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Ferri Emlott - Bitter Medicine Pt. 6

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Someone is up to something...
((Coranum District, Starbase 118))
Ferri had ended up staying the night in Doctor Dekor’s practise, and feeling miserable and cursing Zorkal for putting her through such an ordeal just because he himself did not want to show vulnerability. While the younger woman could, of course, relate, she still found it deeply unfair. After all, even if someone were to come and try to exploit that vulnerability, he had Ferri to protect him. Ferri didn’t have anyone. That, according to the Doctor, the symptoms would have subsided after a few hours - had Ferri stayed in bed and not spent hours walking from her own quarters to Lukin’s quarters, to sickbay, and then back to Coranum, didn’t make her think any more fondly of Zorkal right now. 
Eventually however, she was ‘dismissed’ and free to do as she pleased. Well, not really. As much as she disliked the Ambassador, his cruelty didn’t change her assignment. It just made it a whole lot less pleasant, and a lot more difficult. 
She was here to protect him, even if he didn’t want to be protected, and even if it looked a lot more like she was the one in need of protection - from him. 
Ferri sighed as she made her way towards the Embassy, equipped with everything she would need to be able to determine the source of the toxin. As it was to be expected, the building did not show the slightest trace of anything out of the ordinary. Nothing hinted on the fact that the Ambassador had been poisoned here only hours ago. 
She made it to the appropriate floor, crossed the lobby and was about to open the door to Zorkal’s office, when…. 
Ringot: Ah, good morning Miss Emlott. Do you have an appointment with the Ambassador I am unaware of?
The young woman turned and her gaze settled on Ringot, Zorkal’s aide. Of course he was here. She didn’t dislike him - as a matter of fact he was a both pleasant to look at, and pleasant to speak to - but she still wasn’t feeling *great*. 
Emlott: ::frowning:: Is the Ambassador in his office?
Ringot: ::nodding:: Of course. But he is very busy, and he won’t be able to meet you today. I can reschedule your appointment?
Ferri stared at him, and for a moment she actually believed that Zorkal was stupid enough to return to his office before she was able to make sure he did not get poisoned again. Ringot himself looked trustworthy and his statement was believable, but… 
Emlott: He isn’t here, is he. 
It was more of a statement than a question.
Ringot: I don’t know what you mean. 
Emlott: ::with a sigh:: I know. 
Before she had to elaborate what exactly it was thats she knew, she attempted to open the door. Ferri had expected it to be locked, and her heart momentarily skipped a beat as it opened. Was Zorkal here after all? She peered into the room, vaguely noticing Ringot stepping to her side and doing the same. 
Emlott: He forgot to lock the door. 
Ringot: He… he never forgets that. 
Emlott: Well, there’s a first time for everything. 
Ferri ignored Rigot and his protest as she made her way into the office, and looked around. The Ambassador’s office wasn’t sparse as such, but it was in impersonal. As it was typical for Cardassian architecture, even here on the highest floor of the building, Zorkal’s desk and chair sat at platform a few inch higher than the rest of the room, allowing him to look down upon those who came to him with a request. 
Large windows allowed a view on the park and the lake, and the rest of the district in the distance. Ferri wondered if there were times Lukin just stood here, enjoying the scenery. She certainly would.
Emlott: I have some work to do. 
Which, really, was her way of telling Ringot to leave, but the other Cardassian didn’t seem eager on leaving at all. 
Ringot: What kind of work? 
Uh… good question. Ferri sighed and offered him a shrug, then placed her bag of equipment on Zorkal’s desk and began unpacking. 
Emlott: That’s classified.
Ringot eyes widened a little. Ferri wasn’t sure how much he knew about her, and what Zorkal had told him about his current condition. Right now it didn’t matter either - Ferri would even say it was helpful that Ringot decided it was best to let her do her thing, and backed off.
Ferri Emlott 
Cardassian Visitor
Starbase 118 Ops


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