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Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn: Contemplation


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It's great to see an ensign start to find their feet with the character and the narrative and this, just, is what we see here beautifully with @Bryce Tagren-Quinn . Good work! keep it up!



((Corridor, Deck 8, USS Gorkon))
The part El-Aurian doctor would have been lying if he said that practically dragging makeshift gurneys down the corridor of a deck experiencing a hull breach was an ideal method in transporting critical patients. However, the unique circumstances necessitated the need to think quickly and utilize anything that they had a line of sight to in the moment. There was no room for second-guessing. The herculean effort was a physically taxing process for the entire rescue party, but he was thankful and appreciative for their efforts. 
The Andorian Commander. The Bajoran scientist. The Ferengi engineer. 
The Ferengi engineer.
As they made the journey in silence to the rendezvous point, he couldn’t help but contemplate the series of events in the lab, of Lephi taking it upon herself to perform surgery on the security ensign. Judging by her statements, she seemingly justified the action as a life-saving measure and, had Bryce had the opportunity to reassess things after exhausting a more conservative approach, he would have advocated for the same thing if it meant saving the officer’s life. The fact that she took the task upon herself, with him in the room only a shout away (especially after asking for her to keep him abreast before stepping away to address other patients), made him question a variety of factors. 
Not knowing the woman, he wondered about her judgement. He wondered about the amount of stress she might have been under. Was irritability and rashness a natural state? With her line of work, he imagined that she would approach things with a sort of methodical stance. Perhaps it was the situation itself? It was enough to set anyone on edge, to behave in ways they normally wouldn’t. 
He also wondered if the move was something born out of first impressions. Did she question his credibility, his competence? When he was called upon the deck initially, he was not dressed for a breach – but having been elbows deep in working with patients, he reflected backwards. The call was for an explosion, not a situation where there was compromised structural integrity. He hadn’t anticipated it but he should have known better.
Live and learn. There was much more than what was happening in sickbay, in his world - and it was an awareness that he needed to develop… quickly. Because it could have costed him his life, and where would they have been? Lephi did give him that suit. 
Regardless of what might have prompted the action, it was done and they needed to focus on the matter at hand, and deal with the fallout later.  
His thoughts weren’t allowed to wander too much further, as the beautiful sight of security ensigns marching towards them greeted them. The doctor dropped the rope in relief and took a moment to breathe.
ch'Ranni: =/\= Janders, get these people to the triage area. Doctor, please provide your report. =/\=
He nodded, took a few more quick scans for good measure, and pulled out an encrypted PADD that contained all the scans and his hurried notes.
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Please give this to the nurse. =/\=
There were some other details that he provided quickly, knowing that they would do their best in transporting the injured and ensuring their safety in the event of full depletion of energy. 
Janders: Understood, doctor. We'll take care of them.
With the hand-off complete, there was an awkward silence. As the group seemed to collect themselves, Tagren-Quinn readjusted his kit and glanced between them.
ch'Ranni: Ready for the next section?
Tahna: =/\= Ready. =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= Aye, ready. =/\=
Another beat… or three. The hybrid raised an eyebrow.
ch'Ranni: =/\= Coming, Lieutenant? =/\=
Lephi: =/\= Yes sir, whatever you need. =/\=
ch’Ranni: =/\= Response =/\=
((Deck 8, USS Gorkon))
The walk was a seemingly ominous one, which was made more pronounced by the silent tension that was amplified by the situation. He worried about those they found, of those that they didn’t. Of what obstacles they might face. But, it was not productive to become trapped by those fears. Despite everything, they needed to push on.
Sections were broken with the now common view of space greeting them around bends. It was terrifyingly beautiful. The pace slowed as Lephi approached a containment field, indicating it with a certain amount of emphasis. 
Lephi: =/\= I won't cut off anymore arms, but we've got to be quick. See this? ::points to a containment field holding back the inky blackness of space as they walked by:: That tells me we don't have more than another hour, even without my scans. =/\=
He was impressed that she could gauge that by eyesight alone. But, with scans unreliable and such a time crunch, their window was shrinking quickly. He wished they had a concrete estimate to work with.
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= How much ground do we have yet to cover? =/\=
ch’Ranni: =/\= Response =/\=
Tahna: =/\= Do you have a suggestion to make recovery quicker, Lieutenant? =/\= 
That was a great question. He listened to their responses with rapt attention. An engineer would know her ship, and the Chief of Operations would have a good sense of things. 
ch’Ranni/Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=
Tahna: =/\= We still have three scientists listed as present in the duty logs who are unaccounted for. There may be other security officers too, like Tzim-Shah, who were clearing the labs. =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: oO Very true. Oo
ch’Ranni/Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=
They talked as they walked and, as they approached the next bend, they were met with a sight that left them knowing instantly that things were going to be even more complicated, even more impossible. Before them, stood a wall of broken pieces, of tangled pipes and wire. He just stood for a second, horror threatening to squeeze in. 
Tahna: =/\= Is this the part where we crawl through a Jeffries tube to save the day? =/\=
Bryce glanced at Tahna before glancing over to ch’Ranni and Lephi. He could see they were working things out too and deferred to their expertise. 
ch’Ranni/Lephi: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= If we journey through this Jeffries Tube, how long will it take to get there on a normal day, a normal jaunt? =/\=
ch’Ranni/Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= And, if we encounter these three, possibly more individuals, that we might have to transport out… might there be any other alternate routes, perhaps on the other side that might be open? =/\=
His words tapered off, attempting to develop a strategy of escape while considering their rescue and time constraints. 
ch’Ranni/Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=
Tagren-Quinn: =/\= If they are alert and mobile, that would be best case scenario. If their injuries are more substantial, transport via Jeffries Tubes may not be possible. Our time is shrinking by the second, so I guess we’ll see how things are on the other side… =/\=
He didn’t want to monopolize any more time sorting it out loud. They had a job to do. 
ch’Ranni/Lephi/Tahna: =/\= Response =/\=

Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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