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Lieutenant JG Lystra - The importance of choice

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Lovely character work in this one, bringing a fascinating point of view to events!  bravo!


(( MedBay, Ra'khoi ))


Who knew blood loss was such an easy way to force someone into sleeping? Okay, so it wasn’t really sleep as it was loss of consciousness but regardless, Lystra wasn’t cognizant much. 


Talia had patched up her hand well, staunched the bleeding and she had done her damnedest to keep awake. Eyes fixed on the biobed with Jalana. To the frantic fight with Cade leading the charge and using all of his grumpy, get off my lawn but listen to what I have to say, old man energy to stubbornly keep Jalana alive while trying to put the symbiont back inside her. 


She blacked out again and only awoke when the ship abruptly lurched. She had nearly rolled off her own biobed. While she had no idea how she had gotten here, she had been on the floor by a bulkhead. That felt like an impact. Were they fighting? She needed to be on the bridge at Tactical! 


The Boslic attempted a meager roll off the bed to get moving but the room started spinning and gravity almost assisted her before she just ended face first into the pillow. She noticed that Ed was laying on the floor then. Odd. He must be tired. 


When her eyes opened again she heard a familiar voice over the internal comms. 


T'Aven: =/\= Bridge to Sick Bay. The Constitution is here, get ready to beam the whole lot over. You're first. =/\=


She blinked and shook her head. The Constitution? How long had she been out? She looked over at Jalana, she was still in rough shape and it didn’t look like Cade was done with his surgery. Just what the hell did those Syndicate bastards do to her beyond cutting her up? Right…poison. If she ever met another Syndicate member, her fists would have a lot of communication to do. 


Hands. Right. She looked at where her right one had been as the blue shimmer of a transporter beam enveloped her body. For a brief moment, she could swear she saw the shimmer highlight the shape of her former limb. 


((Main Sickbay – USS Constitution-B))


When the shimmer faded she felt herself on the floor and staring up at the bright lights of the Constitution’s Sickbay. A nurse or orderly came over and helped her up off the floor where they’d all been beamed in and she groaned slightly while climbing into the biobed. The pain wasn’t unbearable thanks to the painkillers floating in her system, but the throbbing in her wrist was getting annoying.


She watched Jalana being lifted onto a bed. She better pull through. If she didn’t Lystra know what she would do. Probably resign. Stars, even if she pulled through and the Commodore made a complete recovery she would likely be feeling the trauma from what happened to her for the rest of her life and every Trill ever who would end up with Rajel. 


Foster: Suck it, Sweetheart, you’re getting a shower, a meal and some sleep.   You can thank me later.


The comment caught her attention and she raised a brow. Sounded like Cade was talking to Talia. Though, she couldn’t tell if it was Cade’s normal humor or if he had a thing for the much younger doctor. Either way, good on him. She liked Cade. She hoped he could find someone to fall in love with the way she had for Sarah. Though, with his disposition she’d probably have to be a Klingon, or like Sherana. 




Stars, she missed her. But oh was she not looking forward to explaining why she had one fewer hand to hold her with. It then dawned on her that with the loss of her right hand the Boslic wouldn’t be able to greet the wonderful redhead in her usual manner. Scooping her up and spinning around. Lystra started sobbing a little in her bed. 


Mark Two: response


The familiar voice caused her to look up but the Boslic was instantly confused. She could have sworn she had heard Mark Two. Cade’s grandkid. But the person standing in front of her looked nothing like the childlike hologram. 


Lystra: I..uh. Hello. Who’re you? 


Mark Two: response


She blinked. Wait, this was Mark? 


Lystra: You don’t look anything like Mark. 


Mark Two: response


Lystra slowly ruminated on that. So, not only did they have a pair of Bynars on board now but they had helped Mark to change his appearance. It made sense. He had been ‘born’ with someone else’s face. That was something she could at least imagine a little, having had to take on personas for SFI. Put on another person’s face. But that was by choice, or necessity. Mark’s hadn’t been either. She smiled at him, it was a weak, barely filled with emotion, smile. 


Lystra: You look great, Mark. 


Mark Two: response


She looked down at her hand and shook her head. 


Lystra: Don’t be. I’m glad it’s gone. 


Mark Two: response


Lystra: ::She looked at the hologram:: Because someone horrible branded a mark of ownership into that hand. That same horrible person is responsible for what happened to Jalana. Because they wanted to get me..their property back. I asked Akeelah to cut off my hand. ::She sobbed a moment then looked back at Mark:: It was something I had no say or choice in. Like your original appearance. I’m glad it’s gone. 


Mark Two/Anyone: response



Lieutenant JG Lystra

Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B

SB118 Podcast Team 

Writer ID: A239410TR0



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