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LtCmdr Rustyy Hael - Big Fat Nope on the Nope Chart

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I absolutely loved reading this :)




((USS Rahuba - Upper Engineering Deck ))

Rustyy nodded. It wasn’t exactly his strongest suit - more of a hands on kind of guy… But he could manage with the average folk. The other part would be to work the preventative measures as well. That would be running diagnostics and verifying all the parts that run the shielding were operating at max efficiency. They wouldn’t want to get out there with all this work done just to have it undone by a faulty converter…

Hael: Gotcha. You start there an’ i’ll ge’ this up an’ runnin’. With any luck, we ge’ done at the same time. ::he reached out a hit the man in the shoulder, in a friendly kind of way.::

Y’zyr:  Yes, sir.

They had a plan of attack, they were ready to get started on the task at hand. All was well in the universe as fer as Rustyy knew. They still had over 14 hours to get everything in place and fine tuned. Completely doable. It wasn’t like there wasn’t an entire engineering department to lend a hand with it after all. Though if he knew they might’ve needed a weapons expert from the engineering department he might have suggest Hopper. She was still hot headed as ever, but after several years she was no longer so outlandish towards authoritative figures.

And then in the next moment, the universe came at Rustyy with Vengeance.

Geoff:  Hey, Champ.  What can *I* do?  I’ve got eight empty claws here!

Spindly legs, creeping, crawling. 

A freaking bug…

A big, talking, freaking bug. 

It harrowingly slithered and stalked out from behind the towering man’s … wait were did it just come from?! 

Hael:  uh -

Rusty’s eyes were wide, fight or flight failed him. Instead he froze. It was a spider - but to him all those things were the same. A big fat nope on the nope chart. (OOC youtube Nope Chart Spiders)

Geoff:  Also, can I please grab your face?

Hael:  naaahaa. ::he inaudibly said no.:: 

Rusty suffered alone, as the cyborg fella worked fearlessly onward. Rusty’s thought processed whirled, on one hand it was NOPE. on the other - it was wearing pjs and was robotic. At least he thought it might be. So shouldn’t that be cool to him? 


Y’zyr:  We’re on duty, Geoff.  If he says yes, you can maybe grab his face if we get drinks after, okay?

Just when he thought they could be friends… Rusty frowned and turned to look at his own console. Spiders don’t talk, do they? The universe was full of things not like on Earth. I mean,... ever see a Horta or the Aquatic Xindi in space? This wasn’t out of the spectrum of ‘could be a living thing not a machine’. 

Even still…. BUG! Spider, whatever. 

Alaska didn’t have those. Too cold. No mosquitoes either. 

Geoff:  ::disappointed, but accepting::  Awww…

Y’zyr:  ::glancing to the spider bot as it moved to stand fully on his left shoulder::  Don’t get discouraged.  You’ve been super well behaved today!  I’m proud of you, little guy.

Geoff:  Ohhh, stop…

He had no idea what was happening…. They talked on like he wasn’t even there. Should he still be here? 

Rusty looked around…

Now he questioned everything. 

Geoff:  Not in front of the *guys.*  I’ve got a reputation to maintain.

Y’zyr:  You’re like two days old.  I’m still changing your diapers.  *PFFT*  Reputation.

Rusty mentally chanted that everything was okay. And if he didn’t look, he could just pretend it was a person talking.

Geoff:  Soooo symmetrical… yeeaaaah… gunna grab you *good* some day.

Internal screaming*

Y’zyr:  … Dude.

Geoff:  Don’t judge me.  I like what I like.

Oh all the judging

Y’zyr:  Sorry.  I built him to be an assistive tool, but I think he needs therapy.  He’s harmless.

None of that matched what just happened. 

Hael:  Um… 

Y’zyr:  Mostly harmless.

Hael:  Well’s… uh, yer gonna need to run tha’ thing pas’, uh, regulations. So … ::he tilted his head slightly, just enough to look at Y’zyr.:: Ya migh’ wanna put it away. ::he last word was bitey.:: I’m’a gonna go over ther’. 

After a few uncertain steps, Rusty peeled away from the creepy, cackling, yucky leg pawing ‘heck nope’ to work on another console. 

((Timeskip - 16 hours - Main Engineering))

For hours, Rusty struggled with creepy crawly sensations. He didn’t do bugs - or spiders. They were creepy, crawly, gross, terrifying. There were parks of the world that had bugs that could kill people! They could slip away unseen… you blinked and they were gone… 

He tried not to act like a scaredy cat. Honest. In fact, at one point his absent minded brain forgot about the creature nestled just beneath the collar of his teammate. They had chatted, the other man talked a bit about the creation, which … kind of helped. It was big but little… SO he never settled right with it

The pair actually made good time on everything, though. Which would pay off later, because they had more time to get it right.

Hael: Rekons tha’ll do’r fer now. ::he smiled, obliviously.::

Y’zyr: ?

Hael: How’s ‘bout you head’on up to the bridge, then ya can help keep an eye on things.

Y’zyr: ?

Rusty waved his hand.

Hael: Ya’did grea’ work… could’a done withou’ yer… freaky lil’ friend. ::shrugged.:: Bu’ I’s’a rekons yer gonna be needed up there, more then down here.

Y’zyr: ?





Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra






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