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PNPC LT Jamie MacNemar - Foam it Up


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Ok, this one was just so funny to me that it completely changed my day from dull and dreary to something a bit more happy and bright. I love the enthusiasm and spunk and the sooo not technical "goo."


(( Turbolift, USS Chin’toka, en route to Bridge ))

Tapping one of the boots that barely allowed her to crest one hundred and fifty-ish centimeters or five feet tall, Jamie MacNemar brushed a wisp of platinum blonde hair back from her eyes as she gazed down at the PADD she held in her right hand, going over the specs for the probe modifications that had been sent to them from the Bridge. 

Though she’d spent most of her time working with Greyson on relatively easy maintenance projects, the two of them had been deep in the guts of the Chin’toka during its repairs following their transit through the Jenatris Cloud, and she’d grown to appreciate the man’s breadth of knowledge and efficiency during that time.

Even if she’d prefer to avoid the Bridge and keep to the lower decks, this seemed like an interesting project. And an important one.

MacNemar: So. Real basic triangulation thing the Cap wants us doin’. Looks like the main problem we oughtta work is durability, right? All those charged particles flyin’ around on there, they could fry the probes’ circuits real quick if we don’t find a good way to shield them. And it’s not like we can just pull a shield generator from a shuttle. The probe could never power it.

Greyson: Response

MacNemar: Hm… I’ll think on it, yeah, Eltee.

(( Bridge, USS Chin’toka ))

As the door slid open, Jamie followed the assistant Chief Engineer somewhat timidly onto the Bridge, PADD clutched under one arm.

Mei’konda: Welcome to the Bridge, Lieutenants. Please taake your stations.

Greyson: Response

MacNemar: Got it, sir. This oughtta be no problem.

She might’ve overcompensated, and ended up sounding SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC instead of moderately, like she’d been going for. It didn’t change the fact that she really did want to solve this problem, but she would have preferred making a good impression while she did it, instead of… whatever she had done instead.

She was reminded of that when the Caitian commanding officer of the Chin’toka spoke to her directly. 

Mei’konda: Just keep in miind that some of your missing crewmates are dependiing on your work, Lieutenant. No maatter how easy it may be.

Slowing in her steps allowed Greyson to reach the engineering station first, and gave her a chance to respond to the Captain. The last thing she wanted to do was let anyone down.

MacNemar: Yes sir. Sorry sir.

Greyson: Response

Minutes later, Alentonis spoke, and the Captain perked up his ears. Jamie eased herself down into a seat next to Greyson at the station, and adjusted her chair upward as high as she could get it. Thank goodness for chairs designed for multiple species; she had a relatively easy time in adjusting chairs to her size and proportions on Starfleet vessels, and almost nowhere else. 

Exhaling a slow breath, she set her PADD down and began to tap fingers across her control panel, bringing up specifications on the probes’ internal circuitry.

Alentonis: The probes are ready for launching, except for the modifications Mr. Peters suggested, sir.

Bridge: Response

Peters: Sorry about that, professor. Here you go. :: He tapped a few buttons on his console and transmitted the information to the former ops officer.. :: 

Gradually, the small relative velocity indicator that the Captain had called up on the viewscreen dropped down to zero. Peters had finished moving the Chin’toka to its deployment location.

Peters: Permission to help Dr. Alentonis with the modifications to the probes?

Mei’konda: Go ahead, Commander. Engineers, Lieutenant Levinson, you’ll be on deck for analysis as soon as they’re in posiition. I waant to be able to inform Commander Isa’s team of our findiings as soon as possible.

Peters / Greyson / Levinson / Callahan: Responses

Jamie leaned in a little closer toward Greyson as she gazed at the materials that made up the probe’s innards.

MacNemar: Okay, uh, so you know how I mentioned before that we need the protection that shields provide in these things, but we can’t fit shields to ‘em, right? I think I’ve got a thought. Fill ‘em up with goo.

Peters / Greyson / Alentonis / Callahan / Levinson: Responses

Jamie realized in a hurry that it was a pretty nonspecific and unhelpful statement. She spoke up, after clearing her throat. As she continued, she became more animated, gesticulating with her arms and pointing at the screen.

MacNemar: We could order the probe bay techs to inject a lightweight composite metal foam around all of the most sensitive circuits. Just fill the suckers up with the stuff. It’ll make ‘em bulkier, and, um. Less sensitive, less reliable in most circumstances, but in my opinion, moreso than if we just leave them unshielded to the plasma storm radiation out there. Plus…

She snapped her fingers.

MacNemar: It’ll be quick and easy, too.

After a moment of thought, Mei’konda spoke up, after nodding a thanks to her for her input.

Mei’konda: Mr. Alentonis, Mr. Greyson, anyone else, your thoughts on this idea?

Peters / Greyson / Alentonis / Callahan / Levinson: Responses



Lieutenant Jamie MacNemar

Diagnostic Engineer / Damage Control Specialist

USS Chin’toka, NCC-97187

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