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[BELOW] PNPC Master Chief Graves & NPC Captain Saukkot - How the Turntables Have...Turned

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I knew this was going to be good when @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock asked to "borrow" Cliffhigh. 

But again I was surprised to see it was so much better than I expected. 🤣



((OOC: Thank you to Ryan and Bruno for giving me permission to borrow the bodies of the PNPC's to write this scene. This idea came to me and it was just too good of an image to not put down.))

((The Round Table, Deck 13, USS Excalibur))

The pair had decided to meet in The Round Table as neither was quite sure where exactly they belonged. The two men, who were normally the two most on point in a room were suddenly thrust into a situation neither could have ever imagined. For one, this could easily (and would) be added to the list of reasons he never wanted to leave Earth again. For the other, he just couldn't wait for the ribbing he'd get from his fellow Marines.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): You think you got it bad? Look at these God damned shoes!?! I don't know how they do it, honestly. I keep twisting my damn ankles!

The Master Chief looked Saukkot, who was now in a much more pleasing form, up and down before gesturing to his own "new" body.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): Look at this. At least you have no doubt you could fight. I'm not sure the original owner of this body could fight his way out of a cookie jar.

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): You're right about that. Miss Delri'ise is a decorated Officer.

The Marine Captain looked across the table at the distinctly not so looking Graves. A small chuckle came out and began to boil, turning into a full laugh.

Graves' scowl probably didn't have quite its normal effect as Saukkot laughed even harder.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): What's so funny?

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): ::trying to talk through the laughing:: I was just thinking that these PT sessions will be hell on the crew. They don't know the condition of the bodies they're now in. But for some like ::gesturing to Graves::, this may be a good thing.

As the Marine Captain's laughter picked back up, Master Chief just looked at him. Tears were starting to stream.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): I'm glad you find this amusing.

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): I do, I really do.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): I can only imagine what's happening to some people's bodies that they don't approve of.

It was as if someone had hit the pause button. Saukkot's laughter stopped. He looked across the table. He hadn't thought about that part of it. Yes, he was occupying someone else's body, but the sudden realization that someone else was in his, really hit him hard.

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): Wait, you don't think ::beat:: people are...

A grin came across Graves' now chubbier face as he nodded sinisterly. Saukkot stood abruptly, giving his uniform jacket a tug and pressing his skirt down.

Saukkot (as Delri'ise): If you'll excuse me, I have to find myself.

As the man in a woman's body turned and walked off as quickly as he could, the Master Chief watched in amusement as he took another sip of his coffee. The woman's body moving away, twisting an ankle as the occupier clearly didn't have the skill for heels, still. A single chuckle was let out.

Graves (as Cliffhigh): ::shaking his head and speaking to himself:: They'd better fix this soon.

End Scene

Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security
USS Excalibur


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