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Lieutenant Lephi: If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

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@Lephi I love all of Lephi's internal thoughts going on. It's really brought home that division between officers and this has been so good to explore together. Keep it up. Definitely getting a beer over shore leave after this 😄


((Deck 8, USS Gorkon))
Lephi stood gritting her teeth and staring down the newest arrival to their little team. Her mouth opened to speak a cutting retort, but she was cut off by a crackle and then noise so dense it took her a moment to realize there was a voice underneath it.
Peek: =/\= Commander Kerȯ̶̗̀ and team. Do you read?  =/\=
Kero: =/\= We've got heavy interference, Crewman. Can you repeat? =/\=
Peek: =/\= Wȩ̴͈͆ ha̵̙̦̽ve po̶̜̖͆wer rec̵̻̈́͋onnecṫ̸͚ed, sir. Not en̵̰͋tī̴̠̱rely but̸̗̑ͅ enough ̶̟͐to ĝ̸̥̝et powe̷̠̫͛ṙ̷͓̃ to your section of ̴̫͊̍the ̵̞̆d̷̘͒͊eck. I̷͎͆s ̶̦̯̅it safe tô̸̮ do so? =/\=
Her EARS implants came in handy, artificially cleaning the noise and filtering the voice of the crewman through them; feeding her a slightly less garbled transmission.
Kero: =/\= I'm not sure, Crewman. ::He looked over to their Ferengi officer with a quirked dark eyebrow through the faceplate.:: Can Engineering restore power to this section? At least I think that's what he's asking. =/\=
Was it safe to do so? Was anything out here really safe? A pensive look settled on the chief engineer's face. The question felt ceremonial more than anything else. The officers gathered with her had demonstrated time and again that they had no real interest in her expertise. She reasoned she could probably tell them that restoring the power would lead to everyone's immediate and painful death, and the Commander would still do it. 
When she finally answered the question, she was polite but her words were pointed.
Lephi: =/\= It should be safe, if that's what you mean. =/\= 
Peek: =/\= L̸i̶f̸e̴ ̷s̵u̶p̶p̸o̶r̷t̴ ̵i̴s̶ ̴o̶p̴e̷r̵a̷t̸i̷o̶n̸a̷l̷ ̵o̵n̵c̷e̴ ̷m̵o̸r̵e̵.̸ ̵Y̴o̷u̶ ̵s̷h̴o̴u̷l̸d̷ ̸b̸e̶ ̷a̷b̶l̴e̷ ̶t̷o̶ ̴s̸c̷a̸n̷ ̷u̶s̷i̴n̶g̷ ̴t̸h̴e̵ ̴t̷r̵i̸c̸o̶r̵d̴e̸r̷.̷ ̸ ::The interference started to clean up, bit by bit, only allowing the Crewman's pause to come through.:: O̷n̸e̸ ̸m̷o̷r̴e̷ ̸t̵h̵i̵n̶g̵,̵ ̴s̶i̵r̴.̸ ̸H̶o̷w̵ ̶d̴o̵ ̶y̴o̵u̵ ̸k̵n̵o̴w̴ ̵t̴h̷a̷t̴ ̷a̸l̴l̷ ̶y̵o̶u̴r̵ ̶m̵e̶m̸o̶r̷i̶e̸s̸ ̷a̷r̷e̴ ̸t̶r̵u̴e̴?̵ =/\=
Kero: =/\= I errr… Does anyone want to take a stab at that? =/\=
Tahna: =/\= You don’t. ::She paused before elaborating, realizing that while truthful, it wasn’t the most helpful answer.:: Memory is a reconstructive process, event recall is rarely pure and is influenced by what we’ve learned about the world. But generally, I don’t think there are many reasons for you to possess a false memory that seems real. =/\= 
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Memories can be fallible, shaped by emotions and perceptions. If by false memory you mean a pure recall of a past event, then please know that perfect recall does not exist. Additionally, memories can be subject to external manipulation. The answer in a nutshell is essentially – Lieutenant Tahna is right, you don’t really know how “true” they are. =/\= 
Lephi remained silent, observing the others' answers to the question instead. An ancient Earth proverb floated through her thoughts. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. The woman was an engineering genius, but she was never very good at things that weren't machines. 
Peek/Kero: =/\= Response =/\=
Tahna: =/\= If you’re concerned about your memory, might I suggest talking to a counselor? Corliss is a certified miracle worker, I believe. =/\=
Peek/Kero: =/\= Response =/\=
((OOC: Also happy to expand upon this if we’d like to!))
Tahna: =/\= So with power restored, what new options do we have for retrieval? =/\= 
She considered the question carefully. Power restoration did open several new proverbial doors for them, and she breathed out some of the tension she'd been subconsciously holding onto.
Lephi: =/\= Depending on the reliability of the power, we could keep transporters online long enough to get potential survivors out. =/\=
Kero: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= With power restored, scanners would be more reliable... =/\=
Kero/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= We can get a more accurate reading on those life-signs, and any more that might be stranded on this deck. While we sort out the logistics of what equipment can be at our disposal, we can develop an extraction strategy in tandem. =/\=
Just like that, the weight of the situation returned like a crocohippus resting on her chest. She wasn't opposed to saving the people, she just didn't see the point in wasting their time and resources at the risk of none of them getting out.
Lephi: =/\= If the scanners are more reliable now, we'd better take whatever information they give us at face value. Resource allocation has been seriously overlooked in favour of emotions so far. =/\=
Kero/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Even if we weren’t looking at the void of space and worried about the timing of power failure or structural integrity failure, we are still looking at possible injuries. Every moment we use takes away vital time from them. The sooner we can get to them, well, the better overall chances for successful health outcomes. =/\=
At the rate they were going, only Lephi's commitment to staying out of the brig was preventing their doctor from needing a doctor of his own. How could he stand there and say injuries suffered by crew that might be long since dead is more important than saving the crew they know to be living and breathing.
Lephi: oO You're a Starfleet officer. Act like it. Oo ::breathes out slowly:: =/\= With all due respect, Doctor, how are you going to save them if you're dead? We can't ignore the situation. This isn't the Academy. =/\=
Kero/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=
She ignored their comments at this point. They were ignoring her words of wisdom, dismissing it as a callous disregard for the sanctity of life; despite the fact she was trying to save lives. She cleared her throat and attempted to focus on the situation unfolding.
Lephi: =/\= What do the scans say?
Kero/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=
Lephi: =/\= If I can get to an access panel that hasn't been compromised, I should be able to boost the strength of the transporter signal to compensate for the debris on the other side. =/\=
Kero/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=
She set off down the corridor, passing several terminals that had been destroyed in the chaos. oO Great, add them to the growing list of repairs. My poor boat Oo. A short way down the corridor in the opposite direction, she located what she was after and quickly accessed the necessary systems.
Lephi: =/\= I found a terminal. I suggest we be quick about this. =/\=
Kero/Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Response =/\=
Lieutenant Lephi
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon NCC-82293
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