when we had the chance. Have we got the ability to spin up the power again for another transport? =/\=


The young doctor nodded in agreement.


Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=


Rix waited for a second, then glanced towards the tricorder in Tahna's hands, and then again at the wall nearest to them. Solid as the bulkhead was, it was thicker than most others on board the ship and meant to confine issues should the physics lab have problems with the collider. However, it wasn't impenetrable. 


Kero: =/\= If they're on the other side of the wall, could we cut through to them? =/\=


Tahna: =/\= Would it further compromise the structural integrity of this section? =/\=


Structural integrity of the ship, of their section at the forefront of his mind, it also whirred with the possibility—or improbability—of getting their crew out of the burned down physics lab before they all exploded in a hazy spark shower. Neither was he keen on having to explain why the very pregnant Romulan assistant chief of science had been jettisoned out into space. 


However, that wasn't a call he could make either. Shoring up the walls required an engineering brain manifest within their Ferengi engineer. 


Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=


Tahna: =/\= If we cut through here, we still have to get them back to medbay or triage in the brig, preferably without crawling the whole way through Jefferies Tubes, since we’re not sure of their condition. =/\=


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Yes, that would be preferable. Depending on their injuries, which we are unable to fully detect at this time, physical movement could cause more harm. However, if we are comparing additional injuries that might require more medical attention over the possibility of death… =/\=


The doctor trailed off at the thought but it wasn't as if it hadn't been a shared one. 


Kero: =/\= Physical injuries we can cure with Starfleet magic are something I'm willing to consider over death, at any given moment. ::The deepening frown on his brow, however, suggested otherwise.:: We need to get them out, one way or another. =/\=


Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=


Tahna: =/\= Could we deploy a workbee to clear the blocked section of the corridor? Or, if that isn’t fast enough, what if we use the transporters to only cover small distances at a time, like beaming from one side of the blockage to the other? =/\=


Rix shook his head. Getting a workbee down there fast enough to do anything about it at all would be near to impossible, given the amount of debris now floating around that section of the ship on the outside. There would be significant damage done, and detritus alone would make the journey treacherous for any one of the technicians, whether they were a hotshot pilot or not. 


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Transporters would be ideal for a variety of reasons – timing, injuries, speed- ::he ticked off his fingers, a little lost in thought::… but we’d need a clear shot. Would we be able to guarantee it? We have their life signs and compared them but the situation is fluid. =/\=


Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=


It was then that the dark-haired scientist turned to face their doctor, with all the gravity of expression a fellow Bajoran could muster. The doctor threw a quizzical look back her way as Tahna explained. 


Tahna: =/\= It is possible Lieutenant Sienelis is in labor. =/\=


Blinking in the headlights, as was the human saying, the doctor looked around at Rix and Lephi for a split second before consulting his PADD. Likely the manifest of the crew and their known medical conditions, if Rix took a stab in the dark, and the doctor confirmed it a second later. 


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Yes… =/\=


Kero: =/\= Which, as you can imagine, complicates the extraction process slightly. While she is in the midst of her extraction process. =/\=


Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=


The look on the Doctor's face suggested his thoughts were whirring past faster than a lightship in the high wind heading back for ratamba stew at the dockyard. 


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= What if-what if…  Is there a possibility of transporting some of that debris out of here and then erecting the containment fields to support the wall integrity? We could probably get a more solid lock on that inanimate matter and it would remove the dilemma of ensuring we have a solid lock on their life signs from the equation. =/\=


Rix felt his brow crease evermore, thinking through the suggestion with as much brainpower as he could muster, for the duranja lamps to flick on. Getting a fix on equipment would be significantly easier to do and could negate some of the issues they were having in obtaining a solid lock on the two individuals still encased therein. 


Kero: =/\= Beming it out into space, you mean. Kick out anything that resembles metal or components, and hope it doesn't mistake the Vulcan for a computer. =/\=


Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= If we can clear it out, that debris and hold it together long enough to get them out… is it possible? Do we have enough power and time to do that? =/\=


Hope, the rarely satisfied emotion, sprang forth on the doctor's features as if he'd managed to tap into the well of it and let it run free. Another of the Bajoran sayings floated through RIx's mind as he narrowed his dark eyes in thought — every curse becomes a prayer eventually.


Kero: =/\= Power, yes. Time, we'll have to move quickly. ::Renewed hope imbued like a lightning rod. Rix glanced to Tahna and Lephi in turn,:: Tahna, can you refine the life sign scans with the Doctor as close as you can get it, and Lephi, let's get the power up as high as we can. As Tahna said, everybody survives today. =/\=


Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=


Working from the same equipment as their engineer, Rix brought up the transporter controls as their Doctor flashed the deck layout on the display monitor. It would be close, it would be within a hair's breadth of being one with the universe, but if luck was on their side, they might actually pull it off. 


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Looking at this deck, we can map out what we need to carve and compare it to updated life signs scans from myself and Lieutenant Tahna to ensure our shot in the dark is as accurate as possible. =/\=


Kero: =/\= Loading in the variable composition of equipment in the labs, filtering out for bio-active elements… =/\=


Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=


Time was an interesting concept; one universally experienced and yet, slipped through the fingers so very easily. Every species had a name for it, had a way of measuring the way that it passed in quantity and had a way of determining if they had experienced too much time or too little. The trouble with time was everyone thought they had enough. 


Fingers flew over the control panel, mapping out the various pieces of the destroyed laboratory they could get a transporter lock on, and verify to be parts of the demolished laboratory instead of their charges. Power input increased to thirty-seven, reduced as the molecular imagining scanners verified it wasn't a person, then transported it outside of the vessel. How that would play out in the near future, only time would tell. 


Kero: =/\= We're chipping through it. Last of the large pieces heading out of the door in three, two, one… =/\=


Lephi/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=


The rumbling of the deck beneath their feet resumed. Though the strain on the support beams within the physics lab had been lifted, what had presumably shifted to keep the deck in place was now gone, leaving the deck vulnerable to falling into the deck below once more. Metal shearing against metal, the slow creep and crawl of the cracks in the support lending their noise to the symphonic harmony. 


Despite the dogged determination riding high on the Bajoran, Rix couldn't help the cold sweaty feeling crawling down his back that they would be too late to save them. 


Kero: =/\= Can we get the containment field in place? =/\=


Lephi/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=


Kero: =/\= Spinning up the transporter… Pattern buffer and backup initialized. ::He looked to the Doctor and the Scientist, the tag team of the life sign report.:: You're sure you've got them? =/\=


Lephi/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=


Confident in their work, he looked over to Lephi. Now was the time. Do it or die. Get them or not. Another choice wasn't in their stars. Another chance would see them draining the containment shields for the required power output. 


Kero: =/\= Frequency locked at one-six-two-point-nine Gigahertz. Beginning dematerialization cycle. =/\=


Rix—heart pounding, sweat dripping, muscle clenching—held his breath.


Lephi/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=




Lieutenant Commander Kero Rix

Deputy Chief Operations Officer

USS Gorkon


simmed by


Commander Jo Marshall

First Officer

USS Gorkon, NCC-82293



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