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Lieutenant JG Vorin - Shattering the Vessel


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There is a fine line in writing antagonism from the logical and dispassionate perspective of a Vulcan, writing what goes under the skin and what is expressed in such a refined way as @Jo Marshall does. Good job ;)

((Mari Temple Gardens, Kyoto, Japan, Earth))


Vorin felt eyes drift to Valesha once more and felt the small pin[...]s of jealousy forming in the hollow of his chest. While Christopher had regaled Vorin with tales from the Juneau, it was also the stretch of time Valesha and Christopher had grown closer, when the Romulan had ample opportunity to sink her talons into his friend. Forgoing mention of her culpable deliverance of the Ascent Vine crew into the hands of the Orion Syndicate.


Vorin: Have much of the Romulan arts survived the Hobus supernova, Lieutenant? Were the artistic produce of your people prioritised in the evacuation, or was the focus on military exodus?


Valesha flinched, her shoulders stiffened back into the posture of those ready to defend, the deep well of her brown increasing. Vorin sensed the uptick in her heartbeat; the weathering hummingbird flutter of the Vulcanoid muscle reacting with all necessary speed to accommodate threats. Primitive, primordial, and barbarian.


Sienelis: Well, that depends. Are we talking about our priorities before or after the Federation abandoned us to an extinction event? Is it a discussion about the hard choices we had to make when suddenly we didn’t have the fleet of ten thousand ships we’d been promised? Or are you asking about my on the ground view, and whether the barely spaceworthy ship I escaped on carried art as well as people? ::She scowled.:: I don’t know, Vorin. I was too busy trying not to die to stop and check cargo containers for Takath’s Illumination of Naleya.


Silence thrummed through the air like a forcefield had erected in the middle of the table, green eyes stretching across the ancient wood with violent intentions in mind. Vorin cast his gaze down to the balled fist by her side, the welt of bruises on her palm.


E. Reynolds: I’m so sorry, Valesha. ::Her delicate features twisted in a sympathetic, yet awkward wince.:: Events like the supernova... they’re so big, it’s easy to forget the personal aspect to them.


Tahna: ::softly:: I’m so sorry.


Alieth: Response


Sensing he had tripped a livewire and set off a Romulan-shaped incendiary device, Vorin turned his attention to Ensign Tahna, and continued his inquiry. Ignorance played a part in the social spectrum from time to time, and he staunchly ignored the welling feeling of guilt rising into his green cheeks.


Vorin: Bajoran art has intrigued me for a long while, Ensign. I understand your university caters to both the scientific and the artistic.


Sienelis: Are you kidding me?


E. Reynolds: Valesha—


Sienelis: No, I’m done. ::She pushed herself onto her feet, staring hard with venomous indignation.:: I don’t need to be here anymore, anyway. Apparently, the only reason I was ordered to come along was so I could be humiliated in front of my colleagues, and that part of the evening is done.


Without further discussion, Valesha left.


Each sat in contemplative quiet until Masami returned bearing an assortment of fried vegetables, ate in stony silence. Vorin picked at the vegetables with the chopsticks, deliberating over his comments, and whether he had deliberately pushed the issue to provoke the Romulan. She would, without doubt, now return to Christopher and review the afternoon ceremony with a much harsher undertone than presented with.


Tahna: Was that really necessary?


Vorin: I do not believe so. Lieutenant Sienelis is most prone to outbursts.


Alieth/E. Reynolds: Response


Tahna: I'm sorry sirs, but I thought Vulcans valued diversity or was I wrong? Everything you two said to her was rooted in prejudice. Asking about the supernova, really? You don’t have to like her or her species, but you could at least try being civil in the future. She's a Starfleet officer like the rest of us.


Vorin gripped onto the sake cup in his hand, the shape of the cup lending itself to prevent damage or the shattering of the vessel. He placed it down for his own safety and folded his hands in his lap.


Vorin: You are correct, Ensign. Lieutenant Sienelis is a Starfleet Officer who must understand the realities of life within the Federation.


Alieth/E. Reynolds/Tahna: Response


Vorin: Her species has conducted ruthless and methodical genocide of entire planets. If she cannot separate her emotions from factual representation, how is she to conduct herself appropriately? Emotionally outburst at each available opportunity?


Alieth/E. Reynolds/Tahna: Response


Dabbing at the corner of his mouth with the napkin provided, Vorin placed the upturned saucer over his bowl and his chopsticks back onto their dish. Visibly, he maintained the demeanour of his Vulcan ways — the methodical approach to everything he encountered. The logical course of action was clear.


Vorin: You are not Vulcan. You would not understand.


Alieth/E. Reynolds/Tahna: Response

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