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Ensign Y'zyr - Cloud Dirt Just Gets Everywhere

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OOC: Been really enjoying @Ashley Yael's PNPC, Y'zyr!


((Main Engineering, USS Rahuba))


Ozai had brought up all their collected data on the main center view screen in engineering.  The ship was huge, really.  Didn’t seem capable of space flight, but somehow it worked.  Not everything was apparent at first with this type of machine, of course.   Various space-worthy designs were the norm, all being unique as their developers found solutions to problems in their own ways.


But for its size, it had almost no weaponry.  Nothing to write home about anyway.  The scans of the Rahuba were clear, but as they worked they were able to start clearing up the data on that other ship.  It was probably a *good* thing they didn’t have many weapons… for the size, one might assume a relatively large complement of them.  But the much smaller Rahuba could probably take them out if it wanted… they tended *not* to want that though.


Star Fleet being the non-violent sorts, unless provoked.


Velix: And how are they even moving it? Biodigester? Because considering nature and radiation doesn’t go well together, that would suck.


Hael: Oh boy ::he agreed.:: we gonna wanna run this by their engineer too, bu’ it be lookin’ like their systems ain’ holdin’ up. 


Rustyy reviewed the data pad, and Velix looked at Ozai expectantly.


Y’zyr:  Despite their size, it seems we outmatch them with our defensive tech.  The ion storm knocked loose a lot of bits.  But I can’t identify a propulsive source with the data we  have.


The cybernetic Trill was doing his best, but he felt outmatched by the data and the task.  He was supposed to be kicking hostile aliens around, not patching their engines for them.  It was lucky he was a quick learner… building bots like Geoff had him understanding a lot more tech stuff about himself, and that translated nicely into some systemic use.


Still.  The brain power in a trained engineer likely outmatched his ability to the same tune as the alien ship vs the Rahuba.


Hael: I ain’ to sure If’n it’s how their ship runs or If’n the extra ::he waved his hands about.:: stuff in the cloud be affectin’ them more. See ‘ere - ::he pointed to one of the scans.::


Velix: It would be great to have one of their engineers tell us how exactly their ship works. Other than that… I mean from what we *do* know it doesn’t look good. They seem to have sustained quite some damage. 


Y’zyr:  Combination hits.  The tachyons, ion storm, and the natural material in the cloud are all compounding one another.  ::pausing, he visualized the problem for a moment as his metallic gold eyes scrolled the data::  We don’t have enough data on their ship directly, but we’ve got plenty of data on the Jenatris Cloud composition.  If we can help them filter out the cloud particulates first, it might give them breathing room to solve the larger scale engineering problems.


They could take a little weight off their shoulders that way.  Let them focus on their own tech.


Hael: Reckons I be agreein’ wit’ tha’ theory. 


Their science assistant gave him a look that seemed both approving and also questioning at the same time.  What the question was, he wasn’t sure, and after making eye contact for an uncomfortable moment he went back to formulating the possible plan.


Y’zyr:  I’d go with direct filtration.  Extend our shield to encompass theirs… match shield parameters… and clear the enclosed space of intrusive particles.  Give them a bubble of “clean” space to work in, stop them intaking what’s harming their ship.


Was that stupid?  That was stupid, right?  He looked to Hael, wanting an engineers thoughts on just how stupid that was.  But it made sense in his brain, and sometimes his stupid ideas were the best ideas.


And sometimes they were just flat out stupid.


But a *few* times they’d been kind of brilliant!  He could hit another one out  of the park.  His completely unearned but inflated confidence told him so.


Hael: ?


Neeya let them discuss amongst them. Even though she had *some* engineering knowledge, that was lifetimes ago, and hardly up to date. For example, now that she was looking at the preliminary information about the other ship, it seemed like chroniton particles were leaking from the cloud into the ship itself. And that wasn’t possible. Right? 


Velix: Uhm…


Hael:  ?


Velix: Stupid question, but what does ::she pointed at the specific readings:: that mean?


Ozai focused on what she was pointing at, and he was drawing a blank.  He didn’t know what the problem was.  What was she seeing that he wasn’t?


Hael: ?


But they didn’t have a chance to leap into it before Commander Dal’s voice came over the comm line.


Dal: =/\=Commander Dal to Commander Hael =/\=


Hael: =/\= ?


Dal: =/\= Commander, we’ve successfully made first contact with the species in the geodesic dome.  They are willing to assist us in getting back through the temporal anomaly if we can help them repair their engines so they can get out of the Jenatris Cloud. =/\=


Repairing the alien ships engines?  That was a *lot* bigger than just bubbling them in a warp field to ease the leakage problem with the particulate problem from the chronotons and cloud.  Ozai’s eyebrows scrunched downward with concern as he wondered  how the first contact had gone.  Were the aliens huge like their vessel?  How would they assist them, exactly?


Hael: =/\=  ?


Dal: =/\= From initial scans the engine design of this ship is a complete marvel.


Hael: =/\= ?


Dal: =/\= Doctor Trovek is working on quick parameters on how to safely be able to enter their atmosphere.  For most of our species their air is breathable, but we want to be careful.  Preparing EVA suits is not a bad idea. =/\=  


Wait… they were going over to the other vessel?  For a moment Ozai got excited again.  Now *that* was his kind of mission!  His  hopes rose as he realized they would need a security detachment, and an EVA suit mission atop that was always exciting.


Hael: =/\= ?


Dal: =/\= You can contact Ensign Veelix to assist, and use Y’zyr as well. =/\=


Aaaaaand his hopes were dashed.  He was chained to solving engineering issues?  *That* was boring… was it because he was already here in engineering, and it was easiest that way?


Or was it because he was more machine than person, so they figured he belonged in engineering?


Letting out a breath, he tried not to show his annoyance.  He could still learn a lot while they let him mess with the systems.


Though he’d rather be out there in the thick of things, potentially kicking alien butt.


Well… not all aliens needed kicking.  He could live with that.


Hael: =/\= ?


Dal: =/\= I am getting you into contact with their Chief Engineer, Ya’faemi… =/\=


Okay!  An alien engineer?  That was slightly *less* boring, despite his disappointment he would still get to meet and maybe work with an advanced alien race.  That was potentially worth it.  Would this Ya’faemi come work with them here, or would it all be remotely done? The voice that came over the comms was translated roughly with some accent, but at least the Universal Translator seemed to have their language down.


Ya’faemi/Hael/Velix: =/\= ?


Y’zyr:  ::noting aloud::  We will need better specs on the engineering systems in question if we’re going to be of much use in helping fix them.


The insinuation being, their engineer could send them the data, rather than having them rely on questionable scans corrupted by chronitons and cloud dirt.


Ya’faemi/Hael/Velix:  ?



Ensign Ozai Y’zyr

Tactical & Security

Starbase 118 Ops


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