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MSNPC Speaker Ki'yara - Not Too Proud

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I really enjoyed this scene from Ki'yara, simmed by @Sal Taybrim. The way it picks up on the mood of the scene is really well done, as is how it escalates without resulting into violence. Despite the riot-scene not being planned, it feels like the characters narration has been building up towards a climax like this. Definitely one of my highlights this mission :)

((Sickbay, USS Rahuba))

Kasun: These enemies attacked them not long ago, before they entered the cloud and happen to look like Andorians. 

Enemies.  The grey ones.  The hostiles.  Those who had insisted that they were the rules of the stars.  Her father had made no friends with them when he replied that it was arrogance to presume one could own a star or a planet.  Time and life was merely rented from the guides and each planet and star would outlast generations of Grey Ones or Risu.

But the Grey Ones were arrogant and did not see life that way.  All they wished to do was crush those who did not comply.

She had seen then up close and personal.  They did not look like the blue woman in the Healer’s care.  Nor did they look like the blue Leader Dal on her ship.  But rumors and fear were pervasive.  They looked enough like the Grey Ones that fear spread like wildfire. Licking at Ki’yara’s fragile telepathy, threatening a blowout and backdraft of hostility.

Ki’yara: I am trying to tell them… the Grey Ones are not here.  But they are… difficult to reach…

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she strained in one of the most basic aspects of her role.  Basic to speak, but incredibly difficult to moderate.  Nothing had prepared her for this level of raging emotion.

Tito: I see.

Blackwell::She glanced to Tito, and then back to the Risu - she hoped that cooler heads could prevail with this:: Perhaps we should just give the speaker a moment to talk ::And she glanced to Ki’yara:: 

Ki’yara: I’m trying…

Her voice was breathy and she started to consider how to communicate with them who was the real enemy.

Tito: Anything I can help with?

Trovek: Yes, please move between the Risu and Lieutenant Sh'shyllerh. I have already informed our visitors that we will cease lending medical aid to their people should they attempt to harm her, or anyone else. 

Tito: ?

The overwhelming maelstrom of emotions did not allow her to reach their minds like she was taught to do.  As the newcomer interposed himself between her people and the injured blue woman she stood up and clenched her tiny little fists.

Ki’yara: Please!  Stop attacking!  We asked for help, they are trying to help us!

Risu: They’re liars! They are controlling the Speaker! 

Her ears dipped downwards in betrayal and dismay.  She felt the ice cold pain of rejection and tears started to well and drain from the corners of her eyes, making the fur beside them matted and moist.

Blackwell: ::Rue moved to stand in front of the Speaker, putting her hands up:: No, we’ve not manipulated her in any way - we have only sought to help. 

Kasun: I know you’re scared and I would be too in your circumstances, but we are not allies of those who attacked you. Our ship’s encounter with yours was entirely by chance and we only want to get you patched up and on your way.

Trovek/Tito: ?

Ki’yara: Please!  If they had wanted to attack why go to the deception of trying to help!  You are safe!  Please stop!

Her words were thin and anxious.  Pleading.  She had lost the ability to sound calm and confident.  She sounded young and desperate.

Blackwell: You are telepathic, correct - able to read thoughts and emotions?

Ki’yara: I can… but the emotions are overwhelming!

Trovek/Tito: ?

Blackwell: Then you are welcome to read my mind ::She said firmly:: I’ve been working with your speaker, along with my colleagues, and we are attempting to help, not manipulate, and certainly not to endanger you.

She took in a slow breath, understanding what the Communicator was trying to do.  But the majority of her people were not telepathic in a traditional way.  Telepathy among most Risu was an intimate low-level bond between a tiny handful of close people.  Usually only a partner or mate, and a parent or child.

Speakers were a hereditary position based on those who had stronger telepathy. Ones who could speak to the whole and hear the voices of the ancestors.

Could she amplify for her people?

She had to try.

In one tiny paw she took up the Communicator’s hand and concentrated.

Ki’yara: Let me help you.

Trovek/Tito: ?

She didn’t mean it.  The feelings were overwhelming.  As the Communicator broadcast good, pure intentions, her people fought back with pain and fear.

And finally Ki’yara screamed out and what she projected was raw.

The sight of her father, attacked by the Grey Ones.  She focused in on the graven sooty, unyielding countenance.  The vivid cerulean hair, the dead and lifeless eyes.  She relived watching her father die.  She focused on those who did it.  She let rumors go free and focused on what the Grey Ones were.

Valcarians.  That is what they called themselves.

No.  We do not condemn all species for the crimes of one.

The tears flowed freely as she weakly projected Rue’s goodwill, her energy draining out of her as she relieved the worst moments of her young life and projected them to her people and anyone who could sense them.

As she sunk to her knees, exhausted, her people started to stand down.

Risu: ::Suspiciously :: Why are you helping us? What benefit are you looking for?

Blackwell: Because - it’s just what we do. ::She said firmly::

Kasun: As for the benefit, your ship is currently stranded within our people’s territory. At the very least repairing your ship and sending you along on your way is more beneficial to us than leaving you all stranded.

Ki’yara: Because working together we can both benefit.  Is that so hard to understand?

Maybe she meant ‘is that so hard to believe.’

Both were shockingly similar at times.

Trovek/Tito/Blackwell: ?

Kasun: As a culture our people tend to be altruistic, :: she shrugged :: but we know not every culture is the same. That you disbelieve us is understandable but we are telling the truth about our intentions.

Trovek/Tito/Blackwell: ?

Risu: ?

Ki’yara: We tried to do this by ourselves!  ::She returned.:: But we suffered lossed and I am not too proud to admit that we need help!

Trovek/Tito/Blackwell/Kasun: ?

Risu: ?

Ki’yara: I came up here to speak with you!  I came to calm you, to protect you, to save you from yourselves.  I am sure we can go back home, right now, if you are well enough to do so.

Trovek/Tito/Blackwell/Kasun: ?

Risu: ?

Ki’yara: But that is the point, to find a new home!

Sometimes she wondered if she was being obtuse or if she simply saw things with more clarity.

Trovek/Tito/Blackwell/Kasun: ?

Risu: ?


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