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Lt. JG Trovek * Lt. JG Silveira - The Other Vitor

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This one's been out for a few days now, but it's been on my mind. Sometimes in life, thing's aren't always cushy and things don't always go as you planned. And sometimes you just need to hear the brutal truth. @Aryspulls no punches but still has a method to her madness. The way she brings it all together at the end shows just how well she can get to the heart of the matter.


((OOC: Bruno asked me to help him with starting off a redemption arc for his character Silveira on the USS Excalibur-A. You can read more about the incident here: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Cats_Among_The_Pigeons_(Resolution) ))
((Starbase 118, Promenade, outside Commodore Coffee))
Vitor travelled to Ops with conflicting feelings. Serious doubts shadowed his thoughts as he finally got there. For the first time in his life he wasn’t feeling comfortable there.
The One-Eighteen was truly a place he felt like at home. Sure he loved the Columbia, even the Excalibur, but it was always here he found… Peace? 
Certainly now he wasn’t comfortable. The old memories from the Excal were gathered with what happened on the Res. Both his own doing. Both with life changing repercussions.
Even if Kali had somehow made it back, and in time he managed to make peace with that trauma, it resurfaced again.
And that was the key event. He had taken action into his own hands. Devised a plan and stole a shuttle to go into the Void. Obviously he got caught and it was Kali who sacrificed herself. If his actions could, in a way, be taken as understandable, after all in his Court Martial he was only found guilty of insubordination. Things happened differently on the Res.
Because he never learned to tone down, to let reason instead of emotion lead him.
And here he was following… Emotion… 
It certainly wasn’t rational. Who other than he could think “OK going to change, I will surprise Fai and talk to her. Apologizing for leaving her without a word” was a good idea?
But the fact that he at least now considered rethinking his course of action, was a small ray of light and hope. Pretty small because he was already here, and it would have been easier, and more correct, to reach out to Veradis Fai first before making his way here. Not jump into her lab and shout “Hello my Goddess, I am sorry I dumped you like I did”
It was while he was walking on the Promenade and dwelling on this, that he saw something that got his attention. He stopped, rubbed his eyes and looked again.
Like a moth drawn to a flame he walked to it, surprised and still not really believing it.
oO How the frack did Sal agree to this? I mean… Commodore Coffee? Oo 
He loved his old comrade and Commanding Officer, he pranked him, dated his former betrothed, but he never thought of putting Sal’s face on a cup of coffee. 
He entered the place and thought he was in a bar instead of a coffee shop. The only thing that signaled the true nature of the place was the smell. Jazz played in the background and most of the seats were taken. He saw an empty stool next to a woman, dark haired she looked human at a distance.
He stepped next to her and with a smile he gestured to the seat calling her attention.
Silveira: Is this seat taken?
Trovek: Nope. 
A simple answer to a simple question.
Vitor tilted his head and his smile widden. She looked like half Bajoran as her ridges weren’t as accentuated. Her long dark hair framed an attractive face, that the blue eyes brightened. She was beautiful, but it looked like she wasn’t overzealous with her looks.
Taking his seat he looked around before speaking to her again.
Silveira: I never seen this place, you know if it’s new?
The woman let out a sigh and turned her attention to the human who was now sitting next to her. And talking to her. Uninvited, none the less. 
Trovek: It has recently rebranded but I am not sure what it was before. 
She immediately turned her attention back to the cup of coffee she had wrapped her hands around, desperate to enjoy her break before being a person again. A person who had to smile and be friendly. 
Vitor pursed his eyebrows slightly. Not very friendly at first contact. She reminded him of Tito. But he couldn’t resist and again pushed a conversation. Pointing at her collar he went for another round. 
Silveira: Bad day in Sickbay Doc?
Another sigh, but this time the Doctor actually turned around to him, and offered a half-hearted smile. 
Trovek: Not bad, but exhausting. How about yourself? Not in uniform, I see?
She seemed to assume that he was working here. After all, almost all of the sleep-deprived zombies here were Starfleet Officers.  He nodded wondering how she knew he was an officer. She looked around his age, a Junior Grade like himself, and now that he could see her face completely he liked what he saw. Human and Bajoran, with stunning eyes, tumultuous hair, raven black.
She wasn't hot, she was beautiful.
Silveira: No, but I don’t serve here. I am visiting.
Trovek: Ah, well that’s… lucky? It’s a good place to spend your time. 
He tilted his head shaking his hand, as if saying “Not that kind of visit.”
Silveira: I know, but I am… On a different quest. 
Trovek: ::tilting her head:: Tell me about it? 
He averted her eyes. He never had trouble opening up with strangers, like that old expression went, he was an open book. But the subject matter was… Problematic?
No, the word he wanted also started with a P.
Silveira: I am visiting someone, trying to undo a wrong doing on my part…
He was cut short by the arrival of the waiter and he turned to Doc Cute.
Silveira: Any suggestions on what I should order?
Trovek: Well if you’re off-duty I would suggest an Irish Coffee. Sounds like a shot of liquid courage would support you in your endeavour. 
Irish? Nice… He also had that Little Leprechaun to think about. That Lovely Little Leprechaun called Sher. Because he couldn’t, for the life of him, pronounce her first name properly. But right now he had other matters in hand, and mind.
Silveira: Irish isn’t really what I have in mind. What about that cup with a face on?
Trovek: It’s good coffee. The branding is… I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s an okay face, but do I need it on my cup and *in* my coffee? No. 
He nodded, thinking the best of worse evils, drinking an Irish Coffee that reminded him of Sher, or drinking Sal’s face he thought it best to save his friend. Besides Doc Cute might be right, something strong would help.
Silveira: Yeah well… I take the Irish coffee. I am not used to drinking a friend out of my cup. I did a few things to Sal, but this one… 
Trovek: ::curiously:: A friend?
Vitor leaned on the counter now fully facing Doc Cute. He smiled and his eyes went to the window as his mind travelled back in time.
Silveira: I have known the Commodore since he graduated. I had the honor of serving with him and being commanded by him. I hope you don’t have any complaints. He is one of the best officers I have ever met. 
Trovek: Well, to be honest I can neither speak for, nor against him. I haven’t been here long enough to really judge. So you seem to know him since a while?
That wasn’t the full truth, but it wasn’t a lie either.  Vitor raised an eyebrow, the good Doctor was catching his attention.
Silveira: I was already on the Excalibur when he arrived. He stepped up from Ensign to Lieutenant there. We also served on the Columbia. After I was injured and returned to active duty I was stationed here under his command.
Trovek: So you’re returning home, of a sorts. 
Silveira: That I am. I also started here back in 2389. ::He smiled, forcing the memory lane walk to a halt.:: And how about you? Have you been here long?
The woman offered a shrug and emptied her cup of coffee, revealing Taybrim’s face gleaming up at her from the bottom of the cup. With an annoyed grunt, she stuffed the napkin into the cup and pushed it away from her.
Trovek: I transferred a while ago from the USS Juneau. Not a bad ship, but there are a lot of advantages to being here. It’s like a city in space. 
Vitor stood straight and arched his eyebrows high. 
Silveira:The Juneau? I returned after an extended leave and graduated again last year. I was stationed there before my transfer. How are they doing? How’s T’Lea, Sival, Kendrick? Do you know Tito, the new Tactical Officer? He was my substitute.
Realizing he was probably scaring the Doc he raised his hand.
Silveira: I am sorry, we haven’t properly met. Vitor Silveira, but please call me Sil.
The woman peered at him with curiosity, which then quickly turned into… was that disgust? If not, it was something closely resembling such a feeling. 
Trovek: I see. 
Her reaction surprised him. He narrowed his eyes wondering why she acted like that.
Silveira: I don’t recognize you… I assume you weren’t there during my time there?
She got up and approached the bartender-.. Or was it barista? - a young trill-human hybrid with purple hair and entirely unnecessary glasses - and requested a first aid kid. Ignoring what Sil was or wasn’t saying, she checked it, nodded to herself, and took out a hypospray which she placed next to her empty cup once she took a seat again. 
She ignored him, and he wondered why she was asking for a hypo. Definitely Doc Cute was weird. He cleaned his smile and looked at the hypo and then to her.
Silveira: What is that for?
Trovek: It’s in case you have the need to bite the Commodore.
Sil hadn’t expecting that. It felt like a punch in the gut. He turned his face to his drink and took a long sip from it. Setting it down he then turned on the bench to face Arys, focusing fully on her. He wasn't going that one slide so easily.
Silveira: It won’t be necessary. I don’t bite friends. ::He grinned, and since she started it, he let himself go.:: I could bite you if you're into that. You look pretty palatable but like you haven’t been a proper meal in sometime. 
Rude. Inappropriate. Unnecessary.
Not exactly the progress he was working on. Truth be told it was actually a regression. And worst of all, the woman seemed utterly unimpressed, and merely rolled her eyes at him. Still, she turned around to face him, and lowered her voice. 
Trovek: Or I could call Tito and tell him to slap you again. Clearly the first time didn’t do the trick. I’m Arys, by the way. Nice to finally meet you in the flesh. I’ve heard *so much* about you. 
And that wasn’t an understatement. She had heard Tito talk about him, talked to others on the Juneau about the man who had broken Belle’s heart, and heard everything about him and his other escapades. Oh yes, she knew more about Sil than she wanted to. 
So this was Arys? Well no wonder they got along, she could be as bad as him. If anyone would reach out to Tito it would certainly be her. He leaned forward lowering his voice as well. 
This confrontation was escalating rapidly and he either stopped or kept it going.
He recalled Sher’s advice, stop, think. But again, as always he let his emotions take over.
Silveira: There is so much you don’t know about Tito. He did far worse than me. And he isn’t wrong, but don’t judge me only by his words. You have no idea what he did to get his fix or his drink. If you think you know me only through him you are sadly mistaken.
Trovek: Well, I also spoke to Belle - you might remember her. Oh, and I met Aine just recently. I think I got a pretty clear picture. 
Vitor stood back on his stool when she replied. It felt like she was the one with teeth ready and a steady bite. Caught off guard he only asked.
Silveira: You know them as well?
Trovek: ::with a smirk:: Yep. 


Vitor was a seasoned Tactical officer. He learned and knew there were times, signals you are fighting a losing battle. This was one. After the first few blows this was clearly a losing battle.
Silveira: So I am already sentenced in your eyes. Good. I am sure you never made a mistake in your life.
Arys sighed and offered a shrug. She, for a moment, seemed to consider responding to his question, but then decided that it was unwise to let the matter escalate in public. She did hold a Counselling degree, even if she didn’t work in that field at the moment.
Trovek: I understand that it sometimes can feel like we’re judged prematurely and unfairly. 
Summarize his statement. Let him talk. 
Silveira: Really impressive your Counseling techniques. Was that what you used on Tito?
And why did you do that? Professional whim or just wanting to *enjoy* your roommate?
The Bajoran-Human hybrid narrowed her eyes and tilted her head. Was he implying what she thought he was implying? And if so, would she let Tito slap him or do that herself? 
Despite really wanting to knock some sense into the man, she smiled. 
Trovek: I took him out to dinner first. ::she grinned, perfectly aware of how this could be interpreted, but then turned serious:: All joking aside, you do realize that your reputation precedes you, right? 
Vitor narrowed his eyes. He let her words sink in and was expecting that she would reply the other way.  Damn witch with a B was good, pretty good.  He nodded and smiled, lowering down weapons only to strike again after her reply.
Silveira: It just keeps getting better and better.
He was just waiting for her answer. Ready to try and jump for the kill…
He frowned when that thought crossed his mind. That was what he did to Wyke, what he thought.
But he didn’t care now, he was in a battle of wits and quips with Arys and he was firing back.
Trovek: And, I don’t know how that happened, but if I ended up Tito’s sister, that makes me your sister too. 
Arys again turned the table and just disarmed him. She got all the right answers and expressions. She knew what to say and when. Or was he who didn’t know the answers? How to reply? Consciously he was realizing he wasn’t able to react accordingly. Perhaps it was time to lay down and surrender.
Silveira: Hurrah for in-...?
Arys placed a hand on his mouth and shut him up. 
Trovek: Seriously?
Laying down weapons, aggressiveness. Not… Oh well… Truthfully even he wanted to roll his eyes and facepalm himself, against a wall. Instead he shook his head and laughed. With a smile he raised his hands in surrender.
Silveira: You know for a Counselor you're pretty good at soul rubbing. And no second intentions on that sentence.
Arys seemed to wonder what exactly soul rubbing was, but decided that it wasn’t relevant. 
Trovek: Sorry. But really, I am no longer a Counsellor *and* I am off duty but I will make an exception for you and kick your behind back to the Excal until you behave. 
He arched his right eyebrow.
Silveira: I am trying to behave, it wasn’t very polite that stunt of yours you know.
Trovek: So who are you here to haunt? Is it Taybrim? 
It looked like as Arys just ignored him and kept forward. She was a weird one, but if she had reached out to Tito in that way, she was worth something. And their little engagement just proved it. He wondered how she would be in a tactical situation.
Silveira: No… I am looking for someone else… ::He tried to avoid the question.:: Wait I know you would meet Isa, but how do you know Sher? I mean Aine?
Trovek: She was here recently for a conference. I took her out for dinner ::she grinned:: and drinks afterwards. 
Vitor narrowed his eyes at Arys' words. He took his cup and finished what was left of the Irish coffee in one sip.
Silveira: I assume I was mentioned… How is she?
Trovek: She’s good. ::pause:: And you were mentioned, but only because I asked. 
Silveira: Well with all that happened I… You know I…I care for her and she was injured in Rinascita. But on Risa… I left Isa for her… ::He avoided her eyes and looked at the bottom of the coffee.:: Dumb move right?
Arys ordered another cup of coffee, and while the barista was busy, turned her attention to Sil. She thought about the answer for a while, but eventually, she spoke up. 
Trovek: Pretty dumb, yes. And unfair of you. 
Was she going to tell him? Yep. 
Trovek: You and Aine isn’t going to happen… and ::pause:: I will be honest with you. I don’t know all the details but you really made an [...] out of yourself. And *then* you bit someone. 
That one… Hurt. He felt like he was struck hard. Harder than all the times he fought. Harder than all the times he was injured. Inside he felt sick. He felt like he was going to blow. His heart rate increased, he began to breathe more deeply. His throat felt like he was being strangled.
He closed his eyes and hands so hard his knuckles cracked. Forcing himself to control his breathing he managed to recover slightly his composure.
Silveira: I… I never meant for that to… I lost it… I let my emotions out and made a mistake. Is that all that defines me now? The guy who bit someone? I am not like that, I… Did what I thought was best, although I wasn’t thinking…
Trovek: I know that, other people might too, but its what sticks. Aine would be stupid to risk her credibility by letting anyone see you together. 
He sunk his head down. He knew Arys was right. Part of him knew this was what he asked for, when he did what he did. And what was feeling worse was that, as hard as he was trying he was still falling in the same trap. Still doing what his heart tells him.
What would Arys say if she knew he wanted to talk with Fai?
Subsiding the pain there was an emotion brewing inside.
Self hate. 
Silveira: Yeah, naturally… And ironic that I know by heart hundreds of Portuguese expressions and yet ignored the one that fits here like a glove. Better have one bird in the hand then two flying away. After the way I broke Isa’s heart, what else do I deserve?
Trovek: … I am pretty sure that’s an expression everywhere on earth. ::pause:: It’s not about deserving anything. It’s… I guess about making peace with yourself? Because a guy who runs from woman to woman, and bites another mans throat out… really isn’t. ::she sighed:: You don’t seem like a bad person, but you have to ask yourself what others see. 
He raised an eyebrow. Slowly raising his head to Arys he shook his head. He was breathing more normally now, but he got a nauseous feeling in his stomach.
Silveira: Nothing pretty, I am sure. I know most of my crew mates see me as unreliable.
She blew over her beverage before sipping from it, then looked at Sil once more. 
Trovek: I mean how often has it happened that people didn’t get why you did something? More than once, I recon. I don’t know you well enough, but the fact that all I heard about you was negative is… not great. Really not. 
That was a good point. He didn’t justify most of his actions well. The memory of his last confrontation with Kali in the Excalibur’s Sickbay after he stole the shuttle proved that. She thought his plan was different. Eventually she did what he was aiming for. And died doing it.
And going not so back he recalled the way Doc Adea and Commander Thornton looked at him when he was pushing against the force field Reckham… No Wyke, put around them. They must have thought he was mad. 
Silveira: I… ::He trailed off for words. Not being able to find any appropriate ones, he shook his head:: You are right.
Trovek: So look, how about you actually take some time here to refuel. Visit one of the religious building - cathedral, bajoran temple, your choice. I hate meditation and crap like that but maybe slowing down is something you need. When did you last get enough time to spend with yourself? 
He frowned. He closed his eyes and was thinking of what first came to his mind as a reply.
Vitor had a sad expression when he looked back at her. He wasn’t sure what she would answer, and honestly it was the first time he ever said it to someone else.
Another one of the things he probably did wrong.
Silveira: I hate myself.
Anyone who knew Arys was aware that the Doctor rarely showed emotion in public, not even when she was out and about with a certain Cardassian Ambassador. Most people also knew that Arys didn’t hug. Period. 
The truth was that she didn’t understand all this family stuff Tito was on about. She had no idea why he saw her as his sister, but she tried to honor his tradition. And that meant that she was, to some extend, also responsible to at least make sure that Sil was okay. He would need someone to give it to him straight, work with him, and make sure he knew how much he was manoeuvring himself into a situation he would eventually be unable to get out of. Being a Counsellor, and his ‘sister’, that person was most likely her. 
And so she got over herself and softly took him into her arms. 
Trovek: It’ll pass. It’ll get better. 
Again Arys surprised him. Tito didn’t mention much about her, and from the start of their talk he wasn’t sure of how she was. One thing she did was never do the obvious. She hugged him.
It was the last thing Vitor expected, and the one thing he was so much in need of. All he wanted, ever since he set foot on the Excalibur, was a hug. Not when they transferred. But when they borrowed it and went to shore leave in Bajor.
He knew he didn’t make it easier on himself. He never did. He voiced it just now. Only thing he was fully successful at was self sabotage. He did it so often. And that pushed away the people surrounding him.
Like Tito. And… Sher.
He lingered on this as Arys held him. It wasn’t a strong hug like he wished. But it was warmful. And it felt so good. The nausea didn’t disappear. Neither did the pain.  But that hug and her words helped. 
He felt his eyes burning, so he closed them. Still in Arys arms he replied in a soft tone.
Silveira: Thank you. 


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