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MSNPC Aliman Vry - The Perfect Canvas

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Creepiest artist ever? Indeed, creepiest artist ever @Samira Neathler Awesome job!


(( Unknown Quarters - Sasu Gol ))

Things had changed since he’d seen the small Empress flanked by her High Supreme Guards. With the tip of his tongue between his lips, he dotted another letter and took a step back. Grinning and doing another victory dance. Another piece of art had reached perfection. 

Which was all part of the deal. They let him finish a masterpiece while he ignored their murmurs, whisperers and hollow words. Only when his work was done, he listened to them. Sometimes he even did what they told him to do. Like now, to keep as many people onboard the ship as possible.

He didn’t know their purpose, he had asked, but they never gave him an answer. Instead, they filled his head with horrifying images. Dreadful pieces of art, painted by others, he had seen at exhibitions all over the galaxy in the past. Artists he had praised against his will. Now these voices proved him right. They were bad pieces of art, nightmare fuel.

That was why he didn’t bother to sleep anymore. It was their trick to make people disappear from the ship, to have them vanish into thin air. In the beginning, he had seen people going to their quarters preparing to spend the night there. Some of them he had never seen again. That was when the panic started. Although the crew didn’t show, being the stoic Vulcan and all. They expressed it in other ways, like more activity in the corridors, search parties going from one deck to the other, tracking down their missing comrades. All in vain. He had hardly seen anyone return.

Slowly, that all disappeared, together with the crew of the ship. Which was outstanding for him. Every free quarter, became a work of art. Letters, symbols, numbers, they all had meaning. All stored in those grey cells of his. Nothing gruesome like the voices projected in his mind. He needed balance to stay sane.

And now those voices ushered him towards the location he had seen the High Empress walk into. Which was fine, as long as he did not need to confront them. He followed the murmurs screaming in his head as they projected one bad piece of art next to the other against the wall. Until he reached a half-open door. More voices, accompanied by beeping instruments, came from inside. The Empress had company. Something was dragging something over the floor.

He had to stop them. If they left the room, they’d make all his artwork disappear. All his struggles would be for nothing. His work of perfection, this ship, would make him famous in the Artistic Circle. His name would open doors all over the galaxy and universe. 

All he had to do was work quietly and fast. His hand reached for the manual actuator and quickly he moved it. The doors closed painfully slowly as he moved the lever. The commotion inside the room mixed with the growing voices in his head as the door, too slow in his creative mind, closed. Once it stopped moving, he took his hand-burner and sacrificed some if its energy to disable the actuator. He even added his signature with the perfect dot above it.

Screaming, in harmony with the vocals in his mind, he ran through the corridor, searching for the next blank canvas that would have the honour to bare his work.

Mister Aliman Vry
Human Artist Currently Known as Vry
Still Creating the Perfect Dots
Simmed by:
Chief Security/Tactical & Second Officer
USS Gorkon
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