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Lt. (j.g.) Serren Tan - Despite Appearances, Security Does Read... And Sing!


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Best watering-plants song EVER, awesome @Alleran Tan as usual!


(( Serren's Quarters, USS Gorkon ))

With his tour of the Sol system complete, and his gifts to Jona and Pira dropped off—complete with punny inscriptions, he hoped the pair of Andorians liked theirs—Serren was catching up on his reading. Technical manuals mostly. In this case, it was the written part of the subterranean rescue course he'd taken over shore leave.

A bit too late to help with their last mission, but he'd be ready next time. And it had a surprising amount of reading.

Despite rumours to the contrary, the Security department did read. A lot. There was a lot more to the job than simply muscle—Security was as much a technological job as it was a physical one, and while an officer might be called upon to crash-tackle a drunken Ferengi guest, they might also be called upon to secure the ship's computers, work their tactical systems, and catch the giant rat, singular, that lurked in the lower decks. All of that required reading.

Especially the great big honking rat. But presumably, someone else had caught it by now.

Stretching his arms out, Serren rubbed his eyes. Okay. Enough reading for now. There was a weird chirp as he stood up, but he paid it no mind.
Replicating a jug of fresh water he tended to the plants, all of them, making sure not to spill anything out of their pots. Even the most lackadaisical of all Captains wouldn't permit literal, actual dirt on the floor of one's quarters, so he was very careful to clean up after the watering. Dirt stayed in the pot, at all times, otherwise he'd be floating all the way back to Trill.
As he watered, he indulged in a Ringer tradition and made up a silly song to go with it.
Tan: I-eyyye... find so many people are liveable
But you, my plants, are lovable

I like the way you sprout.
In drought.
I like the way you grow.
Lil' bro.
You are just so sweet!
A tasty treat to eat!
I like the way you bloom,

I love your pretty plumes.

He moved from pots to his trays, sprinkling water over all the new garlic plantations. He'd used all his old ones in the Tanwich, now it was time to procure some more for next years' effort. And maybe one for Cheesecake too.
He improvised as he sang, adding more choruses. He just said whatever came to his head, making note of the last word, and thinking of a subsequent rhyme. Meter didn't matter, tune didn't matter, the secret was to just make it bouncy and fun and it would all be good. That was the secret to improvising!

Tan: You find so many people are logistic
But you plants are (mostly) optimistic

A bout of humming, followed by a little more water. Didn't spill a drop. Spin!

Tan: I love the way you clean the air,
Spreading your vines out everywhere.
Out on a style trek.
Enough zazz for a whole deck.

You find so many people are a bore,
But you are more fun than Lore,
You're the perfect plants.
So hear my watering... uh, rant!
Watering rant? Okay, so, hmm. Not his best rhyme. Serren did his best to continue.

Tan: Yooou find so many people are undefined
But you, my plants, are mostly kind
Lovable, optimistic and down to earth,
You love the land and not the surf,

Rich and sweet, all of you,

Are the qualities of you...

He just rhymed "You" with "You". What a lyrical genius.

Tan: You find so many people are liveable
But you plants are mostly lovable!
He clicked his tongue and clapped twice.
Tan: Tada! There we go. All done.
Chore complete, Serren sat back down and went back to his reading. Stuff about how to attach pitons properly and better abseiling techniques. Interesting stuff.
Reading, and pretending that someone else would round up the rat.


USS Gorkon



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