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MSNPC The Zelph - Celebration


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Another fun sim from @Maz Rodan

 ((The "Midnight" Planet - Jungle))

The mysterious Zelph, all of them, watched with great curiosity as the metal huts which arrived on the planet not too long ago shone and shook the ground.

The No Lights had come together and returned to their huts and greeted each other with great noise. The Zelph watched raptly, each mesmerised by the sounds and absence of light. They had almost gotten used to the strangers and their primitive ways. The way they used metallic contraptions and tools to go about their daily tasks.

Now, the ground shook and the resulting wind made the luminous jungle sway. The lights danced around them as the metal huts took off toward the blackness of the sky.

Light Time was slowly approaching. A few more cycles and the suns would rise. For the Zelph it was a time of sleep and rest. A welcome break from their life in the Night. For the next few weeks the jungle would recede, shying away from the suns and their heat. The No Lights might dwell in the Light Time, but it seemed they were leaving.

The metal huts flashed with a multitude of light as they broke the canopy and floated on magic air towards the stars. The Zelph rejoiced when the lights twinkled. So, the No Lights had made light after all!

The Zelph were happy for them, and celebrated by shining their own lights towards the sky to guide their way. Each Zelph emitted arrays and crescendos of light in joyous expression to the No Lights as they left the Midnight Planet.

When the last steel hut left, and the lights faded in the sky, the Zelph continued to shine their lights in happy succession long, long into the remaining hours of the endless night.


MSNPC The Zelph
Alien Natives
The "Midnight" Planet
As simmed by:

Lt. Commander Maz Rodan
First Officer
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
Co-Wiki Operator
Mission Archivist
FNS Contributor

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