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Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - Broken

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A fun little peak into the traumatised mind of our Helmsman!

And we thought Skarbek did a number on us... whoo boy, this rift, I tell ya what!

A fun read, Cory, and well written!

((Engineering, Deck 5, Sasu Gol))

Cory was looking at the floor where Alieth threw some powder ice.  Why was the laser there?  Was it an alarm or something more deadly?  Cory really didn’t want to find out.

Stoyer:  Don’t see where it leads to.  Can we just step over it and continue or do y’all think there will be more of them?

Alieth seemed to think about it for a moment.  Cory wondered if it was a giant puzzle for her to figure out.

Alieth: Let us take a minute to study this :: looking at the footprints :: And keep a close attention to where those footprints are heading.

Cory nodded.

O. Marshall : Response

To his surprise, Aleith Alieth got on the floor near the tracks.  The powder that jumped up when she got down made the laser shine even more.  SHe searched with the tricorder and looking around.  Stopping at one point, she seemed to have found what she was looking for.  

Alieth: I have found the emitter, a makeshift one. :: Pausing for a moment to look at her tricorder :: It uses scrapped parts from various Starfleet devices. Discarded phaser parts, for sure, some tricorder components and, perhaps, some engineer's tools, along with other more standard Federation technology pieces, difficult to identify.

That was interesting.  Someone with Starfleet training must have built it.  

Stoyer:  So, someone with Starfleet training.  They knew what they were doing.

O. Marshall: Response

Alieth nodded from the deck.  

Alieth: Indeed, I think there are at least a couple of footprints similar to the ones in the corridor. The smaller ones.

Stoyer:  Heading in here or heading out to the passageway?  Did they go back to the Triumphant?  Too many unknowns.

O. Marshall: Response

Cory looked around to get his bearings to the umbilical.  He had to be ready to disconnect it and leave this horror boat.  

That was when the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.  Cory saw it, just perceptible in the shadow.  It was moving slowly, keeping in the shadows.  Cory held Alieth’s tricorder beep.  Cory keeped his eyes on the shadows, not wanting to lose sight of it.  The air seemed to be getting colder to Cory.  

Alieth: ::whispering:: we are not alone

Voice:  No you're not…..

Stoyer:  Who?

The darkness enveloped him like a death shroud.  Cory could see anything.  His hearing was muffled.  The darkness lifted.  Cory looked around to see if he could see the others.  He saw something in the distance.  A figure on the ground.  Cory moved toward it.  When he got close enough, he saw a figure slumped against a bulkhead.  A large red spot in the center of the chest slowly spreading.  Cory stopped when he saw the red collar and even redder hair.  His knees buckled underneath him and he slammed to the deck.  

Stoyer:  Ayiana…….

Voice:  You were never going to be good enough for her….you realize that now don’t you.  Look at you….

Stoyer:  No..

Voice:  She wanted someone as smart as she was…. Not someone like you…..How many tutors did it take to get you through the Academy?  How many of those took pity on you?

Stoyer:  I….

Voice:  Look at her……she died because you were not good enough for her…..either to save her or love her.  

Stoyer:  No….

Cory’s heart broke at these works….the thought of his being the reason she died was too much for him..

Voice:  Ahhhh…..there is my sacrifice….

Cory closed his eyes.  He felt the cold machinery against his back.  Tears filled his eyes and froze to his face as they ran down. Opening his eyes he saw that the darkness was still there.  He immedanly didn’t see the others.  His voice broke when he spoke.

Stoyer:  Commander Marshall?  Alieth?

O. Marshall / Alieth: Response

Stoyer:  Where are y’all?

O. Marshall / Alieth: Response

(OOC - Ayiana Sevo used with permission of her author.)

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon

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