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Ensign Y'zyr - No Face Grabbing Without Consent

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((Starbase 118 Ops - Y’zyr’s Half of His Shared Quarters))


The cybernetic Trill had accomplished a genuine feat this time.  It was a bragworthy event!


He’d cleaned his room.


Well… he’d picked up and processed his dirty clothes.  There were still little mechanical bits and bobs everywhere.


But he was done with his latest project!  It sat atop the tabletop near the door, waiting on him to finish the final details.  The vital last touch required.  All the mechanical bits were finished, the programming was done too.  Now, he sat leaning back into a deep chair, one leg crossed over the other, cybernetic foot absent mindedly bobbing in the air as his fingers worked.


The object atop the table tapped a single leg impatiently as he hooked another loople and sent the rabbit through the cave.


Or… whatever that move was when you used the hooked needle to do a bobby loop catch thing with the fabric stuff.


Yes, the cybernetic feat of bio-engineering was crocheting.


Meanwhile, the slightly-larger-than-hand-sized mechanical spider he’d built tapped a clawed foot impatiently atop the table.


Geoff:  You couldn’t finish that *before* you turned me on?


Y’zyr:  Relax, spider-bro.  I’m almost done.


Geoff:  *SIGHS LOUDLY*  I’m not “Spider Bro.”  I’m Geoff.  You just named me seventeen minutes ago.


Black and gold eyes flicked up to the spider, still tapping a single out of eight mechanical legs on the tabletop.  Did he really program this one to be so… salty?


Y’zyr:  I’m sorry.  My bad.


Geoff:  Why would you name a mechanical spider “Geoff,” anyway?


Y’zyr:  Geoff’s a good name!


Geoff:  Yeah.  Sure.  It was good.  ::pausing::  In the *fifties.*


An eyebrow rose, and the Trill chuckled behind his mask.  He *liked* this one.  He was looping and securing an end doohickey, not knowing any of the *names* for what he was doing, but having the muscle memory to do them, when the doorway to the dual shared quarters opened and his roommate walked in.


Now, his roommate was a good natured sort.  Didn’t make waves.  Worked as a medic, was overly diligent, was *tidy* as all heck.  Classic Fleet brainiac material.  The Bajoran stopped inside the door when he noted motion to his right, on the tabletop.


Apparently did *not* like giant spiders.


Geoff didn’t help things by leaping at his face with an excited trilling sound.


The scream that escaped the Bajoran was one of sheer terror as he tried to claw the giant mechanical spider off his face, falling to the side and to the floor.  Geoff cackled… actually CACKLED… as he leapt off the poor guys face and out the door, flying down the side of the wall of the corridor with his eight adorable little grippy claws.


The Trill was out of his seat, dropping the eight legged crocheted spider pajamas he’d been finishing and, with a glance to see his shocked roommate was okay, headed out the door.


Y’zyr:  Sorry, Bartok!  GEOFF, get BACK here!!


He happened to hear Bartok breathlessly cursing as the door slid shut and he ran down the corridor, following closely behind the multi-eyed mechanical beast who had escaped, seemingly, for the sheer thrill of it.


Shoot… a person… another Bajoran, with long black hair.  Ozai sped up, the warning indicator at the lower left of his vision going yellow for alarm as he picked up speed somewhat loudly.  He could hear more cackling as Geoff aimed for the persons face, and leapt from the wall where he’d speed-crawled prior.


Except Ozai jumped forward at a running leap just before, power shooting through his legs and sending him into a controlled, powerful leap somewhat longer than he would naturally be able to do without his cybernetic parts… and just as he landed with quite the loud impact sound, sliding somewhat closer to the person, he clutched his own mechanical fingers around Geoff’s body just before the apparently EVIL spider flew into the Bajoran woman's face, all eight little legs scrabbling in the open air before he pulled them away from said persons face.


Geoff:  ::in his mechanical voice:: NOOOOO!  I was so close!!


Y’zyr:  ::sharply::  You absolutely *cannot* run around face grabbing people… ::then, less sharply::... without consent.


The spiders round little eyes turned on its head, little mechanical mandibles closing and opening as he looked at and spoke to the Bajoran woman.


Geoff:  Can I please grab your face?


Trovek:  ?


Y’zyr:  I’m sorry.  I apparently neglected to program any *manners* into him. ::then to Geoff:: Gunna have to download some *civility* into you.


He looked at Geoff sharply, and the mechanical legs sagged at being chastised.


Geoff:  ::sounding quite sad::  Aww…


Now that he’d gotten his thrills out, Ozai opened his palm, letting Geoff stand in it and walk up his arm some ways for stability.  Then he held Geoff out toward the person at a polite, non-face grabbing distance.


Y’zyr:  What do we say to the nice lady…?


Geoff:  ::drawing it out like a child might when embarrassed::  Iiiii’m soooooorry.


Y’zyr:  What for?


A dramatic sigh escaped the robot, and if a mechanical spider could roll its multiple eyes, this one did now.


Geoff:  For trying to grab your face without asking first.


Trovek:  ?


Finally, Ozai actually *looked* at who had nearly been face-grabbed, realizing he knew this face from somewhere. He smiled at her through his mask, making his eyes smile, as if this type of thing was completely normal.


Y’zyr:  We’ve met, right?  ::recognition hitting him::  Oh, I remember!  The Rahuba, right? You showed up after the people exploded.


While he spoke, Geoff grumbled with annoyance and crawled up the Trills arm to sit on his shoulder, then ran a leg through his mandibles, as if he were cleaning it.


Trovek:  ?



Ensign Ozai Y’zyr

Tactical & Security

Starbase 118 Ops




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