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Travelogue: The Maiden of the Stars – Emperion XVI

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There is a legend on Emperion IV, of the “Maiden of the Stars”, an unnamed solider who vanquished their assailants from beyond the stars, and brought to them the power of spaceflight. We know this civilisation today as the Electorate of Emperion, a multi-stellar polity that borders the Federation to the galactic northwest.

With tourism accounting for much of the Emperion economy, a new business has unveiled a unique starcruise. In introducing civilian slipstream travel, it has announced a new package centred on her footsteps, the elevation of the nameless soldier to deified patron. Of course, I went on the cruise.


Second Stop: Emperion XVI, low orbit


The Emperion system, a binary star system, is one of the few having more than 15 planets. This planet, a frigid frozen dwarf on the fringes of the dimmer star, was where they first sought refuge while they attempted to comprehend the spacecraft and hide from the two ships in orbit. Some rusting relics of their attempts to comprehend the spacecraft may be seen here, as well as a rifle and sword memorial on the northern continent, where the survivors pledged they would find a means to preserve their homeworld.

The voyage here was made possible by sublight engines, and one among the sights you get to view is Emperion IX, a gas giant with an impressive ring system. It also has its own livable moon, which was one of the Emperion Electorate’s initial colonies. The ship scheduled it just so that you could see the twin dawn through the rings, lighting it up in shimmering red and violet fire before the moon’s atmosphere appeared in a spectacular halo of light – a sight I will never forget.


Look out for our next instalment as we journey through Emperion IV. 


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