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F1 Circuit prepares for new Shuttle Racing Season

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EARTH, SOL SYSTEM — Citizens from all over the Federation arrived on Earth this weekend to celebrate the commencement of the new F1 Shuttle Racing season (2398/99), which began with the season’s first race at New Berlin, Luna.

The return of the high-octane sport was celebrated during the inaugural ceremony, which included the reveal of the new FX-4000 racing engine, a magnificent fly-by of the racing pods, a meet and greet with famous pilots, and a talk by Tario D’Ronda, President and CEO of F1 Shuttle Racing.

The 2399 season will include 19 races around the Federation, including two completely fresh courses at Vistari Prime and the charity race Mars Memorial Race. The MMR was approved this year in order to raise awareness and cash for the Utopia Planitia tragedy, which continues to affect the whole Federation.

“We’re pleased to include the Mars Memorial Race on the calendar this season to bring people together even years after the disaster,” said President D’Ronda. “And to increase awareness in order to continue the cleansing of our lovely world. F1 is committed to conservation and hopes to generate enough capital to aid in the restoration efforts of Mars.”

Mek’tor, a famous Klingon pilot known for his aggressive flying and controversy in last year’s Andoria Grand Prix when he pushed rival racer Therin Gonala into the ice sheets, losing him the race, was also present. Fans are looking forward to seeing this heated personal rivalry conclude on the Qo’noS circuit at the invitation of the Klingon Embassy.

The ceremony concluded with a tour of the shuttle hangars, where aspiring racers and spectators alike could try out simulated races on the holodecks, even receiving personalised advice from their favourite racers at the end.

The Risa Grand Prix kicks off the 2399 season on Stardate 239903.27 and runs until 239908.17.

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