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Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Feel Free To Bug Me Anytime"

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I am loving this scene @Yael and @Alora DeVeau!


((First Officer DeVeau’s Office - Starbase 118 Ops))


Sometimes there were some big downsides to being a first officer.  Disciplining another officer was one of them . While she had finally over the course of the year and three months gotten settled into the roll, that didn’t mean that particular aspect was easy.  Tito wasn’t a *bad* officer, but he had some unpleasant qualities that affected his job.  And when those affected his job, they needed to be changed.  Would they?  Only time would tell, and it was all up to him.  She could order him to do certain things, attend counselling, dole out punishments, but ultimately, he decided where he went from there.  She sincerely hoped he had an epiphany and breakthrough that would enable him to be an even better officer.  


The unpleasantness had barely ended when the doors parted again, but that time, someone completely different entered.  This someone was the cyborg that she had met only recently.  While Tito’s situation hadn’t been the greatest, she wouldn’t take it out on the new arrival, and she managed a sincere smile as he stepped in, but didn’t get to say a word before he himself proclaimed - 


Y’zyr:   I come bearing gifts!


That was not what she expected!


DeVeau:  Gifts?  Pardon me, I know we were on the Rahuba together, but we haven’t been formally introduced!


He crossed over the room and gazed down at her, and then Alora popped up to her feet, her smile had faded, not out of concern, but because curiosity had replaced it.  Brow furrowed, she turned her green eyed gaze toward the object in his hand.  


Y’zyr:  Sorry.  Ma’am.  Ensign Ozai Y’zyr.  With… bugs.  I have bugs.  *Fancy* bugs.  For you.


Was he new to the station?  Or just new to her?  While a lot came across her desk, Alora didn’t know *everyone*.  She might have even focused on the fact that he was new to her, but she was distracted.  Bugs?  Did he really say bugs?  Alora’s eyes lit up.  Did he really bring her bugs? She laughed, partially because, in truth, it was rather funny that someone brought her insects.  The rest of it was delight at the prospect.  Bugs!


DeVeau:  You said you have…bugs?


Y’zyr:  If this isn’t a good time, I can come back?


She wrenched her eyes away from the package and he lifted it higher as if to keep her attention on it.  Leaning forward, she peered into the unit but…there were plants.  Plants were great too!  But he had said bugs…


DeVeau:  There are…bugs?


Oh she didn’t mind bugs.  Not at all!  Alora loved bugs, but the problem was, there weren’t any.  


Y’zyr:   I promise I’m not mad.  They’re in here.  You need a scanner or a phase stabilising view-screen to see them.


Now her eyes lit up even further at that little tidbit. Bugs that phased?  Or something similar?  What sort of beast were they?  


DeVeau:  Wait, so the bugs can’t be seen…and I need a phase stabiliser?


Okay, he had just said that, but it was intriguing.  Alora hurried around her desk and clasped the containment unit in her hand.  She stared.  And stared.  And stared.  But there were no bugs.  Just plants.  Was it a joke?  No..he had just told her what it would take to see them.


Y’zyr: ?


DeVeau: Where did you find these? 


Y’zyr: ?


Alora might have recognised the plants if she’d had the opportunity to explore the Si’laan further.  Well, she *would*, but not before that very moment.  After her return to the Rahuba’, she’d not set foot on the Risuan vessel, though she hoped they would allow her to visit it again now they were docked at the Starbase.  And bugs!  New bugs!  New to her bugs!  The smile returned and shifted into a full out grin.  Then she made a beeline for the door, though she called back to the man - 


DeVeau: Come on!


Y’zyr: ?


Alora didn’t answer right away.  Her pace was quick as she set a course for the nearest turbolift, container firmly and safely in her hands.  Stepping inside, she beckoned the cyborg to join her, then commanded the computer to take them to one of the decks in the science department, then turned that grin to Y’zyr.


DeVeau: We’re going to go take a look at some bugs!


Y’zyr: ?



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
First Officer
Starbase 118 Ops



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