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Lucy - Company in paradise


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run free Lucy! Awesome and unexpected one from @Samira Neathler


(( Waste Management - Deck 19 - USS Gorkon ))

Her little snout sniffed the air. She no longer was alone. She lift her upper body, sat on her back paws and rubbed her little hands together. Her pink nose twisted some more, going from left to right, taking in the air, analyzing the different particles. Two-legged creatures and something else, something more like her, something furry.

Were they joining her in this huge bliss of a paradise or were they here to lock her up in the cage with the little wheel inside? Only to release her twice a day when the small furless creature picked her up, petted her and played with her and tied little, annoying, noisy things on her tail. Not to mention that each time that furless creature touched her, Lucy’s perfectly coiffured and clean fur was messed up.

It was exactly at one of those moments she had managed to venture into the free world. Little furless, two-legged creature had dropped her in front of those huge, tall thingies that opened and where those furless creatures disappeared or appeared through. She rushed through the opening and trod on the soft, green fur path, going from one place to the other. She had followed one of those tall creatures until that furless one had spotted her and ran away, screaming.

Lucy had looked around but couldn’t find anything dangerous for the giant creature to run away and she hurdled after it. Until it disappeared through those huge, tall, metal thingies. Lucy waited a bit and when those thingies opened, she rushed through. There were three two-legged beings making lots of noise, gesturing with their limbs. They seemed pretty boring and at the first opportunity Lucy had; she rushed through those swooshing thingies again.

She followed the green road until she encountered a hole in the wall. A few jumps later, she entered the hole. She was now in a smaller place, where those two-legged creatures could not stand, yet the floor was no longer covered with that green soft material that tickled her feet. It didn’t matter much. She was free and she should enjoy every moment. And she did, venturing on. Careful not to break her tiny legs on the cold grid beneath her.

Until she had spotted a row of colourful and invited looking chips. She had to taste them, all the different colors and so she nibbled on the hard chips, almost breaking her tiny teeth only to discover that they all taste the same. This was so disappointing. So she tried the humming wire behind the chips but all that did was cause some sparks, almost burning her fur.

Once the smoke and burning smell faded, she sniffed around. Something had changed. A waft of goodness came her way, and she pursued it. And thus she had arrived here, in heaven. Overwhelmed, she didn’t know where to look first. She tasted a bit of this, and a bit of that. And that pile looked even more appetizing. She trod from one pile to the other until she had sniffed the presence of other beings. And then it came, another sound that hurt her ears.


Maybe they brought even more goodies for her? She made a squeaking noise and checked them out. Two tall furless ones and one huge, furred giant. Much bigger than herself. Was that one of her ancestors? Curiosity got the better of her and she approached them, one step at the time. Stopping frequently to sniff the air, her whiskers moving as if they were little antennae trying to spot any danger. One of the furless ones took a step back and landed in a pile of goodies.

Fortune: It-! Serren! It’s just a rat!

Tan/Watanabe: Response

Lucy quickly ventured forward. Furless was not going to steal her treats, was she? She moved forward and walked over one of the limbs of the furless one, to stop her from grabbing any of her delicacies. Even if it killed her, she would defend her food if she had to. She sat down on her back paws and stared at the tree of them. It worked, the fallen one slide away from her pile. Victory was on her side.

Fortune: Changed my mind! Let’s leave!

Tan/Watanabe: Response

And then it happened. The big fur one made a deafening noise, and Lucy’s ears twitched as the sound vibrated through her whole body. She quickly jumped in action and disappeared behind a pile of something, in a hole just big enough that would only fit her. Even the giant fur one couldn't follow her here. Something tickled her nose and she followed the tasty, inviting scent, ready to fill her belly with some of the goodies that were just for grabs. With some luck, no-one would find her and this was paradise all for herself.


Lucy, currently, The Free Rodent

Simmed by:

Chief Security/Tactical & Second Officer
USS Gorkon
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