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​Lieutenant Corliss Fortune-An Interlude of the Fourth Kind


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((Corliss and Loxley's Quarters, USS Gorkon, Before the Ceremony))
C. Fortune: And that is why I have Granny Josie's Cure and Tonic for Healthy Hair wrapped in foil around my head.
She said this as solemnly as possible, said hair wet and clinging as it was wrapped up tight. It was then covered in a towel in a braid. Smog was laid out over her shoulders, curious over this new development considering the whole place was now, instead of smelling of garbage, was more of an uttaberry scent.
Her brother took this in great stride.
B. Fortune: This is fantastic, please tell me you haven't told anyone else so I can pass along photos.
His grin took up the entirety of his face, a stark difference from the usual grumpy exterior he portrayed. His face was turning brighter and brighter the longer she stared back at him with a flat look, his shoulders shaking with suppressed giggles.
C. Fortune: Don't. You. Dare.
B. Fortune: Hey, only I am allowed to make your life misery and woe by tormenting you over your hair, 'Lissy.

She felt like putting her head in her hands, but could not, as the tonic had turned her fingers bright red. This was payback for something she could not remember doing.
C. Fortune: Look, I've already had a thing with mother-
B. Fortune: Like a big thing?

C. Fortune: Like she went off gallivanting with Loxley's mother and I've not heard hide nor hair of them!
There was a hidden snort and 'hair' from the background behind her brother that they both ignored. She had flung her hands around as she spoke, returning them to her lap with a sigh before jerking them back up. She'd have to soak them.
C. Fortune: Knowing them, they're trading childhood videos!
B. Fortune: Oh dang, should've been more well-behaved. Oh well, too bad. Tell me more about this puppy though.
She let out a slow sigh, a smile trying to pull at her lips. Her brother was the same as ever, thankfully. Still, she would put money on it; he'd torment Loxley somehow upon meeting the said doctor.
Her scalp tingled and she reached up to start removing the towel. Smog chirped, before sliding around her shoulders and down into her lap as she talked.
C. Fortune: Big ol' puppy. Very huge. Could eat your hand if you gave it.
B. Fortune: If I gave it. I need my hands, 'Lissy. For, you know, hand...things.
C. Fortune: ::she blinked.:: ...that was very convincing, I don't see how anyone could not believe that.
He ignored her as she took off the foil slowly, dropping it in a bag to throw away. Her blonde hair was ragged, and scalp red and tingly, but she no longer smelled of garbage! She took up a comb to pull off most of the mixture, the wig next to her also tied up the same way. That would be her next victim.
He kept looking down at one hand, eyebrows furrowing as cogs started turning before he held up his left hand.

B. Fortune: This one.

C. Fortune: Hm?

B. Fortune: If I had a choice. I'd offer this hand. I think. That way I can give a 'mean right hook'.
C. Fortune: Don't think it matters what hook you give them.
B. Fortune: It matters! ::he turned, his current roommate relaxing on a nearby bed, reading a PADD.:: Hey, Lomski, it matters what hand for a mean right hook, right?

Lomski: Only if you've got more than one right arm.
B. Fortune: That's a disappointment, you know. I've only got the one since birth.
Lomski: I don't make the rules, sir.

She tuned them out for a moment, humming as she cleaned off the wig in front of her. The pink hair was darkened by the stain of the mixture, and she could see where it lightened up in places. Bother, she hoped that wouldn't happen to her real hair. For now she took up a spritz bottle and cranked on the hair dryer, startling Smog who squirmed around before peeking over the edge of the table, watching intently.
Hmm. Could she make a dragon-sized wig? It wouldn't be impossible, they made doll hair all the time...yes...a dragon wig...
She noticed her brother waving at her, so she turned off the hair dryer, waving it to cool off the end.
C. Fortune: Did you figure out if you could gain another arm?

B. Fortune: Too little too late, my skeleton wouldn't have it. ::he sighed sadly, shaking his head.:: Ah well, what can you do? 
C. Fortune: Purchase another? Here, Smog, ::she cooed, scooping the chirping dragon up from her lap and settling her on the now dry wig.:: You protect this one while I get dressed.
B. Fortune: Oh yeah, shore leave gathering?

C. Fortune: Mmhmm, and we were asked to wear our dress whites. So! Time to dig those out and make sure they too don't...smell. ::she made a face as he laughed, shaking his head.::

B. Fortune: Well, you go on and have fun. Don't die of hypothermia. I'd hate to have to interrupt Mom and her gallivanting about Earth.
Corliss rolled her eyes, shaking her head in amusement as she stood up. Their mother could be as flighty as herself should something catch her eye, one of many traits they shared. All the same, she made a note to call their father. It had been a while since they last talked, but she remembered he'd been grumbling about the passing of the seasons and how the frost made everything less green and happy.
She gave a small wave with a laugh.
C. Fortune: We're headed to Luna this time, so no promises on not freezing! Hope to see you sometime.
B. Fortune: You too, Liss. Hey, don't forget, the older folks are trying to get everyone together for the anniversary.
She couldn't help the wince that happened. It had been nigh on 25 years, if a little less, since all of...that...happened. It was hard to do their normal funeral rites, not that Corliss or even Brommel would have remembered. They were barely school age at the time, the year feeling as watery as a painting.
Still, the family had had a lot of deaths, none more so than the head of them all. Granny Josie.
It was almost time for the gathering, and she and her brother had often been dragged along to it. It definitely wasn't the fact that she always felt judged by older aunts and uncles that she hated going. Not at all. Not one single bit.
Well, it was only once every so often, right? Maybe she could duck out after an hour.
She groaned, a hand slipping into her hair with a sigh.
C. Fortune: I never did like going.

B. Fortune: Could always plead out. Pattan does.

C. Fortune: Pattan was born after she died. ::she pointed out, shaking her head.:: No, it's fine. If it happens during a mission, they'll understand. If it's during shore leave, I'll...just vid in, like usual. It's fine.

Brommel merely shrugged. They had to be an 'example' of course, but the family understood their busy schedules at least. That wouldn't be for a little while longer, at least, so she had time. For now, she tutted, wagging a finger at him.
C. Fortune: Anyway, I'm off! First a party, then a date, and then I'm back on shift!
B. Fortune: You guys know what your mission is yet?

C. Fortune: Yes, we're going to the planet made of nothing but uttaberries and rain water. I'm very excited.
He let out a very put-upon sigh as she laughed, picking up Smog to let her wind around her neck again, chirping with her laugh.
B. Fortune: I mean, I bet it would be delicious.
C. Fortune: The residents would have you condemned for eating their prized berries. See you again, Boss man.
B. Fortune: See you, weirdo.
She had half a mind to throw something at the vid, but then that would knock off her wig so she just gave a 'harrumph' and flounced away, cooing at Smog who was absolutely thrilled with trying to bury herself in Corliss' hair.
Now to get ready for tonight...
Lieutenant Corliss Fortune

Highest Quality Counsellor Brain

USS Gorkon

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