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Vorenus: Pecking order

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Dan, the writer for Amuro McKnight, did an excellent job taking advantage of the fact that none of our characters remember who they are and playing up his character's reaction to what he perceived as my character giving him an order.

Amazing, @Amuro McKnight!



((OOC: Any thoughts or feelings belong to the character.))



((Village, Surface of PTE - 2891’s Fourth Planet))


Vorenus: It was a well-stocked kitchen. I'm sure the lady won't notice a few misplaced utensils. For protection. So far whoever dropped us here hasn't come back to check on our progress. There doesn't seem to be any monitoring devices in this room. It almost seemed like whoever knocked us out just left us here. For what purpose, I don't know.


Jónsdóttir: Um.. Alright. I guess we should get dinner started.


Einar: Response 


J. Doe: ::lowers his voice:: You realize that woman will know it was us, right? What’s to stop her from raising the alarm?


Vorenus: You think this place has any semblance of law enforcement? I didn't see any guards or soldiers walking around. For all we know, this place just looks peaceful but is actually lawless.


J. Doe: ::shakes his head:: I’m certain if we’d asked to purchase them, she would have happily sold them to us. There’s no need for us to steal when we can do honest work for what we need. We’re more than capable of doing simple tasks.


Vorenus: The less real interaction, the better. Besies, I didn't take much. A few things here are there won't be missed.


J. Doe: We’re not going to make many allies through dishonesty. And we’re going to need allies if we’re going to survive. ::pauses for a moment:: Can we agree to try talking first? Really talking? Put a little more trust in people.

Vorenus got back up, walked over, and gave his "friend" a stare in return. He had no idea who he was but a part of him wasn't going to let himself get pushed around by a stranger who doesn't know anything about him either.

Vorenus: Well, I don't plan on staying here long, making friends and settling into a life as a dishwasher. We need to find out why we're here and who put us here. For all we know this entire town is a social experiment and we're the lab rats for going along with it.

He could tell he wasn't going to be making friends with John, who in his opinion seemed more concerned about his new companion than assessing their situation. Vorenus went back to his corner, trying to make sense of the visions he's been having the whole time he was here.

{{Time Skip - The Next Morning}}

Waking up early seemed to be something his body remembered. Getting out of his bed, Vorenus washed his face to prepare for the day. John had woken up before the rest of them did.

J. Doe: Rise and shine, gents. Another day of work ahead to provide for the woman of the house.

Vorenus: oO Your woman to be accurate. Oo Coffee first...whatever passes for coffee.

Einar: Responses

Jónsdóttir: ::smiles:: Good morning, Gentlemen. I hope you all like omelets.

Vorenus: Much appreciated it, Jona. I don't know why, but I have a feeling of wanting to cook as well. Perhaps I'll help us with dinner if we can get some decent ingredients

J. Doe: ::grins:: I have no idea what an omelet is, but if it’s anything like that stew you made last night, I’m sure it will be amazing.

Einar : Response

Jónsdóttir: So, what are the plans for today?

J. Doe: ::shrugs and takes another bite of the fruit:: I thought we could all explore a bit. Maybe see if we can find anything of interest. Maybe another trip to the marketplace and more work? That crate was good, but it’s only going to last another day or two. We should plan a bit ahead.

  Vorenus: Perhaps there's traders setting up shop in town. We can ask them about a map of the area. People who travel around should know directions to important places.

Einar / Jónsdóttir: Responses

J. Doe: These clothes will only last us so long and it doesn’t make sense to keep buying new ones. That could get pricey. Maybe we can clean them up?

Vorenus: Washing is a good idea, we're staying in the same room. Won't do us any good if we start smelling.

Einar / Jónsdóttir: Responses

J. Doe: ::to Vorenus:: I thought since you’re so focused on protection, maybe you can ask around about costs for more sophisticated defenses when we go to the market? Surely this town has someone who specializes in those sorts of things. If not, maybe we can see about other ways of securing it.

Vorenus got up a bit.

Vorenus: That almost sounds like an order.

Einar / Jónsdóttir: Responses

J. Doe: Response
Vorenus: No, by all means take charge. You seem to have a more level head. I'll go with Einar and ask around.

Lieutenant Amuro McKnight

Security/Tactical Officer

USS Chin'toka


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